The Triplx™ 3-1 Tire™ System Will Change Your Life – You Tell Us How!

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, June 14, 2017 / — TruSafe Systems™ LLC is encouraging the public to wear their creative hats and start writing. The company that has launched the Triplx™3-1 Tire™ System, TruSafe Systems™ LLC, is hosting a contest where the winner will receive $400, “The Award for Creativity” and be featured on the Triplx™3-1 Tire™ System website.

In 500-750 words, contestants are invited to write an entry explaining why they would like to own the revolutionary Triplx™3-1 Tire™ System for their car. For those who would like to participate it is recommended to review the Triplx™3-1 Tire™ System website to learn the many benefits offered by the Triplx™3-1 Tire™ System before you share your submission. To get you on your way to putting pen to paper, here are the main features of the Triplx™3-1 Tire™ System as outlined on the website.

Created by Dr. Eladio Vargas to help saves lives on the road, the Triplx™3-1 Tire™ System, is three times safer and more reliable. The tire features three internal chambers that work independent of one another; if one chamber is punctured, the other two remain intact. This allows drivers to remain in control of their vehicle in the event of a sudden blow-out. The Triplx™3-1 Tire™ System can be mounted on most vehicles that use standard tires. Using basic hand tools that most car owners own, the Triplx™ 3-1 Tire™ System can be installed and repaired quickly and with less effort than standard tire.

Tell us why you would love to own a set of Triplx™3-1 Tires™ and what benefits you think will directly affect you and your family. Be creative and have fun with it. The winner of this contest will be carefully selected and announced on September 10, 2017. Aside from a prize of $400 and the Creativity Award, your article will appear on our website for one month with a photograph of you (optional). For more information regarding this contest, visit

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