NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, June 19, 2017 /EINPresswire.com/ — MYDX, The ever growing and first company to produce the first battery operated handheld chemical analyzer for consumers has opened stock for investors. Investing in stocks is one of the fastest ways to maximize your returns. It is common for investors to grow rich overnight with stock market investments. MYDX is no exception. Leverage on this investment choice without taking on too many risks. MyDx stocks are the right company to invest with.

MyDx Inc(OTCMKTS: MYDX) is a science and technology company and creator of MyDx® (My Diagnostic), the first multi-use handheld chemical analyzer designed for the Cannabis professional and retail consumer to correlate the chemical profile of cannabis with the consumers reporting of its therapeutic effect,
MYDX has been very successful in quickly attracting a significant shareholder following that has been bidding this one up catapulting it into the OTCBB top most traded list.
MyDx Inc(OTCMKTS:MYDX) bills itself as a chemical detection and sensor technology company based in San Diego, California whose mission is to help people Trust & Verify [(R)] what they put into their minds and bodies. The Company developed MyDx [(R)] , a patented, affordable portable analyzer that provides real-time chemical analysis and fits in the palm of the user’s hand. The multi-use MyDx Analyzer leverages over a decade of established technology to measure chemicals of interest. It owns a substantial and growing intellectual property portfolio of patents covering its technology. With its CannaDx(TM) sensor commercialized, it has three other sensors being developed in its lab that are compatible with the MyDx Analyzer and App that will empower consumers to test the chemical composition of everything they eat, drink and inhale.
MYDX developed the revolutionary MyDx device as a popular Indiego crowdfunded project. The device raised $40,000 from 187 backers and continues to see new uses and applications.
In September MYDX said it is now accepting pre-orders at special pricing for early adopters. The AquaDx Sensor works interchangeably with the MyDx Analyzer and, along with the CannaDx(TM) sensor, is the second of its four different sensors — with OrganaDx(TM) (tests organic fruits and vegetables) and AeroDx(TM) (tests air quality) both in beta stage and also slated for launch in the coming months.
For a limited time, the Company is running a special AquaDx pre-order promotion. New MyDx customers ordering the multi-use Analyzer and AquaDx Electronic Sensor Chip will receive a $100 discount, plus ten free single-use AquaDx sensors and free shipping and handling. Existing MyDx Analyzer owners will receive the AquaDx Electronic Sensor Chip plus ten free single-use AquaDx sensors and a free Multi-Use retrofit upgrade kit ($99 value) and free shipping and handling, for $69.95. AquaDx delivery is scheduled for December 15.

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