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LimoTrac's new search tool provides direct access to limo companies in your area to more efficiently locate party buses that have bathroom facilities on board!

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— Andrew Lawrence

NEW YORK, MO, UNITED STATES, July 10, 2017 / — Are you in need of a party bus rental for an upcoming event requiring luxury transportation services? Have you ever considered or know you can rent a party bus with a bathroom on board? A bathroom party bus rental provides the entire group an added convenience that will be enjoyed by all. When your rent a party bus in general versus a traditional stretch limousine or SUV limo, you and your group will enjoy the extra space to be able to stand up and move around. It makes for a much more social event when you don't have to crawl over or around people to change seats to socialize. When you have the added feature of a restroom built in, you will benefit from not having to make what often seams to be countless restroom stops when accommodating so many people. This is especially important if you are traveling any long distances between destinations or if you are on a time crunch getting to and from various locations along the way.

A party bus with a bathroom on board also comes in handy if you are renting your party bus for a football game or any sporting event or concert in which you will be having a tailgate party before the game or show. You can spend more time enjoying yourself at the tailgate party celebration rather than wasting time looking for and waiting in lines to use the public restrooms because you have your own restroom right at the tailgate party! The only real issue with renting a party bus with a restroom is finding limo service companies in your area that actually have them in their fleet for you to reserve. They can be hard to find and it can be very time consuming trying to locate them. Since the convenience of having a bathroom on borad is so high, these buses are more sought after than ever before, so finding the limo companies that have them to rent is one thing… having one available for the date you need is another thing.

LimoTrac, a national limo service and party bus rental search directory has a new search tool they have incorporated into their website which will help you quickly locate limo service companies in your area that have bathroom party bus rentals in their fleet. You just let LimoTrac know the date you need to rent the party bus, the city and state service is needed and the size group you will be accommodating and LimoTrac will do the rest for you! It makes your search much more time efficient and gives you a better opportunity to find the party bus or limo bus that you desire for your event or special occasion.

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