US Manufacturing of 3D Printing Materials Gets Lift from ThreeD Materials

ThreeD Materials to Manufacture Advanced Made in the USA Materials for 3D Printing to Increase Quality for Aerospace, Automotive, Health Care and Defense Firms.

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, September 20, 2017 / — ThreeD Materials will now offer exclusively Made in the US 3d printing filaments after making a substantial investment in American manufacturing facilities to produce these materials.

Following feedback from its existing industrial clientele on the quality of materials coming from overseas relative to the higher quality of materials made inside the United States, ThreeD Materials has invested in the expansion of US based production of 3d printing materials to offer a higher degree of performance across its entire line of filaments.

"The truth is the materials market for additive (3d printing) is growing around 20% because businesses continue to use more of the technology . What these businesses have told us is that they will pay a higher price for a stronger, higher performing set of materials, and much of the research and development of these materials is happening in the US, not necessarily from other markets where materials are produced." says Zach Lichaa, the President and Founder of ThreeD Materials. "In fairness to the overseas folks, the quality of materials has improved from 5 years ago but mainly at the low end of the market. As industry demands more advanced polymers for heat resistance, strength and flexibility, we have simply decided that the manufacturing of those materials in the US gives us better control over the quality of materials we're sending to leading aerospace, automotive and research institutions."

Earlier this year, ThreeD Materials announced that while it's consumer and education businesses would still be foundational to its long term strategy, the company was going to place more emphasis on it's industrial customers making everything from irrigation systems to drones, automotive parts and health care components, because that's where the company believes additive manufacturing technology will have the most impact for many years to come.

"What you're going to see over the next few years from the private and public sectors is serious investment into advanced materials for additive manufacturing, developed in the United States, and protected by intellectual property rights," Lichaa says. "Our company plans to play a role in that development and by producing and offering strictly American made filaments to our customers, we believe we're going to be able to offer a less commoditized, more value add set of materials for 21st century manufacturing."

The company says that while increased utilization of additive manufacturing will often benefit corporations' bottom lines by reducing costs associated with R&D, that is only true in the long run if the materials science keeps pace with utilization needs.

"Some very smart people believed that much like personal computing, 3d printing would play a vital role inside people's homes", says Lichaa. "What has actually happened is that businesses have taken the lead with the technology because they derive significant value from the faster turnaround of parts and significant savings during their product development phases overall. Adoption of the technology will be spearheaded by industry, which requires more effort in developing the highest quality polymers."

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Source: EIN Presswire