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With what is really only "schedulers" out there for social media advertising campaigns, a pioneering New York City construct again disrupts a new space.

Making the automation smart is where we come in.”

— Edward Roth, Director Of Client-Facing Analytics

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, February 22, 2018 / — It came as no surprise, whilst visiting and after leaving Wiser Operations at their Bryant Park suites, I left feeling like I'm now more of a true tech insider – this without ever stepping foot in Silicon Valley.

Why, you ask?

Well, Wiser Operation's (the Management Consultancy as a whole's) history of humility emanates from roots gifted us by this cities most cultured, sharpest and best learned, the 1% of the over achievers.

The WiserOps, Inc. labs can be likened to the private start-up cultured but corporate ruled version of Skunk Works® · Lockheed Martin's top-secret weapons defense research and development facility. This because imagination is united with know-how here and epic-most things – many equally secret – are cooked up.

For devices which retailers will soon have the option to zap your phone with as you walk or drive by, to advanced radio-powered internet – forget fiber optics.

"Our numbers prove clientele are always wild about the wackiest of ideas" remarked Edward Roth, director of client-facing analytics, when I mentioned that I'm fond of their risk-taking mentality.

"The people we work with still see the tech space as the wild west – infinitely fruitful with opportunities, avenues which bridge with other opportunities or technologies" said Roth.

Little old me just nodded, while Gil Rozenblatt introduced himself. Quietly calm and constantly creative is the description I would bestow. While most carry what I'd describe as subtly defeatist mentalities when exploring or even entertaining the thought of something outside of their realm or business vertical – Gil was able to hold his own with practical and actionable insights when it came to even my forte – the craft of writing, mentioning there needs to be a serious authoritative website which is the reverse pf Wikipedia – where NO ONE can edit any thing ever.

He continued, Poland's recent nonsensical attempt with this law,"Reminds me of Kristallnacht" referring to the day when the Nazis tried to burn every Jewish book, a systematic attempt to erase history.

I can sense real passion when I speak with Gil and can tell that there is no real leader here, but that there are different leaders who take the reigns at different times.

And now back to reality I am with what is the hottest scoop for online advertisers, digital marketers and the like – branded by Wiser Operations.

"When you actually look at it", I recall Gil explaining to a room full of us there, "we must pay attention to the disparity in information on-hand by Facebook and Google, and then at the structure of their advertising tools and how much they allow you to use".

Ladies and gentlemen, when I took a moment to consider it, I was stunned to agree.

Think about it, so what if they "Like" your page or showed "interest" in similar things – doesn't mean they're likely to buy from you.

So, then what are they (FB and Google) doing with this information? Gil Continued, "it serves them better to give you a dart board and make you stand really far away from it while referring to luck, than it does for them to let you hit the jackpot every time".

Like a scheme reminiscent of those at the circus.

Albeit, they are serving the masses, and have created a non-complex tool for those to use.

"Our smart marketing automation tool is bar-none the most advanced way to analytically target any potential group of prospective customers", we accomplish this by exploiting actionable information which facebook and Google cannot hide."

And then Gil promptly walked out.

Essentially, what I came to understand, is that I need to pick up a 'Fast Company' magazine now and again, because simple marketing automation was already above my head – but here they're going on about it's next level, making it smart.

Sam Edwards
Jive Tech
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Source: EIN Presswire