KDG’s Inbound Marketing Tool for Higher Education Receives Glowing Review from Online EdTech Magazine

The Edvocate was impressed with ReachBright’s ability to track contact engagement.

The Edvocate, an online edtech magazine, gave ReachBright by KDG rave reviews for its ability to help colleges enroll more prospects and engage more alumni.

We believe that this review will give colleges and universities a better understanding of all they can accomplish using ReachBright.

— Kyle David, CEO

ALLENTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA, UNITED STATES, November 15, 2016 /EINPresswire.com/ — ReachBright, the inbound marketing for higher education tool from leading tech provider KDG, has received national coverage and attention. The Edvocate, an online edtech magazine founded by award-winning writer and education advocate Matthew Lynch, covered the software for its “EdTech & Innovation” section and gave the product a very positive review.

“We are so thrilled with The Edvocate’s response to ReachBright,” says Kyle David, CEO of KDG. “They fully understood all of the software’s unique features, as well as its innovative ability to send targeted communications to prospects, students, and alumni based on web data. No other inbound marketing tool is able to do this.”

In its review, The Edvocate focuses heavily on the application’s ability to target prospects’, students’, and alumni’s interests through targeted, customized communications based on web and email activity. The review also called out the application’s alert emails, which let admissions and advancement officials see the statistics on how many opens and clicks an email receives and how many contacts are engaged with the institution. The software’s ability to run reports on the massive amount of data it collects was also highlighted in the review.

“We believe that this review will give colleges and universities a better understanding of all they can accomplish using ReachBright,” explains David.

The review can be accessed in its entirety on The Edvocate’s website: http://www.theedadvocate.org/reachbright-college-students-data/

About ReachBright: ReachBright is the first and only inbound marketing tool for higher education that merges web and email activity in an effort to target contact interests and send customized communications. ReachBright strives to help colleges and universities increase enrollment and boost engagement with these innovative features. For more information and to access a self-guided demo of the product visit http://kyledavidgroup.com/reachbright/.

About KDG: KDG (formerly The Kyle David Group) is a leading provider of web development for higher education. With over 15 years of experience in using technology to help with higher education marketing, campus climate, and alumni participation, KDG has developed a reputation for being able to see and respond proactively to changing markets. Most recently, KDG won wide acclaim for developing unique and engaging higher education crowdfunding campaigns. Learn more at www.reachbright.com

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