Telepresence Robots Market To Reach $8 Billion By 2023 Driven By Software Industry : Report Bazzar

The new study ‘Telepresence Robots: Market Shares, Strategy, and Forecasts, Worldwide – 2017-2023’ is announced.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, July 4, 2017 / — The new study ‘Telepresence Robots: Market Shares, Strategy, and Forecasts, Worldwide – 2017-2023’ is announced. The 2016 study has 505 pages, 223 figures. Worldwide Telepresence Robots markets are poised to achieve significant growth. People like mobility, they like remote communication and telepresence robots add a new dimension to remote communication.

The quality of remote communication is uplifted by the robotic platform approach to connecting people located in different places. The visualization provided by the telepresence robot is not reproducible by the smartphone and large telepresence systems are not mobile. So ultimately all people will want access to telepresence robots in order to move around and see for themselves what is going on in another place. Clearly terrorism is here to stay. As nationalistic wars decline as a way to settle disputes, terrorism has emerged in spades. The recent terrorist attacks in Boston, Paris, and Belgium illustrate the risk that civilian populations are exposed to. Telepresence robots represent the best and perhaps last line of defense against terrorists. Telepresence robots can go where no man or woman can go, they can go safer, they can go faster, they can provide a presence that might not be achieved in any other way.


There are more civil uses for telepresence robots: in education, healthcare, business, and manufacturing. People can drive a telepresence robot around a work environment, around a school, around a hospital to reach people that they night otherwise have a difficult time contacting.

Remote telepresence healthcare diagnosis and treatment market is especially important for the treatment of stroke. Stroke damage can be mitigated if symptoms are treated within 4 hours of the onset of symptoms, otherwise the stroke damage is likely permanent. Global telehealth partnerships. The aim is to integrate diagnostic tools into tele-stroke solutions. Stroke occurs when a vessel in the brain ruptures or is blocked by a blood clot. There are two types of strokes: hemorrhagic and ischemic. An ischemic stroke occurs as a result of an obstruction within a blood vessel supplying blood to the brain, which accounts for 87% of all stroke cases. A hemorrhagic stroke occurs when a weakened blood vessel ruptures and spills blood into brain tissue. 800,000 people in the U.S. and 15 million people worldwide suffer a stroke each year.

These markets portend to be very large worldwide and represent good uses of telepresence. The ability of a clinician specialist to diagnose and initiate immediate treatment of a stroke from a gold course or other location is lifesaving. Manufacturing and engineering telepresence robot uses are expected to proliferate. Monitoring and telepresence are being combined to achieve remote repairs that provide better customer services at lower cost. Manufacturing and engineering resources for companies frequently are in different places. The same is true for IT, the software developer engineers and the software IT users are frequently located in different places. It is useful to have a mobile device that can be controlled by the engineer to go have a look around when a trouble call comes in from a site. A remote telepresence device can use monitoring and telepresence to achieve remote repairs. The ability to integrate the remote physical location with the engineer who knows the system often involves travel, sometimes long arduous travel. Telepresence and mobile video telecommunications technologies can be very useful in postponing or eliminating the travel. A mobile, real-time, 3D-hybrid telepresence system permits the user to go and have a look around and talk to different people about the problem without actually being there.

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Integration of telepresence images with computer generated virtual environments can be superimposed over the remote real worldview. This integrated system incorporates emerging mobile telecommunications technologies to give rapid and easy access to the real and virtual construction sites from arbitrary locations. This system allows remote surveillance of the construction site, and integration of real world images of the site with virtual reality representations, derived from planning models, for progress monitoring.

According to the lead author of the study; “Use of the telepresence robot with the video and microphone capability to achieve remote presence is a vital aspect of personal mobility devices. Telepresence robots are poised to achieve a vital extension of electronic communication in ways that will become indispensable to everyone soon.”

Telepresence robot device markets at $1.4 billion in 2016 are anticipated to reach $8 billion by 2023 as next generation robotic devices, systems, and instruments are introduced to manage remote presence. The robotic platform will be extended to include grippers and cameras of all types, sensors and sophisticated navigation software.

The complete report provides a comprehensive analysis including units sold, market value, forecasts, as well as a detailed competitive market shares and analysis of major players’ success, challenges, and strategies in each segment and sub-segment. The report covers markets for security, law enforcement, manufacturing, healthcare, education, and business telepresence.

Key Topics:

• Robot Tablet Controller For First Responders
• Telepresence Robots
• Telepresence Cloud Robotics Benefits
• Telepresence Robots
• Healthcare Workflow
• Telepresence Solutions for Remote Facilities
• Security Based Telepresence Robot
• Telepresence Addresses
• Assisted Living
• Portable Reconnaissance Robot
• Robotics Teleporter
• Rescue Robot Operator Control
• Video Telepresence Robot Telemedicine

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2017 Forecast – Orchestration Software In The Mega Data Center Global Market Features,Resources and Revenue

Orchestration Software in the Mega Data Center is used to tie a fabric architecture together that fills up an entire building with 100,000.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, July 4, 2017 / — The 2017 module has 115 pages and 74 tables and figures. Orchestration Software in the Mega Data Center is used to tie a fabric architecture together that fills up an entire building with 100,000 processors and 100,001 switches. The mega data center described in the study is effective because it leverages the economies of scale. This orchestration software infrastructure study module is part of a longer study that addresses the business issues connected with data center modernization. There are 26 module parts to the larger study comprised of detailed analysis of how new infrastructure layers will work to support management of vast quantities of data.

Business growth depends on technology spending. Intelligent, automated process, not manual labor systems are what speed business growth. We have had the situation in the data center where 93% of spending is just to keep current systems running, many of those plagued with manual input. Mega data centers change that pattern of IT manual process.


The Internet has grown by a factor of 100 over the past 10 years. To accommodate that growth, mega data centers have evolved to provide processing at scale. Facebook for one, has increased the corporate data center compute capacity by a factor of 1,000, virtually eliminating much manual process. Orchestration software is a key aspect of that process. To meet future demands on the Internet over the next 10 years, companies with that capacity need to increase capacity by the same amount again while the other companies struggle to catch up. Nobody really knows how to get to increasing compute capacity by another factor of 1,000.

Business growth depends on technology spending. Intelligent, automated process, not manual labor systems are what speed business growth. We have had the situation in the data center where 93% of spending is just to keep current systems running, many of those plagued with manual input. Mega data centers change that pattern of IT manual process.
Realigning data center cost structures is a core job of orchestration software. The enterprise data centers and many cloud infrastructure operations all have similar problems of being mired in administrative expense. Containers address that issue by creating vastly more efficient operations for data center infrastructure.

Lead author of the team that prepared the study, “The only way to realign cost structure is to automate infrastructure management and orchestration. Mega data centers automate server and connectivity management using orchestration software to manage multiple application containers. Other systems automate switching and storage, along with hypervisor, operating system, and virtual machine provisioning.”

As IT relies more on virtualization and cloud mega data center computing, the physical infrastructure is flexible and agile enough to support the virtual infrastructure. Comprehensive infrastructure management and orchestration is essential.

To view the table of contents and know more details please visit:

The Enterprise Data Center has become a bottleneck, it needs to be completely replaced. Category 5 and Category 6 Ethernet cable is spread throughout the existing enterprise data centers and is too slow to handle all the digital data coming through the data center. Cat 5 and Cat 6 Ethernet utilized by the servers to achieve data transport using that cable does not keep up with the data coming through the data center the way optical cable and optical transceivers do.

Mobile data traffic is set to increase by a factor of eight between 2015 and 2020. Growth is anticipated at 53 percent per year, faster than systems revenue or industry revenue.

The theme of this study is that the pace of data expansion creates the need for more modern means of managing data. There are some companies that are doing a better job, better than others of adapting to IT infrastructure to the wild influx of data.

The four superstar companies that are able to leverage IT to achieve growth, Microsoft, Google, Facebook, and the leader AWS all use Clos architecture. What is significant is that systems have to hit a certain scale before Clos networks work Clos networks are what work now for flexibility and supporting innovation in an affordable manner. There is no dipping your toe in to try the system to see if it will work, it will not and then the IT says, “We tried that, we failed,” but what the executive needs to understand is that scale matters. A little mega data center does not exist. Only scale works.

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LOS ANGELES, CA – JULY 3, 2017 —, one of the nation’s top-performing stock investment newsletters, today announced it has initiated coverage of Axim Biotechnologies (OTCQB: AXIM), a Company it believes is overvalued and should begin to return to where it started prior to its mass stock promotion – – below $0.50 a share.

AXIM has a market cap of nearly $500 million (data as of July 2, 2017), however between its convertible notes outstanding and convertible classes of preferred stock (issued to Founders), its primary share count of 52.6 million shares balloons to north of 68 million shares for a fully diluted market cap of over $700 million. Its convertible notes include $46,000 convertible at $0.01, $216,000 convertible at $0.10, and $1.85 million convertible at $0.2201 – – stock that can be sold all the way down to $0.50 for a handsome profit.

First fiscal quarter 2017 sales were $18,620, a $4,600 increase year-over-year. Sales of what isn’t quite clear, but it appears to be a CBD-infused chewing gum. However, the cost of goods to generate that $18,620 in first quarter sales was $38,930 for a gross LOSS of ($20,310) before another half million dollars in expenses that led to a ($524,000) quarterly loss.

That’s a problem because as of March 31, the Company had only $632,000 in cash but $2.87 million in current liabilities and another $848,000 in long term convertible debt. Based just on its Q117 operating cash burn alone, it will have to close the doors in July – if it can fend off its creditors that long.

But at least the two top Founders, who have generously granted themselves millions of shares and preferred stock, pay themselves well. With no independent directors, the Co-founder CEO in 2016 paid himself $955,000 in compensation including a $240,000 base salary, while the Co-founder CTO paid himself $818,000 and raised his salary level last year to $240,000.

Where is the remaining cash going? The Company has paid for three options to buy a land parcel in Netherlands with a purchase price of about US$1.15 million. From its SEC filings:

The most recent reservation fee of 57,742 Euros (~USD$60K) was paid on October 20, 2016, and extends the option to purchase until October 20, 2017. Should the Company purchase the property by October 20, 2017, the 23,000 Euros of the most recent reservation fee will be applied to the against the purchase price of the property.

How does such a stock defy gravity? Given the negative fundamentals and share price, this analyst has to question not only the price, but the volume as well. AXIM is spending its remaining cash for stock promotion. Here’s one:

“Stonebridge Partners LLC which operates separately from Technical420 LLC, D.B.A |was paid an advertising fee of $2,500 cash a month & ZERO shares by AXIM Biotechnologies Inc. for marketing campaign by Stonebridge Partners and for visual placement of AXIM Biotechnologies Inc. within written materials for a duration of 180 days beginning 11/1/2016.”
With AXIM’s FD market cap of $750 million, bloated payroll, irresponsible expenditures, ridiculous $12 million annual operating budget and cash burn that has it hitting a brick wall in a few weeks, we see the stock as grossly overvalued. We always advise scaling in gradually. The stock is heavily borrowed with a rebate rate over 100% at firms that will loan it out, so be mindful of a buy-in risk.
Our price target to cover is $1, as we would not be surprised to see approximately 15 million shares that can convert at $0.01 to $0.22 enter the market while the stock trades at such lofty levels.
Each issue of the Axelrod Investment Newsletter is packed with information aimed at helping institutional investors discover under-the-radar companies and/or make smarter investing decisions with our contrary investment research on widely held stocks. helps investors gain perspective on the broader economic outlook and identify new stocks to consider, both on the long and short side.
The Axelrod Investment Newsletter publishes its stock picks on its website at and in 2016 its portfolio is up over 92% while its 2015 portfolio outperformed the market indices with a 1,207% ROI and in 2014 by nearly 900%. For more information, or a 15-day free trial, please visit
Legal Disclaimer
Axelrod News, Axelrod Investment Newsletter, (the "Company") is not an investment, financial, tax, or legal advisor or a broker-dealer and does not purport to provide personalized investment, financial, tax, or legal advice in any form. The Company does not recommend the purchase or sale of particular securities nor does the Company promise or guarantee any particular investment results. You understand and acknowledge that there is a very high degree of risk involved in trading securities and, in particular, in trading futures and options, and in trading penny stocks. You acknowledge and agree that you, and not the Company, are solely responsible for your own investment research and decisions. Do not trade with money that you cannot afford to lose. You understand that the Company encourages you to seek the advice of a qualified securities professional and/or tax or legal advisor, as necessary, before making any investment, and to investigate and fully understand any and all risks before investing. The Company assumes no responsibility or liability for your trading and investment results and you agree to hold the Company harmless for any such results or losses.
Past results of any individual trader or trading system published by the Company are not indicative of future returns by that trader or system, and are not indicative of future returns which may be realized by you. In addition, the methods, techniques,

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A new award-winning short film about asexuality and anxiety, now available for online viewing

Undead Burrito Productions presents the award-winning short film, Ace and Anxious, written and directed by Bri Castellini, now available for online viewing.

BROOKLYN, NY, UNITED STATES, July 3, 2017 / — Undead Burrito Productions
July 3rd, 2017

Brooklyn, NY- Undead Burrito Productions is proud to present the brand new award-winning short film, Ace and Anxious, written and directed by Bri Castellini, which is now available for online viewing thanks to St. Lawrence International Film Festival Online. The film was featured on their June Official Selection page all of June 2017, and is now available here:

About Ace and Anxious

After a resurgence of her panic attacks, Emma (played by Dana Shiree), an asexual graphic designer, panics, because her mental health care costs are already so high. When a condom company hires her to make an infographic on the benefits of sex, however, she discovers that one of those benefits is decreased anxiety and stress. She shares this discovery with her therapist, Jenny (played by Rachel Casparian), and announces her intention to try out this unconventional treatment option. With her roommate Kevin (played by Colin Hinckley) as a bouncer, she sets up a series of interviews via a Craigslist ad to test her hypothesis that sex will cure her panic attacks.

The screenplay won “Best Short Screenplay” at the New York Short Film and Screenplay Competition in 2016 and the London Indie Fest in 2017, and was an official selection in the screenplay category at the Silver Screen Film Fest, 2017, the Freedom Film Fest, 2016, and Paris Art and Movie Awards, 2016.

The film won “Best Comedy” at the Women’s Only Entertainment Film Festival and is an official selection at both the St. Lawrence International Film Festival and the Howling Wolf International Short Film Festival.

About the Director

Bri Castellini has an MFA in Writing and Producing for Television and a BA in Creative Writing, studying in New York and Oregon, respectively. She currently resides in Brooklyn with her partner and works as the Community Liaison for Outside of Ace and Anxious, she is the creator, writer, producer, and star (among other things) of the award-winning comedic zombie web series Brains, the executive producer (among other things) for the web series Relativity, the producer and assistant director for the web series Stray, and the associate producer for the web series History.


Bri Castellini, writer, director, executive producer

Bri Castellini
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Editor From Shares How Their Company Ensures Plagiarism Free Papers to Students

Online Custom Essay Writing Company proves to be reliable. The primary goal of the company is to offer 100% non-plagiarized free papers to students.

NEW CITY, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES , July 3, 2017 / — As writing has become an essential part of every sphere, most important in the academics of a student, many custom essay writing services are striving to be at the top position. Writing holds much worth in a student’s life. Starting from a student’s school life, he or she is asked to write essays and compositions. Even in the terminal examinations essay writing and composition writing comes as a compulsory question. In the higher classes, a student is asked to submit projects on different subjects which are analyzed by his or her respective Boards. The grades for the project depend on the writing style and pattern of the project. Good grades help to fetch more marks in the final examination.

Moreover, in the Universities, during a student’s graduation and post-graduation courses, he or she is asked to submit a report regarding the project undertaken and submit a thesis of his or her respective project. The report and the dissertation are then analyzed for any grammatical errors or any type of plagiarism used in the dissertation. The entire report and the dissertation are proofread. So, to achieve the degree from the respected University, the Student must present an effective writing skill in his or her dissertation work. But as the student takes the whole lot of time to complete the project and the thesis work he does not get time to proofread or to check any plagiarized content and grammatical error in his or her writing.

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If one needs custom writing services, then one can simply think of Online Custom Essay Writing Company which is absolutely reliable and trustworthy.

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THE ROAD HOME Leads the Way on Peter Calandra’s Soulful Journey

New album The Road Home

Album cover of Peter Calandra’s new album The Road Home

Peter Calandra, composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist.

Peter Calandra released his new orchestra and piano-driven album – THE ROAD HOME – via a live 3-hour Release Party on Instrumental Saturdays with Mary Bartlein.

Calandra knows that emotive music is not always about the complexity of a sound, but more so about how to convey an emotion by means of simplicity.”

— Samantha Garcia, BEING

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, July 3, 2017 / — Few of us fully appreciate “home” until we leave it, returning with a new perspective, which befits the story behind The Road Home, the new album from New York-based composer and multi-instrumentalist Peter Calandra. The artist returned from a cross-country road trip inspired to create his fourth Ambient New Age album of original music, released 7/1/17 amidst a week-long flurry of music video releases and online interviews, culminating with a live 3-hour release party on WMSE’s popular radio show Instrumental Saturdays. The album is available worldwide on all major sales and streaming sites, and the artist's website:

His most personal and revealing project to date, The Road Home passionately delivers more of the sound Calandra’s fans have been enjoying for years, with a loving dose of fresh and mystical vibes. The album is sequenced to share the story of a recent road trip from Big Sur to his home in New York City, capturing scenery, nature and emotions along the way. It is an orchestra and piano-driven cinematic album that strikes a balance between ambient, richly-contemplative expressions, and infectious, gently-swaying melodic pop-jazz gems. Of the ten pieces, several capture the heart like soulful, expansive film scores, while others employ gently rolling percussion and the occasional light vocalization by Joy Askew, famous for her background vocals with Joe Jackson and Peter Gabriel.

Whether he’s composing music for film and TV, penning rousing sports anthems or recording original Contemporary Instrumental music, Peter Calandra shares the source of his prolific music output, saying, “I’ve always heard music in my head – there is new music coming through all the time. The key is learning how to stay open to it. I enjoy telling a story, the challenge is how to do that in the most effective, direct and uncomplicated way possible for the listener’s understanding of the story…in this case, our journey home.”

BEING music reviewer Samantha Garcia concurs, “The Road Home plays out like a journey of the mind’s inner monologue….and Calandra knows that emotive music is not always about the complexity of a sound, but more so about how to convey an emotion by means of simplicity. In the case of The Road Home, less is more.”

The compelling cover art of dark clouds and a long stretch of highway may make The Road Home seem like it’s going to be a purely external journey, but it’s clearly an expression of the artist’s innermost emotions as well. Those who listen will be glad they’re tuned in to the same frequency.

Listeners can experience the new album via the following links:
-A “Take 3″ feature on OneWorldMusic:
-WVKR & Scott Raymond’s "Secret Music" radio program:
-Instrumental Saturdays (WMSE):
-Sleep Radio: Artist of the Week at

Purchase Links:…/B071L19DH1

Video Playlist:

Official Artist sites:

Radio Airplay requests may be directed to LAZZ Promotions: Ed and Stacey Bonk at lazzpromotions(at)rogers(dot)com or 905-470-1230.

Media interviews requests and review copies are available upon request from publicist Beth Ann Hilton, The B Company, at bethhilton(at)theBcompany(dot)com or 310-560-8390.

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“Points in the Sky”

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RedmineUP offers Redmine hosting in SaaS model and enters new markets

Redmine developer RedmineUP recently enters new markets and Introduced fully-featured Redmine system hosted in the cloud provided in Software-as-a-Service model

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, July 3, 2017 / — Going forward towards rising demand for a software allowing not only for project management but for a complete management of all business processes, RedmineUP introduced a new product in offer – Redmine Hosting. It is offered in SaaS model (Software as a service) and is an application that includes open sourced task management Redmine system with additional extensions, hosted in the cloud. It is available for a convenient monthly fee, starting at $29/month.

It let companies optimize their spendings on IT infrastructure, and manage business process and projects faster. As the cloud app does not require time and resources for installation and configuration, it can generate on average $2000 of savings. Data is stored on advanced and safe server infrastructure and backed up daily. Plugins allow for convenient Agile project management, as well as managing billing, CRM, helpdesk, and other processes.

Moreover, the company expands into Germany, France, Spain, Brazil, Portugal, Poland and Japan to meet rising demand from local customers. RedmineUP offered localized version of the website and are actively starting cooperation with new partners. Apart from the regular presence, it already has partners in primary markets of US, Spain, and Japan. Moreover, opened local representatives in Bulgaria and Poland.

RedmineUP started in 2010, being the first commercial developer of plugins for open source platform Redmine. The system is growing in popularity as a bug tracker and solution to manage tasks, IT teams and projects. The company serves customers from over 100 countries and very diverse industries. Company and its products are well recognizable in Redmine environment. They are used by over 40.000 registered users and have been downloaded over 400.000 times.

Among clients, there are 25 companies from Fortune 500 lists, and such well-known organizations like NASA, Apple, Volkswagen, Samsung, Toshiba, France Telekom, Ikea, Fujitsu, Schneider Electrics and Cisco.

Apart from companies, there are also NGO and universities, among which are prestigious Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, Australian National University, University of Florida or the University of Arizona.

Greg Lewsza
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Short presentation of RedmineUP Agile plugin module for project management

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Memorandum on Disappeared Tamils in Sri Lanka Handed over to UN Secretary General : TGTE


United Nations in New York

New initiatives to be launched on August 30th, the International Disappearance Day.

NEW YORK, USA, July 2, 2017 / —

The Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam (TGTE), in association with many mothers, relatives and friends of the Tamil victims of enforced disappearance in the island of Sri Lanka, recently held demonstrations around the world. Following the demonstration outside the United Nations in New York, a memorandum was handed over to the UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres.

For over 114 days, the relatives and friends of the victims of Enforced Disappearances have staged a continuous protest by the roadside in Kilinochchi in the North Eastern part of the island, demanding that their children and family members be brought back home or an investigation be conducted with the participation of international experts about the fate of their children and family members.

In the memorandum to the UN Secretary General, it was stated, among others:

1) Sri Lanka ranked the second largest number of enforced disappearance cases in the world.

2) In addition to the Tamil civilians who are subject to enforced disappearance by the Sri Lankan State, the fate of large numbers of surrendered cadres of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) is still unknown.

3) The establishment of the Office of Missing Persons (OMP) was done without any consultations with the victims. OMP also continues to deny the possibility of any engagement of international experts in its operations, despite persistent demands by the victims.

4) The Government of Sri Lanka has ensured that the victims of enforced disappearance could not seek any international remedy by refusing to make declaration under Article 31 of the International Convention for the Protection of All Persons from Enforced Disappearance, which would normally allow a grieved party to bring individual complaints directly to the International Committee on Enforced Disappearance.

5) The TGTE will organise more events and initiate new actions in association with the mothers, relatives of the victims, and Human Rights Organizations on August 30th, the International Disappearance Day.

Here are some of the slogans raised during the demonstration:

⦁ Sri Lanka: Tell the truth about Military run rape camps;
⦁ Sri Lanka: Allow Victims International Remedy;
⦁ “Most of the Surrendered and Missing are probably Dead" – Sri Lankan Prime Minister.
⦁ Sri Lanka Continues "Systemic Crimes" says UN!;
⦁ Sri Lanka: Release Tamil Detainees.

Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam
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