Frank Dinucci Prepares To Help Small Businesses By Raffling Off Free Accounting Class

Frank Dinucci

Frank Dinucci

Frank Dinucci 2

Frank Dinucci 2

I want to gather money for a great cause, but also help a company in need of assistance," says Dinucci. "No better way than a raffle.”

— Frank Dinucci

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, November 29, 2017 / — Entrepreneurs and small business owners are popping up all over Chicago. But one crucial overlooked aspect of owning a smaller business. Frank Dinucci has been helping companies to get back on the right track when it comes to managing their books.

These owners are preoccupied with making their product or offering services needed in the community. Managing finances for a company is much different than personal checking. Dinucci is hoping to change and educate owners by raffling away a chance to attend one of his accounting classes cost-free.

"There's a lot more to accounting and maintaining your company's finances than just credit and debit," says Dinucci. "Managing your books is a comprehensive and sophisticated system that with prior knowledge can be used to gain insight and helps make the company determine correct decisions."

Accounting Overlooked Aspect Of Business

Statistics and reports released by Forbes in 2013 show that there are over 28 million small businesses in the country. 22 million are self-employed across the nation. These companies result in over 120 million people working in the small business sector; this accounts for over 50-percent of the total working population.

Many of these companies have a firm idea of their business plan and how to be successful but are green when it comes to keeping their accounting.

Frank Dinucci, a former Ivy League accounting professor, is preparing to launch a raffle throughout the city of Chicago to help benefit one lucky business.

The company would be students in one of Dinucci's accounting classes, learning everything from the basics to more advanced methods. The raffle is still in the planning phase, but Dinucci hopes to have them finalized early next year.

"Raising money was an easy thought because those funds can go towards a local charity," explains Dinucci. "The winning company can then benefit from free courses to help run their business."

Dinucci Has Experience Helping Businesses With Cloud-Based Accounting

He has been traveling city to city across the country to educate about the benefits and ways of error-free accounting. Dinucci also teaches about the advantages of modern cloud-based accounting software, which is a primary course in his class.

When it comes to cloud-based accounting, these small businesses have shown to save a lot in overhead costs. The company also gains significant freedom which helps them increase the maximum potential for their business.

Additionally, cloud-based accounting software is a fraction of the cost of obtaining a real accountant. And can be used to create accounts and keep documents automatically. The obstacle is not many managers are aware of the advantages of cloud-based accounting. Dinucci tries to emphasize these points during his seminars.

The situation heightens by the fact that these entrepreneurs typically run in an extremely competitive market with thin margins. This point means they cannot allow employing an individual or team of accountants to handle the accounting side of their business.

"Errors happen almost all the time for first-time business owners," adds Dinucci. "There is a narrow line between a mistake that you can correct instantly and the mistake that can close your company down."

This is where Dinucci's expertise comes in. Companies have relied on his courses to help their businesses.

Raffle Plans Finalized Soon, Dinucci Hopes

Dinucci plans to have the raffle set for a date shortly. He anticipates a high participation from local businesses. Almost any company in the area could benefit from his courses.

"I want to gather money for a great cause, but also help a company in need of assistance," says Dinucci. "No better way than a raffle."

When finalized plans take place, Dinucci will set the participating businesses and the charity that will receive the money.

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