SPENT Money APP showcases how to stay on budget and get extra cash back during the Holidays

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SPENT is giving an additional $10 cash back bonus to registered users when they make their first purchase at a participating cash back merchants”

— Julianne Galvin, CMO of SPENT

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, December 12, 2017 /EINPresswire.com/ — SPENT Money is adding more cheer to the holiday season with additional ways to earn automatic cash back aimed at making gifting and celebrating more rewarding. SPENT Money extends an added benefit to SPENT's cash back program where users earn cash, on top of any rewards and loyalty programs that they are currently enrolled in – creating an extra cash back bonus.

SPENT recently introduced Pick 3, a personalized cash back feature where registered users can select 3 brands they shop often, from a list of 10, and instantly start earning cash back automatically with every purchase. Users can select from brands such as Starbucks, Uber, Amazon, Netflix, Panera and many more. This is in addition to the thousands of local shops, restaurants, and websites where users can earn upwards of 25% cash back.

And just announced today, SPENT is giving an additional $10 cash back bonus to registered users when they make their first purchase at a participating cash back merchants.

“During the holiday shopping season, it might make sense to select Amazon for gifts and GrubHub for take-out, as those are “go-to’s” this time of year,” states Julianne Galvin, CMO of SPENT. “Then in January, when spending priorities shift, you can change your top 3 accordingly. For instance, many people get refocused on business travel in January, so Uber might be one of their 3.”

“I go to Starbucks every morning, and now it’s one of my 3,” states Galvin. “I love it – every day I get automatic cash back for something I was going to buy anyway. Plus, I use the cash back explorer feature all the time to see what restaurants nearby are offering cash back. I’ve dined out at some great new spots and earn up to 10%, so the cash back really adds up. Plus, I still get my AMEX points. It’s a Win-Win.”

SPENT Money is an APP that is focused on enabling people to be smarter spenders, so they can maximize their money. Besides the amazing cash back, users can track and organize their spending keeping them in control of their finances.

“Our core focus is on helping people optimize their money, versus managing expenses – we believe that is our competitive advantage,” states Galvin. “The ability to earn cash back whether its business or personal allows our users to get more out of each dollar. I can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t want a cash reward like this.”

SPENT Money and SPENT Travel are available on Andriod and iOS.



SPENT launched in 2016, with SPENT Money, which solves the problem of expense management, with the added bonus of cash back. The product was originally designed for the needs of micro-businesses, freelancers, and contractors — professionals with some of the finest lines between personal and professional spend. But it works really well for anyone looking for a great way to manage their money, track their expenses and get cash back for the purchases they make.

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