A Woman Thriving In The Middle East

Sand Storm in Iraq

Water Plants in Iraq

First women-led water plant project, making a real difference

Ultimately, the economic future of the world rests not only on the ability to strengthen developed economies, but also raising the standard of living of humanity”

— Barbara D'Amato

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, May 31, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — “Ultimately, the economic future of the world rests not only on the ability to strengthen developed economies, but also raising the standard of living of humanity” expressed Barbara D’Amato, CEO of Trilogy.
Meet the first woman who successfully built bottled water manufacturing plants in the Middle East making headlines not only in the Arab world, but also in the US and global financial markets through her business acumen, humanitarian initiatives and inspirational leadership.
Barbara D’Amato is a lifetime Wall Street banker, a disruptive player in emerging markets, and an avid impact investment entrepreneur.
“Our experience in impact investments dates back to 2004, when challenged to cap raise in Wall Street to build six large-sized water purification and bottling plants in a War Zone in Iraq” Barbara expressed.
Driven by her passion for international markets and her commitment to impact investing, Barbara D’Amato left her long career in Wall Street to sail the unchartered waters as an entrepreneur herself, driving to successful close “projects of global significance” in the Middle East, which were the words she had chosen to describe what today is known as impact investing.
Barbara’s ambition, vision and drive to succeed always led her to capitalize on the opportunities in the marketplace and create value through a combination of global business and impact investment.
But succeeding globally does not happen overnight. In the beginning there was a steep education curve to overcome on both sides of the equation -in the US and in international markets- so her strategic approach to successfully completing cross border transactions had to include a systematic and integrated approach to international engagement of the parties based on mutual goals and objectives. She soon understood the role fear, perception of risk, and lack of familiarity with emerging markets played in the human psychology of most of those who controlled the financial and human capital in the US and the world. However, that did not deter her from getting the work done. She simply refers to that notion as: “Inefficiencies in the market” which will be solved with globalization.
With the financial prowess of Trilogy on their side, a Utah-based group of industrialists -led by social entrepreneurs Phil Morrell, Paul Morrell, and Paul Jeffries- was able to construct and implement the first bottled water manufacturing and production facility ever built by a US company and by the US military in the Middle East at that time. Proudly, she recalls, this was one of the most successful and high impact investing projects she was involved in, building six large scale water plants in a war zone, expanding revenues from $10 million to over $135 million USD annually, employing over 600 Iraqi nationals while creating thousands of local and regional jobs in the process hiring local Iraqi and MENA nationals from 16 different nationalities, cultures and languages; while successfully completing humanitarian efforts providing employment, wages and training for the local Iraqi workforce under a program called Employ Iraq and rebuilding 14 elementary schools under the Path to Prosperity program to rebuild Iraq.
“I got Michael Dell’s private hedge fund company in New York to fund it out of all Wall Street firms that would not touch it. This was a historical, milestone transaction and we did it in what was back then a war zone, at a time when bombs were flying all over the skies of Baghdad” she recalls as she was sitting in the boardroom of MSD Capital ready to sign definitive agreements for funding while the TV played images of Baghdad on CNN.
At a time when impact investing did not exist yet, Trilogy successfully got funded this $400 million USD contract enabling the plants to successfully produce and deliver over 1.8 Billion bottles of water – – potentially out of a pile of toxic mud given the threats of terrorism and in one of the most inhospitable environments on Earth.
Trilogy was instrumental in leveraging from its vast global network and create synergies necessary for the business to thrive by following a methodical approach to project development: Secure the funding, build the local infrastructure, build government and vendor relations, expand into vertical market segments, and ultimately gain a dominant market position in the region achieving higher than market-rate returns while improving the lives of the people and communities in the region.
At the time there were no global water brands with production in Iraq, and no other local producer had ability to consistently deliver quality nor meaningful quantities of water as required by the US Department of Defense. Local competitors were generally undercapitalized, had outdated equipment, or produced significantly inferior quality of water. According to the United Nations only 32% of the Iraqi population had access to clean drinking water and 68% of all drinking water was unsafe in Iraq.
“We are proud of our track record of investment in humanity, bridging the gap between developed and emerging markets, tackling the most pressing global issues, and helping to build sustainable businesses while improving lives, families, and communities” expresses Barbara. “But the work is far from over. We look forward to the hard work and the challenges ahead as we continue to transform the world, only this time, we stand together on a more equitable basis as partners in collaboration” she concludes with pride.
Barbara is a woman who is making a real difference in the world and hopes that many other women will follow in her footsteps.
Barbara has been an outstanding entrepreneur, a catalyst for change, and an inspiration to those who cross her path. Her role has always been to inform and inspire new leaders on social, environmental and economic change through collaborative entrepreneurship.
Trilogy is currently in the process of institutionalizing their impact investing practice through the creation of a woman-led asset manager class under a disciplined emerging fund called: Trilogy Global Impact Fund in order to proactively identify high-yield high-impact investment opportunities to create significant global impact across the value chain.
For more information: www.trilogybrandsgroup.com. LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/bdamato1. Twitter: @Bdamato13

Barbara Damato
Trilogy Brands Group
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AMY Advisory Board member Dan McGroarty Publishes Critical Minerals Oped in Investor’s Business Daily

American Manganese inc. (OTCBB:AMYZF)


AMY Advisory Board member Dan McGroarty Publishes Critical Minerals Oped in Investor’s Business Daily

AMY Patent Targets Critical Minerals Cobalt, Lithium and Manganese

May 31, 2018 – Vancouver, BC

DATELINE – American Manganese commented today on the inclusion of three of its target metals – lithium, cobalt and manganese – on the U.S. Government’s official Critical Minerals List. The List, mandated by the Presidential Executive Order of December 20, 2017, https://www.whitehouse.gov/presidential-actions/presidential-executive-order-federal-strategy-ensure-secure-reliable-supplies-critical-minerals/ includes 35 minerals and metals considered “critical to the U.S. economy and national security.”

According to the U.S. Geological Survey’s report on the Critical Minerals List:
• Lithium, Cobalt and Manganese are each one of 9 minerals on the Critical List to meet all 6 of the industrial/defense sector indicators used in its formulation.

• Manganese is one of 14 minerals on the List for which the U.S. is 100% import-dependent, and it is one of 5 minerals to meet all 6 of the industrial/defense sector indicators – and for which China is the leading global producer.
With interest in critical minerals intensifying, AMY Advisory Board member Dan McGroarty, who has testified numerous times before the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives on critical minerals issues, published an oped in Investor’s Business Daily: “For Want of a Nail: It’s Time to Make the Connection Between Critical Minerals and National Defense.”


In the oped, McGroarty notes that:
• 16 of the 35 Critical Minerals appear in a non-classified defense study as "hav[ing] already caused some kind of significant weapon system production delay for DoD."

• For 22 of the 35 listed minerals, China is either the leading global producer, leading U.S. supplier – or both.
“The metals and minerals on which U.S. weapons platforms depend are all too often sourced from foreign suppliers – a vulnerability that America's adversaries could exploit in time of conflict,” McGroarty writes. “Until now, however, awareness of the problem has not produced action anywhere near adequate to reverse or even reduce this dangerous dependency.”

“Dan’s article highlights the new focus on critical minerals as a U.S. Government policy priority,” said Larry Reaugh, CEO of AMY. “In fact, every major industrialized nation is going to need reliable access to cobalt, lithium, manganese and other critical minerals in order to maintain advanced manufacturing, develop alternative energy systems and meet national security needs.”

The U.S. Government’s new focus on critical minerals comes as AMY’s U.S. patent application was published on May 17, 2018. The full press release on the patent — No. WO2018/089595 and titled: PROCESS OF COBALTOUS SULPHATE/DITH-IONATE LIQUORS DERIVED FROM COBALT RESOURCE – is available here:


With the publication of the U.S. Government Critical Minerals List, the U.S. Department of Commerce will now issue a report on recommendations to increase domestic supply of critical minerals no later than August 16, 2018.

About Daniel McGroarty

Dan has consulted for more nearly two decades with firms in the resource sector, with a focus on strategic and critical metals. He has testified to both the House and Senate energy and natural resources committees on critical and strategic materials issues. Prior to establishing his consultancy, Dan served as Special Assistant to the President in the White House and as presidential appointee to two Secretaries of Defense. His commentary and articles on critical minerals and a range of policy issues have appeared in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Investor’s Business Daily, Politico, Forbes, The Hill, FoxNews.com, National Review, the Los Angeles Times, The Public Interest, Policy Review and The American Spectator.

About American Manganese Inc.

American Manganese Inc. is a diversified specialty and critical metal company focused on capitalizing on its patented intellectual property through low cost production and recovery of electrolytic manganese products throughout the world, and recycling of spent electric vehicle lithium ion rechargeable batteries.

Interest in the Company’s patented process has adjusted the focus of American Manganese Inc. toward the examination of applying its patented technology for other purposes and materials. American Manganese Inc. aims to capitalize on its patented technology and proprietary know-how to become the industry leader in recycling spent electric vehicle lithium ion batteries and recovering 100% of the cathode metals such as: Lithium-Cobalt, Lithium-Cobalt-Nickel-Manganese, Lithium-Cobalt- Aluminum and Lithium-Manganese (Please see the Company’s March 23, 2018 Business Plan (“CBP”) for further details).

On behalf of Management

Larry W. Reaugh
President and Chief Executive Officer

Information Contacts:
Larry W. Reaugh
President and Chief Executive Officer
Telephone: 778 574 4444; Email: lreaugh@amymn.com


Neither the TSX Venture Exchange nor its Regulation Services Provider (as that term is defined in the policies of the TSX Venture Exchange) accepts responsibility for the adequacy or accuracy of this release. This news release may contain “forward-looking statements”, which are statements about the future based on current expectations or beliefs. For this purpose, statements of historical fact may be deemed to be forward-looking statements. Forward–looking statements by their nature involve risks and uncertainties, and there can be no assurance that such statements will prove to be accurate or true. Investors should not place undue reliance on forward-looking statements. The Company does not undertake any obligation to update forward-looking statements except as required by law.

Larry Reaugh
American Manganese inc.
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CleanCapital Announces Second Acquisition in One Month, Adding 10.2 MW of Operating Solar

10.2 MW of operating solar from G&S Solar

The portfolio of two operating solar projects in Massachusetts leverages the $250 million equity partnership with CarVal Investors

NEW YORK, NY, USA, May 31, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — CleanCapital announced a second solar acquisition from G&S Solar, a New York-based developer that builds, develops and operates solar systems in multiple states in the Northeast. The 10.2 MW portfolio comes less than a month after the acquisition of a 14.3 MW portfolio from X-Elio. This new portfolio is comprised of two solar projects located in Massachusetts and consists of high-quality customers including a corporate entity and municipality as the offtakers. CleanCapital’s proprietary platform enabled their ability to execute on these two complex transactions in a short timeframe. The technology, coupled with access to dedicated capital, streamlines and expedites due diligence and analysis, allowing complex deals like these to close efficiently.

Today’s announcement brings CleanCapital’s total to nearly $150m of acquired operating solar assets. It’s an exciting year for the team as they change the paradigm for clean energy finance. Despite the historic growth across the industry, the flow of capital within the space remains largely stagnant. Leveraging their proprietary platform and capital partnerships, CleanCapital is bringing liquidity to a historically capital inefficient clean energy marketplace.

“This is only the beginning. Closing two complex deals on such a short timeline is an exciting next step for us and the clean energy marketplace. We were founded on the principle that we can streamline the complexities of clean energy transactions by leveraging technology, allowing for more capital to enter the sector and accelerating clean energy deployment,” said Marc Garrett, CTO, CleanCapital.

“G&S Solar was pleased to sell a portion of its solar assets in Massachusetts to CleanCapital,” said John Faltings, President of G&S Solar. “Transactions such as this can get bogged down by the complex diligence process but the CleanCapital team was efficient and very professional at managing the acquisition of these operating solar assets. We look forward to working closely with them in the near future.” This deal was brokered on behalf of G&S Solar by Chris Hopgood of Ignite Renewable Capital, LLC.

CleanCapital is a financial technology company that makes it easy to invest in clean energy. They deliver technology solutions to all aspects of the transaction process—from lending to capital raising, origination to diligence. The proprietary technology platform identifies, screens, and manages clean energy projects enabling project owners an opportunity to exit their portfolios while providing accredited investors, including institutional investors, family offices, and investment funds, unique access to the clean energy investment market.

About CleanCapital:

Founded in 2015, CleanCapital is a financial technology company that makes it easy to invest in clean energy. CleanCapital has built a proprietary technology platform that identifies, screens, and manages clean energy projects enabling project owners an opportunity to exit their portfolios while providing accredited investors, including institutional investors, family offices, and investment funds, unique access to the clean energy investment market. Stay up to date on the evolving market of clean energy finance by following the company on Twitter or Facebook or connecting via LinkedIn. Learn more at http://www.cleancapital.com.

Lauren Glickman
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Oil on Masonite painting by Indian-American artist Francis Newton Souza (1924-2002) sells for $235,000 at Weiss Auctions

Large oil on Masonite painting by Francis Newton Souza (1924-2002), titled Head in a Landscape ($235,000).

Oil on canvas painting by Mihail Chemiakin (Russian, b. 1943), signed and dated 1990 ($18,700).

Royal Vienna hand-painted porcelain plaque depicting a religious scene, signed “E. Sihade” ($8,525).

Lithograph and screenprint in colors by Robert Rauschenberg (Am., 1925-2008), titled People for the American Way ($24,600).

Oil on canvas painting of whalers at sea by C. Hjalmar “Cappy” Amundsen (Am., 1911-2001), signed ($6,000).

Also, three artworks by the Russian artist Mihail Chemiakin (b. 1943) – a painting and two sculptures – combined to bring $44,800 at the May 17th auction.

Internet and phone bidding were both strong, and 75 people attended in person. The sale featured estate jewelry, bronzes, a Philip and Kelvin LaVerne mid-century modern table, porcelains and more.”

— Philip Weiss

LYNBROOK, N.Y., UNITED STATES, May 31, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — LYNBROOK, N.Y. – A large oil on Masonite painting by the Indian-American artist Francis Newton Souza (1924-2002) climbed to $235,000, and three artworks by the Russian artist Mihail Chemiakin (b. 1943) – a painting and two sculptures – combined to bring $44,800 at an auction held May 17th by Weiss Auctions, online and in the firm’s Lynbrook gallery at 74 Merrick Road.

The Souza painting was by far the top lot of the auction. Titled Head in a Landscape, the work was impressive at 35 inches by 47 ½ inches. It was also completely fresh to the market, making the important estate find that much more attractive to the collectors who were eager to bid on it.

Francis Newton Souza was raised by his dressmaker mother in India and attended art school in Mumbai but was expelled in 1942 for supporting the Quit India Movement. Five years later he helped found the Bombay Progressive Artists’ Group, to encourage young Indian artists to become part of the international avant-garde movement. He moved to London, England in 1949.

There, his work was exhibited at the Institute of Contemporary Art. Souza’s style was rooted in Expressionism but was influenced by Art Brut and Neo-Romanticism. His subjects were often female nudes and Christian imagery but also included still-lifes and landscapes. Souza lived and worked in New York from 1967 until shortly before his death, when he returned home to India.

The auction saw more than 500 lots come up for bid and gross around $600,000, including the buyer’s premium. “Internet and phone bidding were both very strong, and approximately 75 people attended in person,” said Philip Weiss of Philip Weiss Auctions. “The sale featured estate jewelry, bronzes, a Philip and Kelvin LaVerne mid-century modern table, porcelains and more.”

Original artwork, however, dominated the day’s list of top lots. The three pieces by Chemiakin included a 50 inch by 50 inch oil on canvas painting, signed and dated (1990) and an excellent example of his work ($18,700); a 29-inch-tall bronze sculpture from his St. Petersburg Carnival series, signed #2 of 8 ($10,500); and a sterling silver sculpture titled Peter the Great perched on a titled marble pedestal, 37 inches tall and with mounted plaques bearing his signature ($15,600).

Mihail Chemiakin (whose name is also spelled Mikhail Shemyakin) is a Russian painter, stage designer, sculptor and publisher, and a controversial representative of the nonconformist art tradition of St. Petersburg. Chemiakin works in a broad range of media and subjects, as seen in the 2010 two-volume book on his art, Mihail Chemiakin (Azbooka publishers, St. Petersburg).

Following are additional highlights from the auction. Internet bidding was provided by Proxibid, Invaluable.com and Auctionzip.com. All prices quoted here are inclusive of a buyer’s premium.

A lithograph and screenprint in colors on Arches paper by renowned American painter, sculptor and graphic artist Robert Rauschenberg (1925-2008), titled People for the American Way (1991), signed lower left, dated and numbered (“44/75”), and housed in a large and heavy 49 inch by 61 inch frame, gaveled for $24,600. It was a new world auction record for a print from that series.

A beautiful and monumental Royal Vienna hand-painted porcelain plaque depicting a religious scene, with an artist’s signature in the lower right appearing to read “E. Sihade”, changed hands for $8,525. The image area was 16 ½ inches by 21 ¼ inches, with an inked beehive mark verso.

A wonderful oil on canvas painting by C. Hjalmar “Cappy” Amundsen (Me./N.Y./Mass, 1911-2001), depicting whalers off the coast in a vivid and colorful marine rendering, brought $6,000. The work, housed in a frame measuring 42 ½ inches by 31 inches, was artist signed lower left.

Philip Weiss Auctions has three big sales lined up for June. The first, slated for Monday, June 11th, will be an on-site auction, to be held in the New York County Public Administrator’s warehouse, at 250 Church Street in Manhattan, starting at 12 noon. Offered will be estate material featuring furniture, paintings, prints, artwork, porcelain, pottery, bronzes, rugs, household bric-a-brac, electronics, musical instruments, lamps, clocks, collectibles and more.

Then, on Wednesday, June 20th, at the Lynbrook gallery, a sale dedicated to toys, trains, battery ops, diecasts, dolls, toy soldiers, pressed steel and more will be held, highlighted by Part 1 of the Kalas Collection but also to include further selections from the Jerry and Nina Green Collection of American and European trains and toys, Part 1 of the massive toy collection of George Dominguez, more of the Pennsylvania “Matchbox Hoard” and a newly arrived doll collection.

The following day, Thursday, June 21st, also in the Lynbrook gallery, Weiss Auctions will hold a sale packed with sports items, comics, comic art, animation and historical material. Featured will be baseball material from the personal secretary to Christy Walsh; old sports posters, documents and ephemera; the white dress shirt worn by JFK at his inauguration as President; original comic art from the Joe Kubert estate; ‘50s-era pulp and paperback covers; comics; and Disney material.
Weiss Auctions is always accepting quality consignments for future auctions. To consign an item, estate or a collection, you may call them at (516) 594-0731; or, you can send an e-mail to Philip Weiss at Phil@WeissAuctions.com. For more information about Weiss Auctions and the three auctions planned for June, please visit www.WeissAuctions.com. Updates are posted often.
# # #

Philip Weiss
Weiss Auctions
(516) 594-0731
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BitMart Exchange Places Ad on the NASDAQ Tower in Times Square

BitMart Nasdaq Ad

BitMart Nasdaq Ad

BitMart Nasdaq Ad

BitMart Nasdaq Ad



BitMart Exchange is a global premier digital asset trading platform with over 400,000 registered users

I hope BitMart will become a fast and reliable exchange for users trading digital assets, as well as one that brings more innovation to the industry.”

— Sheldon Xia, Founder & CEO of BitMart

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, U.S.A., May 31, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — BitMart Exchange, a premier digital asset trading platform with over 400,000 registered users, further marks expansion into the global market with an advertisement in Times Square this week. The ad marks BitMart’s continued growth into the U.S. market following registering as a money services business with U.S. regulators last month.

BitMart Lights Up the World’s Most Visible LED Screen

BitMart's ad ran on the NASDAQ Tower in the northwest corner of the bottom of Times Square. The NASDAQ Tower is considered the most visible LED video display in Times Square and is one of the most valuable advertising spaces in the world. It is used to celebrate corporate milestones. Advertising BitMart on the display tower signifies that digital asset trading platforms have entered into the mainstream.

BitMart launched its platform in March 2018. The platform now has 18 trading pairs available and is continuing to list new coins every week. With more than 400,000 users from over 160 countries, BitMart has built a team of top industry professionals from all over the world including the United States, Russia, India, Singapore, Japan and Hong Kong.

It goes a long way to build trust in the crypto market, so BitMart has a strong team of developers to ensure the security of users’ assets and transactions. In addition to purchasing space in Times Square, BitMart’s Marketing team has built awareness through social and native advertising, engaged in large-scale blockchain events, forums, and international conferences in the fintech and blockchain industry. They also have a strong Legal Compliance team that provides a full range legal consultation and that helps to create competitive strategies within the current legal framework of the world.

Vision of the Future: A Whole-network Trading Platform

BitMart currently implements a 0% trading fee which is very rare compared to other participants in the market. BitMart recently launched a Millions of Cryptocandy Airdrop as well where registered users can claim free BTC, ETH, EOS, VEN, ABT, XLM, MOBI, BMX and many more tokens listed on BitMart daily by visiting https://goo.gl/tqStnu.

In an effort to reward users even further, BitMart is also hosting a Vote for Your Coin – Round 2 Campaign to let users vote for their favorite coins to be listed on BitMart Exchange. The winner will be listed without a listing fee. Participants can also vote for free, unlike most campaigns by other exchanges, and have a chance to win free tokens for promoting the coin of their choice on social media.

BitMart’s short-term goal is to propel BitMart into the top 10 for global cryptocurrency exchanges and to reach a global website traffic ranking within the top 50,000. BitMart’s long-term goal is to become a whole-network trading platform providing one stop financial solutions for cryptocurrency trading, as well as small business enterprises.

When asked about the future vision for BitMart, Founder & CEO Sheldon Xia, stated recently, “I hope BitMart will become a fast and reliable exchange for users trading digital assets, as well as one that brings more innovation to the industry.”

To learn more about BitMart:
Website: https://www.bitmart.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/BitMartExchange
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bitmartexchange
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/bitmart
Telegram: https://t.me/BitMartExchange
YouTube:  https://www.youtube.com/c/BitMartExchange
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/bitmartexchange
Medium: https://medium.com/@bitmart.exchange
Steemit: https://steemit.com/@bitmart
Crunchbase: https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/bitmart-exchange
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bitmart_exchange

Shirley Qian
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BitMart Exchange Places Ad on the NASDAQ Tower in Times Square

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Texas Mesothelioma Victims Center Asks the Family of an Auto/Truck Mechanic in Texas to Focus on the Best Compensation-Call Them for Direct Access to the Nation's Top Lawyers for Compensation Results


There is a direct correlation between having the nation's most skilled mesothelioma attorneys and receiving the best possible financial compensation for a diagnosed person in Texas”

— Texas Mesothelioma Victims Center

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, May 31, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — The Texas Mesothelioma Victims Center is appealing to the family of an auto, truck or oil/gas mechanic who has been diagnosed with mesothelioma to call them anytime at 800-714-0303 for direct access to the nation's most skilled and capable mesothelioma attorneys because the mechanic or machinist getting the best possible financial compensation depends on it. Typically, the compensation for these types of people starts at five hundred thousand dollars and can go up dramatically based on how or where they were exposed to asbestos.

There is a direct correlation between having the nation's most skilled mesothelioma attorneys and receiving the best possible financial compensation for a person like an auto, maritime, or energy mechanic and retaining the as the group would like to discuss anytime at 800-714-0303. The mesothelioma lawyers the Texas Mesothelioma Victims Center recommend are based in Texas and they make house calls. http://Texas.MesotheliomaVictimsCenter.Com

The Texas Mesothelioma Victims Center specializes in assisting the following types of people with mesothelioma in Texas:

* US Navy Veterans who were exposed to asbestos in an engine room or as a mechanic
* Auto mechanics
* Heavy vehicle mechanics
* Marine mechanics
* Oil field or off shore oil rig mechanics or machinists
* A factory worker who served as a mechanic or maintenance repair person to keep the manufacturing facility operational
* Oil Refinery Workers
* Oil and gas exploration workers
* Off shore oil rig workers
* Power Plant Workers
* Public Utility Workers

The Texas Mesothelioma Victims Center is focused on making certain that people with mesothelioma in Texas receive the very best possible financial compensation. If the group had only one incredibly vital tip for a person with mesothelioma or their family members it would be: "In most instances, the nation's leading mesothelioma attorneys who are based in Texas will travel to the home of a diagnosed person as soon as possible to get the specific information about how/where they were exposed to asbestos. It is this information that becomes the foundation for a mesothelioma compensation claim. The specific lawyers we suggest typically get the best financial compensation settlements for their clients in Texas or surrounding states as we would like to explain anytime at 800-714-0303. http://Texas.MesotheliomaVictimsCenter.Com

For the best possible mesothelioma treatment options in Texas the Texas Mesothelioma Victims Center strongly recommends the following heath care facilities with the offer to help a diagnosed victim, or their family get to the right physicians at one of these hospitals:

* MD Anderson Cancer Center Houston Texas: https://www.mdanderson.org/, Baylor Saint Luke’s Medical Center Cancer Center Houston, Texas:
https://www.bcm.edu/healthcare/care-centers/lung-institute, Dallas Methodist Hospital Dallas, Texas: http://www.methodisthealthsystem.org/lungcancer

The Texas Mesothelioma Victims Center also wants to emphasize their unsurpassed free services are available to a diagnosed victim of mesothelioma statewide including cities such as Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, Austin, El Paso, Fort Worth, Corpus Christi, Plano, Laredo, Arlington, etc. http://Texas.MesotheliomaVictimsCenter.Com

High-risk work groups for exposure to asbestos in Texas include Veterans of the US Navy, power plant workers, oil refinery workers, oil rig workers, chemical plant workers, factory workers, plumbers, electricians, auto mechanics, machinists, and construction workers. Typically, the exposure to asbestos occurred in the 1950’s, 1960’s, 1970’s, or 1980’s.

The states indicated with the highest incidence of mesothelioma include Maine, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, Virginia, Michigan, Illinois, Minnesota, Louisiana, Washington, and Oregon. However, because Texas is one of the nation’s largest energy producing states mesothelioma does happen to very good people in Texas.

For more information about mesothelioma please refer to the National Institutes of Health’s web site related to this rare form of cancer: https://www.cancer.gov/types/mesothelioma.

Michael Thomas
Texas Mesothelioma Victims Center
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Ace Computers Now Leading Intel HPC Data Center Specialist

Ace CEO John Samborski

Ace CEO John Samborski

Ace Computers Custom Technology

Ace Computers Custom Technology

Ace Computers just announced that they have achieved Intel HPC Data Center Specialist status; with demonstrated excellence in deploying HPC solutions.

We have always considered our strong relationship with Intel to be a significant value-add for our clients.”

— Ace Computers CEO John Samborski

CHICAGO, UNITED STATES, May 30, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — Ace Computers just announced that they have achieved Intel HPC Data Center Specialist status. This means Ace Computers has demonstrated excellence in deploying HPC solutions. Specialists have access to a number of value-adds from Intel that differentiate them from competitors and lead to better solutions for their clients. Benefits to clients include:
• Ace Computers has access to Intel training and resources that ensure up-to-date insights on the latest technologies and solutions.
• Ace Computers collaborates with Intel HPC experts that deliver the right configuration tailored to best meet each client’s needs.
• Ace Computers can remotely access Intel benchmark labs and reports—which proactively ensures that Ace Computers’ solutions meet individual performance needs.
• Ace Computers leverages world-class Intel test tools that allows reduction in R&D costs, ensures high quality and offers clients the lowest total cost of ownership.
• Co-marketing opportunities with Intel lead to case studies that provide higher visibility to clients’ businesses.

With high performance technology orders from fields that include research, chemistry, biology, physics, oil and gas, and mechanical engineering, 2018 has already been one of the company’s busiest years for HPC technology. Ace Computers HPC clusters are built with Intel products that include scalable processors, servers, and networking devices.
Intel’s scalable Xeon processors are tailor made for diverse, mission-critical, and data-demanding workloads including analytics, artificial intelligence, autonomous driving, high performance computing, and network transformation. They enable real-time analytics and artificial intelligence and deliver the highest reliability and uptime.
• Optimized Performance. New features such as Intel Advanced Vector Extension 512 improve with workload-optimized performance and throughput increases for advanced analytics, HPC applications and data compression.
• More Efficient Operation. High-speed tunneled Intel Ethernet (up to 100GbE) helps reduce total system cost. It also lowers power consumption and improves transfer latency of large storage blocks and virtual machine migration.
• Improved Security. Deploy hardware-enhanced security to protect data and system operations without compromising performance.

Ace Computers CEO John Samborski said, “We have been working closely with Intel since our company was founded in 1983. We have always considered our relationship with Intel to be a significant value-add for our clients—achieving this official recognition is symbolic acknowledgement of that fact.”
Ace Computers is also an Intel Platinum Partner.
Ace Computers has been serving the high performance computing market since 1983. The company is a Woman-Owned Small Business custom technology systems manufacturer and reseller for the public sector as well as the commercial sector. Channel partners include Intel, Supermicro, NVIDIA, Mellanox and Samsung among others. Ace Computers is a multi-year HPCwire Readers’ Choice Award finalist. In addition to some of the finest academic institutions in the U.S., long-term clients include the U.S. Department of Energy and the U.S. Department of Defense. In addition to its Greater Chicago headquarters, Ace Computers has locations in New York, New Jersey, Florida, Virginia, Nevada, Arizona and Colorado. To contact Ace Computers, call 1-877-223-2667 or 1-847-952-6900 or visit http://www.acecomputers.com/TopProducts.asp

Jeanna Van Rensselar
Smart PR Communications
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Employment Advice for Individuals With Autism

Dr. Stephen Shore shares his personal experiences and notes that employers are actively seeking autistic individuals.

Workshop attendees enjoying Dr. Shore’s humor and informative job tips.

A Workshop Presented Dr. Stephen Shore

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, May 30, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — For an adult with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), finding employment can be extremely difficult, especially without the proper advocacy, training, and direction. Unfortunately, the autism unemployment rate has been reported as high as 85%. To help increase awareness and support, Shema Kolainu – Hear Our Voices hosted a successful workshop on Employment Strategy and Job Success for Individuals with ASD. The speaker, Dr. Stephen Shore, a member of Icare4Autism advisory committee and an assistant professor at Adelphi University, presented his personal experience with tips to finding secure and successful employment. The workshop was held on May 29, 2018 at Touro College in Manhattan and was attended by parents, therapists, and individuals with ASD.

One of the main insights from Dr. Shore’s presentation was the importance of finding employment based on the individual’s strength. This concept was emphasized throughout the presentation and he further explained that there are neurological and physiological reasons why individuals are better at particular subjects than others. Dr. Shore stressed that individuals with ASD should focus on identifying ways to develop their interests and enthusiasms, utilizing positive skills instead of remediating weaknesses. For example, if someone struggles with multitasking but is really good at something else, they should not put all of their energy into working on improving multitasking.

Identifying interests and non-interests at an early age is an important skill for development. This interest could potentially foreshadow what a child could do well in the future. Dr. Shore, who has ASD, indicated that as a teenager he loved repairing bicycles. He decided to approach the shop manager at the local bicycle shop and discussed his interest and passion in repairing bikes; ultimately he received a job offer to work at that store. Throughout college, he distributed flyers on campus soliciting business to fix bicycles. Although this wasn’t his career path, it gave him the ability to earn money and improve his skills based on his interest.

Dr. Shore, a charismatic and magnetic individual, who had open discussion throughout his presentation as he navigated through his key points. He discussed many tips and interview rules such as the interviewer always needs to sit first. He also expressed that, “relationships are everything when finding employment. Getting a person in power of hiring to like you is so important.” At the end of the workshop, Dr. Shore provided links to organizations that help individuals with ASD find employment and answered any remaining questions from the audience.

Download a free online resource for employment that Dr. Shore and his colleague Robert Naseef developed called Neurodiversity in the Workplace Curriculum.

Shema Kolainu – Hear our Voices (SKHOV), a School and Center for Children with Autism, is a leader in the field of special education. SKHOV workshop series is a great opportunity to gain knowledge from some of the best resources in the field of autism.

Joshua Weinstein – Ph.D., M.B.A., CEO & Founder, Suri Gruen – Program Director, Gili Rechany – MA, SBL, BCBA, LBA, Educational Director

This workshop was made possible by the New York City Council Autism Initiative who provides the necessary funds for this program. Shema Kolainu’s next workshop will be held on Tuesday, June 26th with Dena Ezagui, MS, CCC-SLP. She will be presenting an Introduction to Pediatric Oral Motor and Feeding Therapy. To register and view previous workshops, please visit us at shemakolainu.org.

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Revcon2018 Returns to Las Vegas for The Year's Hottest Debt Relief and Financial Services Convention

This changes everything.

Revcon2018 Returns to Las Vegas for Unprecedented Event

We're changing everything in this industry and creating our future. Revcon2018 will be the catalyst.”

— Matthew Hearn

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, May 30, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — Revolution 2018 Debt Relief and Financial Services Convention (Revcon2018) is returning to the Red Rock Resort, Spa and Casino in Las Vegas NV from September 16-18, 2018. The convention boasts panels of regulators, creditors, collection agencies and business leaders bringing fresh insights, strategies and synergies into this re-emerging industry. With 32 Showcase companies displaying their latest innovations, prominent level speakers from Fintech, Technology, venture capital, investors and business icons, this event is certain to forge a new path forward for the future of the industry.

“Our time is NOW.” Says Matthew Hearn, an industry leader and strategic advisor in the space. “This industry has certainly seen its share of enforcement action, and in many cases, rightly so. This time around needs to be different. With the emergence of fresh players in the space and the consumer debt passing the trillion-dollar mark, the industry is once again poised for explosive growth. The challenge now is whether we can navigate this new paradigm successfully. You can’t perceive a new future with old eyes. We need a new, fresh perspective to advance and succeed. Compliance is more important than ever, but solid leadership and innovations are critical to avoid repeating the past. We need to work together and operate with absolute excellence moving forward. I believe Revolution will be the catalyst to powerful change and create the fundamental paradigm shift necessary to truly establish this industry. We are already seeing the synergies unfold from last year’s Revcon2017 event and that will only intensify from here.”

Coined Revcon2018, this event is certainly positioned to shake things up in this re-emerging industry. Business owners from around the country, and from all angles of this industry, will be in attendance to join the movement and participate in the reinvention of this industry..Leaders and innovators from debt settlement, debt management, tax resolution, student debt, bankruptcy, credit repair, fintech and lending will unite under one banner to create powerful changes in the field. With every vertical and angle of debt relief being represented and synergizing, there is no doubt that this event will truly change the industry as we know it. Regulators from the CFPB and FTC have been invited to participate in the industry's first ever town hall event and will be joined by the industry's leading legal and compliance minds.

The event also boasts high level thought leaders bringing critical information and messages that are sure to transform everyone in attendance. The first night will kick off with powerhouse speakers and conclude with a live 2-hour performance by Las Vegas's hottest 80's band, sponsored by Veritas Legal Plan. Revcon2017 was revolutionary in starting the much-needed change, but Revcon2018 is poised to be even "Bigger, Harder, Faster and Stronger". It is definitely slated to be the "Can't Miss" event of 2018 for anyone involved in this arena.

The event can be accessed at http://www.revcon2018.com

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Revcon2018 Trailer

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Industry-Leading Disaster Recovery (DRaaS), Data Protection Powered by Veeam Announced by ITsavvy

ITsavvy President and CEO Mike Theriault

ITsavvy Logo

ITsavvy, one of the fastest growing complete cloud solution providers in the U.S., just announced DRaaS (disaster recovery as a service) powered by Veeam.

Our goal is to offer a continually evolving suite of cloud solutions that keeps our clients ahead of the competition.”

— ITsavvy President and CEO Mike Theriault

ADDISON, ILLINOIS, UNITED STATES, May 30, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — ITsavvy, one of the fastest growing complete cloud solution providers in the U.S., just announced DRaaS (disaster recovery as a service) powered by Veeam.
Together, Veeam’s Cloud Connect VM backup and replication and ITsavvy’s cloud infrastructure provide a fully integrated, fast and secure cloud-based DR. Because ITsavvy is a Veeam Cloud Service Provider, clients can easily and securely point their Veeam backup and replication jobs to ITsavvy’s cloud infrastructure.
ITsavvy’s President and CEO Mike Theriault said, “Veeam is a key partner for us that brings significant additional value to the leading-edge cloud services that we already provide. Our goal is to offer a continually evolving suite of cloud solutions that keeps our clients ahead of the competition.”
Most organizations outsource the responsibility of performing and monitoring backups—for reasons that include efficiency and effectiveness. Also, they may not have the internal skill set to manage backup solutions. The ITsavvy/Veeam managed solution is the ideal answer.
Veeam leverages clients’ investments in virtualization and extends these assets to adopting cloud strategies for data protection.
Affordable and efficient image-based VM replication delivers true cloud-based disaster recovery for most client workloads (with recovery time and point objectives in less than 15 minutes) through ITsavvy-branded savvyCloud and savvyBackup.
ITsavvy’s savvyCloud IaaS (infrastructure as a service) solution offers infrastructure and computing capabilities that are hosted in the cloud at an offsite data center. Clients receive space in a private or public cloud where they can install software and migrate data. ITsavvy hosts and maintains hardware, servers, storage and other components. Clients also gain on-demand capabilities that can be scaled up or periodically turned off–paying only for what they are using. ITsavvy’s experts provide 24x7x365 support and NOC monitoring.
ITsavvy’s comprehensive or customizable savvyBackup solution streamlines backups, secures files and applications, and restores data seamlessly. Working with Veeam, clients retain control of their data onsite or have the option of letting ITsavvy’s expert engineers completely manage their data protection.
ITsavvy monitors, manages, and supports the entire savvyBackup infrastructure on the client’s behalf. The backup is directed to a Veeam Cloud Connect repository which is fully integrated, fast and secure with Veeam’s backup and restore functionality. This reduces risk and enables offsite backup access.
Veeam solutions also provide support for Microsoft Office 365 to enable backups of emails as well as documents that are hosted in OneDrive.
ITsavvy is a leader in tailored, end-to-end IT product and service solutions. ITsavvy built its reputation as a value-added reseller with industry-leading product availability, design and implementation, client support and delivery speed through 46 distribution centers across the U.S. ITsavvy also has data center locations in Cedar Knolls, N.J. and Oak Brook, Ill. The company’s user-friendly website provides concise, leading-edge IT decision-making resources, including an
e-commerce site with real-time pricing and availability. ITsavvy is headquartered in Addison, Ill., with offices in Chicago’s Loop; Hauppauge, N.Y.; New York, N.Y.; Naples, Fla.; Miami; Indianapolis; Warren, N.J.; Davenport, Iowa; Hayward, Calif.; and Beavercreek, Ohio. Call 855.ITsavvy (855.487.2889), email info@ITsavvy.com, visit www.ITsavvy.com.
Full release at: https://www.itsavvy.com/industry-leading-disaster-recovery-draas-data-protection-powered-by-veeam-announced-by-itsavvy/
Visit ITsavvy’s Media Center at www.ITsavvy.com/about/media-center

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