Augmented Reality to help patients who are considering aesthetic or reconstructive breast procedures

Crisalix releases the first ever 4D Augmented Reality software for aesthetic and reconstructive breast procedures.

LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND, June 18, 2018 / — One of the most difficult decisions for women looking to undergo breast surgery (eg. breast augmentation, breast reconstruction, breast lift, lipofilling) is choosing the right implant. With thousands of different implants in the market, combined with different surgical techniques and the multiple choices of the positioning of the implants, it represents literally millions of options.

Combining several years of advanced medical and scientific research with state of the art 3D and 4D imaging technology, Crisalix has released the first ever 4D Augmented Reality software for aesthetic and reconstructive breast procedures. The doctor first scans the patient to generate her breasts in 3D. The patient will then be able to view her new look on a screen in real time, similar to a mirror, without even having to go under the knife.

“The 4D Augmented reality from Crisalix is the only solution that allows patients to see themselves in full proportions, in motion and in real time. It is the most advanced educational tool for any patient and since the introduction, my breast practice changed a lot with increased conversion rate and satisfaction” says Constantin Stan MD PhD, board certified plastic surgeon. Cronosmed Breast clinic in Bucharest, Romania.

Thanks to these fundamental e-health innovations, patients are finally able to enjoy a fully immersive experience before the surgery:

LIVE: patients can now view their new body whilst moving or changing their posture, allowing them to feel how the new look would be in real life.

REAL TIME: as everything happens instantly, they can confidently express how they want their new body to look as if they were living with it already.

FULL BODY PROPORTIONS: a realistic experience which includes the whole body, from head to toe: probably one of the most important aspects when choosing the correct implant.

“Crisalix with advanced imaging technologies such as the virtual reality and the new augmented reality features is a game changing advance in the area of breast enhancement with implants. With these results prediction tools, the communication between patient and surgeon becomes much more precise leading to happier patients and a safer operation.” says Dennis C. Hammond MD, board certified plastic surgeon. Grand Rapids Plastic Surgery Residency, Grand Rapids Michigan, United States.

“Impressive, a new way of evaluating patients. With no doubts, Crisalix 4D Augmented Reality becomes a very important tool for plastic surgery practice." says Dr. Alfonso Vallarta, board certified plastic surgeon, former AMCPER president, Clinica Medica Sur, Mexico.

"As a cosmetic surgeon, we wish to provide not only satisfactory results, but also convincing consultations. The software is designed in a user-friendly way and the simulations facilitate communication with the patient. The recently developed AR feature allows patients to see their new look without any operation, so that they can approve the proposed procedure as well as speeding up the pre-operation consultation time." says Dr. Chang, board certified plastic surgeon, President of Aphrodite Li-Zhi Medical Clinic, Taiwan.

Crisalix has been introducing successfully this game changing medical solution as an avant-premiere during the American Society of Aesthetics & Plastic Surgery Meeting 2018 in New York from April 28th till April 30th, largely considered as one of the most important scientific medical events in the world, and has been officially launched at the Beauty Through Science (BTS) meeting in Stockholm on June 7th 2018.

“I am happy and honored that this new technology has been launched at our BTS meeting and that Akademikliniken is pioneer in using it in Scandinavia. One of the obstacles in patient communication is to give patients a realistic picture of the outcome of a breast augmentation. The Crisalix augmented reality technology provides a higher level of realism in prediction of outcomes compared to traditional 3D techniques” says Dr. Per Heden, board certified plastic surgeon, founder and partner of Akademikliniken, Stockholm, Sweden.

All surgeons quoted here have no financial relationship with Crisalix and therefore speak on their own behalf.

About Crisalix:

Crisalix enables aesthetic, plastic and reconstructive professionals and patients around the world to answer the common and ultimate question “How could I look after the procedure?” through its exclusive online 3D and 4D Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality technology.

Compared to traditional consultations with photos or 2D morphing, the largest international clinical study ever made in this field with more than 1500 plastic surgeons representing 40000 Crisalix consultations has scientifically proven unprecedented results in terms of:
– Less re-operations and dissatisfaction: 99% post surgery satisfaction versus a standard of 80% to 85%.
– Patient decision: twice more surgeries per consultation.
– Word of mouth: 99% of patients recommending their surgeon.

Combining advanced medical research and state-of-the-art information technology, Crisalix game changing technology caters some of the most recognized surgeons and clinics around the 5 continents and is now the leader 3D imaging.

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Source: EIN Presswire