Fine jewelry from the estate of designer and retailer Claus Vollrath will be auctioned online Aug. 29th by Nye & Company

18kt yellow gold diamond and pearl starfish pin.

18kt yellow gold 100 carat amethyst pendant.

18kt yellow gold jade and diamond pendant necklace.

Pair of 18kt yellow gold lapis lazuli ear clips.

Twenty-strand coral beaded torsade necklace.

Vollrath is the German-born designer of handmade custom jewelry who cut his teeth at Cartier and operated several boutique retail jewelry stores in New York.

This collection is intentionally being offered with conservative estimates in August to give people plenty of time to prepare to shop for the upcoming holidays.”

— John Nye

BLOOMFIELD, N.J., UNITED STATES, August 14, 2018 / — BLOOMFIELD, N.J. – Fine jewelry items from the estate of Claus Vollrath – the German-born designer of handmade custom jewelry who cut his teeth at Cartier after immigrating to America and later operated several boutique retail jewelry stores in New York before passing away – will be sold in an online-only auction on Wednesday, August 29th, by Nye & Company Auctioneers.

About 125 lots will come up for bid starting at 10 am Eastern time. The estimates have been set very low, to encourage spirited bidding. All lots can be previewed at exhibitions that will be held weekdays, from 10 am-4 pm, in the Nye & Company Auctioneers gallery at 20 Beach Street in Bloomfield, from August 20-29.

Items will include an 18kt yellow gold pearl diamond starfish, an 18kt yellow and white gold U-link necklace, a platinum and pave diamond dome ring, a pair of 18kt yellow gold diamond earrings, a pair of mother-of-pearl flower form earrings, and an 18kt white gold U-link necklace.

Also offered will be a gray and black Tahitian pearl necklace, a white baroque freshwater pearl necklace, a 20-strand coral beaded necklace and a sapphire beaded 14-strand necklace. Internet bidding will be facilitated by There will be no live bidding for this sale.

“Having established a previous relationship with the Vollrath family, it was nice that they chose to entrust us to sell this important jewelry collection,” said John Nye, president of Nye & Company Auctioneers. “This collection is intentionally being offered with conservative estimates in August to give people plenty of time to prepare to shop for the upcoming holidays.”

The name Claus Vollrath has always stood for unique handcrafted jewelry. For years he delighted his faithful and longstanding clients with premium white and fancy colored diamonds, radiant precious colored stones, freshwater and South Sea pearls, imported 18-karat gold and platinum chains from Germany and Italy and many other treasured items.

Vollrath was trained in his native Germany and his fine craftsmanship earned him a place at Cartier in America. Ten years later, he began creating his own original designs and opened a wholesale workshop in midtown Manhattan. Later on, he opened jewelry boutiques on Madison and Lexington Avenues, and lastly in Mt. Kisco, in tony Westchester County, N.Y.

When Claus passed away, his wife Irma continued his legacy of providing clients with only the finest jewelry and personalized customer service. She contacted Henry Larrieu, an apprentice jeweler trained by Pierre Cartier. Together with his son and grandson, they continued the long tradition of custom making Claus and Irma Vollrath's jewelry designs.
With the passing of Irma Vollrath in 2017, the remaining inventory of Claus Vollrath, Inc. will now be sold to customers and friends. This is a rare and golden opportunity to buy and own pieces from one of the finest goldsmiths and designers.
John Nye had a long and fruitful career at Sotheby’s before he and his wife, Kathleen, acquired Dawson’s in 2003 and started Dawson & Nye. With the move to Bloomfield seven years later, they renamed the business to Nye & Company (Auctioneers, Appraisers, Antiques). The firm is nationwide, but the vast bulk of the business comes from trusts and estates in the tri-state area.
For more information about Nye & Company Auctioneers and the jewelry auction scheduled for Wednesday, Aug. 29th, visit Updates are posted often. The full color catalog is available for viewing at and

# # # #

John Nye
Nye & Company Auctioneers
(973) 984-6900
email us here

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My Cuistot Unveils New Parisian-Inspired, Chef-Cooked Healthy Meal Delivery Service

My  Cuistot

My Cuistot

Paris-based My Cuistot has launched a new meal delivery service dedicated to bringing varied healthy, seasonal cuisine right to customers’ doorsteps.

Designed to make healthy eating easier, My Cuistot handles everything from meal preparation to convenient delivery.”

— Guillaume MANCA

NEW YORK CITY, NY, USA, August 14, 2018 / — Paris-based My Cuistot has launched a new meal delivery service dedicated to bringing varied healthy, seasonal cuisine right to customers’ doorsteps. Its roster of talented chefs works constantly to create innovative, balanced meals, which are delivered to homes or businesses once or twice per week. In addition to its standard weekly meals, My Cuistot is happy to customize its meal deliveries for those with dietary restrictions (organic, kosher, gluten-intolerant, etc.).


Designed to make healthy eating easier, My Cuistot handles everything from meal preparation to convenient delivery, enabling users to:

1- Save precious time: Shopping and cooking are by far the most time-consuming household chores in any given week, with an average of 217 hours per year (28% of annual domestic time) spent on cooking alone. My Cuistot’s delivery service eliminates this unneeded hassle by preparing complete meals for the whole week, enabling users to eat healthier without having to worry about ordering every day.

2- Enjoy balanced & healthy meals for the whole family: My Cuistot strives to create balanced meals utilizing seasonal ingredients that are perfect for both individuals and entire families alike.

3- Adhere to dietary restrictions: My Cuistot recognizes that some people have very specific dietary restrictions and offers them the same caliber of high-quality, chef-prepared meals through the My Cuistot Custom Plan. Whether weight loss or adhering to a low-carbohydrate diet is the goal, My Cuistot’s team of chefs will work to create a fully customized weekly meal plan for a nominal fee.


1- No commitment: My Cuistot’s delivery service is available online and requires no commitment. Simply select a convenient delivery time and feel free to skip a delivery or cancel the subscription at any time.

2- Convenient, fresh food: All meals are cooked and delivered the exact same day and are ready to eat in under three minutes. They can be stored for three days in the refrigerator or up to two weeks in the freezer.

3- Free delivery: Delivery is always free and there are no extra costs or hidden fees. Standard plans start at just $13.95 per meal.

Currently available in New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington, D.C., France, and the United Kingdom.

Guillaume MANCA
My Cuistot
(646) 905 0995
email us here

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Enterprise Holdings Theft Victim to IBM: High Resolution Photographic Cloud Technology Urgently Needed

Enterprise car with subsequent damage that is 'pinned' on crime victim to legitimize claim

Enterprise car with subsequent damage that is ‘pinned’ on crime victim to legitimize claim

National Car Rental ‘ding and dent’ scam victim asks IBM corporation to develop powerful solution to protect public from routine and easy-to-perpetuate scams

Enterprise has been accused of running a ding-and-dent scam so often by readers of this site, I’ve lost count.”

— Christopher Elliott, Consumer Advocate at

ARMONK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, August 13, 2018 / — SubscriberWise, the nation’s largest issuing CRA for the communications industry and the leading protector of children victimized by identity fraud, announced today its public plea to the IBM Corporation for innovative and effective technology solutions to protect USA citizens, as well as our sisters and brothers who visit from around the world, from predatory behavior and fraud perpetrated with frequency and ease by rental car agencies exploiting the good faith and fair dealing covenant.

The technology is also desperately needed because of unconscionable adhesion contracts and predatory forced arbitration, as well as the absence of federal uniform and predictable standards cherished by the industry today.

Related: Alliance for Justice: Forced Arbitration is taking away one of your most basic rights; join us in fighting back —

“As a theft victim – like so many others across the nation — of a systematic ‘ding and dent’ rental rip-off encounter, I know first-hand how easy these crimes are committed against honest and unsuspecting victims,” acknowledged David Howe, National Car Rental ‘ding and dent’ scam victim. “I also have become intimately familiar with the sophistication of these financial fraud schemes, including the extraordinary efforts agencies will pursue to secure the financial fraud — which makes exposing and eliminating these dishonest activities both critical and challenging.

“Moreover, the car rental industry is pointedly banking on consumers who trust that the agency will behave ethically; thankfully, the vast majority of agents are ethical and honest. Nevertheless, when a vehicle is assigned, many of the major car rental companies have what they call an ‘Expedient’ rental process. That process is really a liability-in-waiting because consumers are constantly held accountable for damages that are pre-existing. Worse, consumers are held accountable without the agency having an iota of evidence for responsibility. It’s the very reason our society desperately needs technology solutions to eliminate – or at least significantly mitigate – the easy-to-commit scams that have plagued consumers, state attorney general offices across the USA, legislators, and others to name a few.

“For the record, Alamo and National specifically engage in ‘Expedient’ rentals and this should be a particular concern for lawmakers and consumers alike. The undeniable fact is that ‘Expedient’ rental practices expose the public to incredible financial risk,” Howe stressed.

Related: Enterprise Rental Scam (FOX News) – Man says rental car company charging for damage that doesn’t exist —

“And it’s worth repeating that a critical part of the ‘Expedient’ process is the biased adhesion contract that contains one-sided arbitration clauses designed to disadvantage consumers in incredible ways. Moreover, the agencies intentionally avoid clear disclosure informing renters of the significant financial risks, particularly because they know unsuspecting renters are relying on the good faith covenant when they enter the vehicle and drive away. And to add salt to the wound of the predatory scams — once the agency implicates the innocent renter — the agencies boast that consumers have virtually no standing or due process in a court of law. It’s shocking in a nation where due process and the rule of law is so fundamental.

Listen to Enterprise agent eagerly announce the company’s arbitration policy designed to keep consumers far away from open court dockets and jury trials:

Related: Forced Arbitration Protects Sexual Predators and Corporate Wrongdoing —

“Indeed, it’s obvious to any observer who travels routinely and rents frequently that many consumers never give the car a second look but instead anticipate fair and honest treatment at rental return,” said Howe. “And even if a consumer does look the car over, it’s easy to miss a ding here, a dent there, and a stain or two on the interior, for example. It all translates into myriads of opportunities to cash-in on a consumer's insurance or credit card policy by eager rental agencies looking to increase revenue in very dramatic terms.

“It simply must be proclaimed that the liability threat to the renter isn’t dependent on pre-existing vehicle condition, regardless of minor ‘wear and tear’ or worse. Rather, it has to do with the consumer diligence – or lack of — to carefully document every square inch of the vehicle’s condition before driving off the lot.

“Failing to document – and relying on trust and fair dealing – can mean a very time-consuming and very expensive punitive treatment.

Related: Enterprise Rental Scam (CBC) – Enterprise Rent-A-Car credits customer $4,000 after Go Public investigates —

“Yes, there’s a reason that agencies rely on rudimentary damage slips and ‘Expeident’ rental protocols,” Howe insisted. “The reason involves enormous sums of money absconded by the industry through predatory – and in my case – fraudulent practices.

“Frankly, it begs the question: Why, in an era of high-quality and inexpensive digital photographic technology, are rental agencies not using technology that would virtually eliminate questions of liability? Moreover, why are lawmakers allowing agencies to operate without the technology when the existence of consumer harms is so apparent? It simply defies logic when one ponders with logic, honesty, and common-sense.

“So that’s why I’m today calling on the IBM corporation for help and, in particular, business and technological expertise. Because I’m convinced that consumers empowered with efficient and powerful technology that includes comprehensive photographic documentation of vehicle condition preserved with secure cloud technology would significantly limit the theft scams routinely perpetrated against innocent individuals.

“On a related note, I found myself particularly motivated and inspired by the statement from IBM Chairman, President, and CEO Ginny Rometty,” continued Howe. “The chief executive said the following about IBM: ‘We remain dedicated to leading the world into a more prosperous and progressive future; to creating a world that is fairer, more diverse, more tolerant, more just’.

“There should be no doubt that I strongly agree with Ginny’s vision,” confirmed Howe. “And more specifically as it relates to bad acts that harm consumers with consistency and impunity, the idea of using technology to make the world fairer couldn’t be more germane.

Related: Enterprise Rental Scam (CBS News) – Enterprise Car Rental Company charges $500 for phantom hail damage —

“From my perspective, — and having more than a decade successfully interacting with IBM server technology — it’s also a logical conclusion that a company like IBM would lead the effort.

“So please, IBM Corporation…hear this crime victim’s plea. Hear the pleas from our fellow citizens and visitors who’ve been — and who will become — financially exploited. Please take this task on and get to work on this important technology initiative. And once it’s ready for production, know that that this victim will take your solution to Congress and demand its implementation.

“Lobbying Congress to protect fellow humanity from predatory business practices…that’s a promise that I’m looking forward to pursuing with vigor and pleasure,” concluded National Car Rental ‘ding and dent’ fraud victim Howe. “The time for a ‘renter’s bill of rights’ with explicit federally mandated consumer protections is now!”

Related: Enterprise Rental Scam (Raycom Media) – Enterprise Rental Company is demanding $600 for damage —

About SubscriberWise

SubscriberWise® launched as the first issuing consumer reporting agency exclusively for the cable industry in 2006. The company filed extensive documentation and end-user agreements to access TransUnion’s consumer database. In 2009, SubscriberWise and TransUnion announced a joint marketing agreement for the benefit of America’s cable operators ( Today SubscriberWise is a risk management preferred-solutions provider for the National Cable Television Cooperative.

SubscriberWise contributions to the communications industry are quantified in the billions of dollars annually.

Media Relations
330-880-4848 x137
email us here

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Cooper van Grootel to join season two of "Unverified"

Cooper van Grootel will resume his role of Jackson for 26 episodes of the series “Unverified”

The Perth-native will reprise his role of Jackson from season one in the award-winning Funny or Die series.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, August 13, 2018 / — Young Australian actor Cooper van Grootel has signed on to the second season of the award-winning Funny or Die series, "Unverified", where he will resume playing the role of Jackson. Production is expected to begin in October across New York and Nashville. Van Grootel will be a series regular, seen in all 26 episodes.

Van Grootel stated, “I am really excited and beyond thankful to be a part of the next season.”

He will join new cast member and fellow Australian actor, Alistair Cooke ("The Horizon", "Deep Water").

2018 has proven to be an exciting year for the talented actor. In addition to his role in Unverified, Van Grootel also graced the screen with his lead role in See Pictures’ feature film "Go Karts" alongside award-winning actors such as Golden Globe Nominee Frances O’Connor ("The Conjuring 2") and Richard Roxburgh ("Rake", "Van Helsing").

The Perth-native also recently took on a key role in ABC’s highest-rated rated show of the year, "Mystery Road". Cooper played the role of Brayden and shared the screen with Emmy and Golden-Globe winner Judy Davis.

The 17-year old is the recipient of the 2016 and 2017 Showcast Outstanding Achievement in Acting.

Unverified won Best Online series from the prestigious Accolade Global Film Festival. The second season will move its focus from screenwriters to music producers. One of the producers stated “Cooper’s character will have to engage in various stunts in season 2… after hearing how he tackled the driving in "Go Karts", we know Cooper will rise to the occasion and we look forward to increasing the prominence of his character.”

Van Grootel is represented by Karli Doumanis Management and Film Bites.

Jack Smith
Re: Smarter Pictures
email us here

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Alistair Cooke to star in Funny or Die’s ‘Unverified’

Alistair Cooke will play Chris Patterson in 26 episodes of “Unverified”

The Australian actor will play music producer Chris Patterson in the second season of the award-winning comedy series.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, August 13, 2018 / — Acclaimed Australian actor Alistair Cooke has signed on to star in the second season of the award-winning Funny or Die series "Unverified". The series is expected to film in Nashville and New York.

"Unverified" is about an entitled-but-clueless British screenwriter coming to Los Angeles in hopes of landing a television deal. The 26-episode second season will have Cooke portray the series-regular role of Chris Patterson, an aspiring music producer. The Perth-native will also be joining fellow Australian Cooper van Grootel (ABC Australia’s "Mystery Road") who recently shared the screen with Golden-Globe nominee Frances O’Connor in Owen Trevor’s feature "Go Karts".

Cooke is known for his award-winning leading performance in the hugely popular series, "The Horizon". "The Horizon" is the most watched LGBTQI+ web series in the world. Cooke also appeared in the SBS mystery thriller "Deep Water" opposite Noah Taylor ("Preacher") and Yael Stone ("Orange is the New Black").

While filming "Unverified", Cooke’s latest film "Memories" is anticipated to hit the upcoming award circuit with his leading performance opposite Macedonian starlet Mia Challis, herself known for Kriv Stenders’ "Red Dog: True Blue".

This role marks another entry on Cooke’s resume in the realm of high-profile online content where he received the 'Most Outstanding Actor' award for his role at the Los Angeles Web Festival.

Cooke is represented by Karli Doumanis Management and Artist Management Australia.

Jack Smith
Re: Smarter Pictures
email us here

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CSA Balloons Now Offers Personalized Balloons for Back to School Events

Custom Balloon Printing

CSA Balloons

Premium quality balloons

The extraction process will not damage the Hevea trees.

Mylar Balloons

Mylar balloons are 100% recyclable.

CSA Balloons, a leading North American custom-printed logo balloons company will be providing balloons for back to school events throughout the USA.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, August 13, 2018 / —

Lively and Fun Promotional Tools

Whether it is because of their colorful material, or the fact that they rise in the air, it is clear that balloons are both lively and fun. They also represent novelty, and something that is out of the ordinary. Balloons that are bright are especially positive and exciting.

Children especially enjoy balloons. For example, children who are visiting your school’s open house with their parents would have a better experience if they noticed fun, gleaming balloons. If these balloons were ordered from a qualified custom printer, such as CSA Balloons, your school would be represented by the positivity of balloons.

There is no doubt that balloons are superior as promotional tools, especially when your school wants to create a joyful atmosphere.

Environmentally Friendly Balloons

In a world where the environment is a growing concern, it is important that your school demonstrates the correct attitude during an open house. It is the duty of schools to reduce our environmental footprint. When ordering custom balloons, there is no better way to do this than choosing CSA Balloons’ 100% natural latex balloons.

As it is said on the CSA Balloons website, “Made from natural and biodegradable latex, our printed balloons are renowned for their superior quality.” A combination of organic ingredients and water create latex balloons. The latex itself is taken from a tree in a process than can be compared to that of fetching maple syrup.

The final product are crisp, beautiful, environmentally friendly balloons!

Latex-Free Options

Some public institutions, such as schools and hospitals, are restricted from using latex balloons.. This is because latex-related allergies are becoming more common. While latex balloons are excellent quality, they may not be the right fit if you would like to take some extra precautions during your school’s event.

CSA Balloons also offers Mylar balloons. Mylar balloons are made from foil, and are not known to cause any allergies. As is stated on the CSA Balloons website, Mylar balloons (or foil balloons) are 100% recyclable, as well as being “dynamic and unique”, with a longer duration and floating time.

Mylar balloons are a crisp and bright alternative for any school during their event.

Exciting and Effective Marketing

Back-to-school events, such as open houses, can now benefit from exciting and fun marketing items. These dynamic tools are none other than custom balloons, from a qualified and professional custom printer, CSA Balloons.

After all, there is no better promotion than putting a smile on a child’s face thanks to a crisp and colorful personalized balloon.

About CSA Balloons

For more than fifteen years, CSA Balloons has been a leader in custom balloon printing. With offices in Canada and the USA, they supply personalized balloons to clients throughout North-America.

Their dedicated staff will help any business, association, or party planner create the perfect custom balloons for any event.

Renowned for their impeccable print quality, fast delivery, and outstanding customer service, they are the top-choice balloon printers for businesses big and small.

Csaba Laviolette
CSA Balloons
email us here

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New Jersey Kids Fashion Week and KidZNewswire Announce Media Partnership

Lior Space has created the Kidprenuer Marketplace exclusively for NJKW and will be the host for the kidprenuers and vendors

NEW YORK , AND NEWARK, NJ, UNITED STATES, August 13, 2018 / — New Jersey Kids Fashion Week (NJKFW) and KidZNewswire (KDZN) are pleased to announce their partnership for the upcoming fashion show on Saturday,September 22, 2018. The companies will collaborate to deliver media services to participants and attendees.

KidZNewswire will provide press release distribution services to sponsors, vendors and models participating in the event. Both companies are solely focused on children so it made sense to team up to bring awareness to issues affecting children as well as highlight child oriented businesses.

Fashion and media collaborate to bring awareness to the plight of children in the community. “We are so excited to be doing a Kidprenuer Marketplace in collaboration with our sister and lady boss Josie Payoute. It's going to be an amazing show and an awesome line up of kidprenuers, teaching and inspiring other children the meaning of proof of concept and to follow your dreams and ideas no matter how old you are,” said Lior Space owner Rayshawna Fraser.

“New Jersey Kids Fashion Week is Where Kids Live Fearlessly,” said Founder Josie Payoute.
“We’re pleased to join forces with NJKFW and offer news distribution options to the models and businesses,” said a KidZNewswire representative. “The participants can include their photos and videos to their release for increased visibility.”

Show details:
Saturday, September 22, 2018
Time: 5:30pm
Hahne & Co.
54 Halsey Street
Newark, NJ 07102

About New Jersey Kids Fashion Week
New Jersey Kids Fashion Week, (NJKFW) is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization dedicated to introducing and providing children from the urban settings the opportunities to express themselves through high-level fashion. NJKFW promotes self-awareness, the value of inner and outer beauty, as well as stage presence and professionalism.

About Lior Space Kidprenuer Marketplace
Lior Space Kidprenuer Marketplace is an atmosphere where we encourage our children to dream, create, blossom their businesses and have fun doing it. It’s a gateway for other children to explore, support and connect face to face with their peers. We’re simply mixing all the main ingredients to create magic in our community the whimsical way!

About KidZNewswire (KDZN)
KidZNewswire is an online press release distribution service specifically for children’s news. We utilize social media and search engine optimization to provide visibility for our clients’ news releases. We are passionate about providing parents, educators, journalists and bloggers with content specifically about children.

Media contacts:
Josie Payoute
New Jersey Kids Fashion Week (NJKFW)
(973) 221-3335
Twitter: @NJKFashionWeek
Instagram: @njkfw

KidZNewswire, LLC
Twitter: @KidZNewswire
Instagram: @KidZNewswire

Josie Payoute
New Jersey Kids Fashion Week (NJKFW)
(973) 221-3335
email us here

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Only two weeks left to submit for Essay Competition in Honor of the late Criminal Defense Attorney Deron Castro

News 12 New York, Interview with Deron Castro (Mr. Castro and Mr. Patrick Megaro often cooperated in cases)

News 12 New York, Interview with Deron Castro (Mr. Castro and Mr. Patrick Megaro often cooperated in cases)

Deron Castro in the courtroom with a client (Mr. Castro and Mr. Patrick Megaro often cooperated in cases)

Deron Castro in the courtroom with a client (Mr. Castro and Mr. Patrick Megaro often cooperated in cases)

Website AppealsLawGroup, Patrick Michael Megaro, Criminal Defense Lawyer

Website AppealsLawGroup, Patrick Michael Megaro, Criminal Defense Lawyer

Patrick Megaro, Attorney, on Today Exclusive Television

Patrick Megaro, Attorney, on Today Exclusive Television

Patrick Michael Megaro, Criminal Defense Attorney

Patrick Michael Megaro, Criminal Defense Attorney

Upcoming deadline in 2 weeks for Essay Competition based on Deron Castro Memorial Scholarship, announced by his colleague Patrick Megaro

Halscott Megaro PA (N/A:N/A)

If I or anyone in my family was charged with a crime, I would have hired Deron Castro. He was hands down one of the best trial attorneys in New York and in the country.”

— Patrick Megaro, Defense Lawyer

ORLANDO, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, August 13, 2018 / — The Law Firm of Halscott Megaro PA is reminding law students that there are only two weeks left to submit an Essay for the writing competition in Honor of the late Criminal Defense Attorney Deron Castro.

Criminal Defense Attorney Patrick Michael Megaro, the Senior Partner at Halscott Megaro, P.A. had recently announced the creation of the Deron Castro Memorial Scholarship. Deron Castro, a New York criminal defense attorney par excellence, departed this Earth too soon and too suddenly in late July 2018. He will not be forgotten by his family, his children, his colleagues whose respect he earned, and his many grateful clients whom he served in over 24 years of his law practice. He sought justice for many unjustly accused. He took more than 90 criminal cases to trial, winning the vast majority of them.

Only days earlier, in early July 2018, Deron had a major win in the Queen’s County Supreme Court when the judge agreed to throw out evidence against the defendant in a murder case after a pre-trial hearing. The District Attorney sought to introduce statements of the defendant made during an interrogation by homicide detectives. After carefully cross-examining the detective at the hearing, Castro was able to persuade the judge to suppress the evidence by citing past cases where similar evidence was tossed out. It is quite unusual for a judge to suppress a defendant's own statements, let alone to have them suppressed in a murder case. Few attorneys could accomplish such a feat in court. Deron was one of them.

In his honor, Halscott Megaro, P.A. will be hosting its Annual Essay Writing Competition, which is open to all current full-time and part-time enrolled students in an ABA accredited law school. One winner will be selected and will receive a $1000.00 scholarship award from the Deron Castro Memorial Scholarship.

Deron Castro, Esq. was a personal friend and colleague of Patrick Michael Megaro. Mr. Castro started his career at The Legal Aid Society, Criminal Defense Division, in Queens, New York as a public defender before going into private practice. Mr. Castro and Mr. Megaro also later cooperated criminal cases, such as the successful appeal in People v. Small (2011), see

He was well-known and respected as one of the most successful and skilled criminal defense attorneys, securing acquittal after acquittal for his clients. A fearless advocate, he provided nothing but the highest caliber of representation to his loyal and dedicated clientele.

States Mr. Megaro, “If I or anyone in my family was charged with a crime, I would have hired Deron Castro. He was hands down one of the best trial attorneys in New York and in the country. Castro won with his skill, preparation, and fighting spirit. He was highly respected by other criminal defense lawyers and feared by prosecutors.”

Outside of the courtroom, Deron Castro was a loving and devoted father of three and caring husband. Always involved in his children’s activities, one could find Mr. Castro running from basketball practice to dance recitals at night and on the weekends. He was known for his kindness, generosity, and perpetual positive attitude which impacted all those around him.

This Scholarship is dedicated to the memory of one of the great lawyers in New York City, and the United States, to ever grace a courtroom with his presence.


The scholarship is open to all current full-time and part-time matriculated students in an ABA accredited law school.

How to Apply:

For applying the essay contest, the candidates must write a 1000 word or fewer essay on the following topic:
What makes the difference between a good and a great criminal defense attorney?

Deron certainly was one of those great attorneys, but what exactly makes a criminal attorney “great”? Here is a starting point. One criminal defenses attorney suggests that four qualities are necessary to be at least “good”: “[1] The single most important thing a criminal defense lawyer can do is over-investigate their case. It is the probably the biggest single difference in lawyers, how much independent investigation they do. …. [2] Everyone knows that criminal defense lawyers must be strong negotiators. … There are really only two factors that should be considered in negotiation: what does this person deserve and what is the likelihood of conviction if the case proceeds to trial (what is the strength of the case). … [3] Third, provide a technical legal defense. This is the kind of thing you learn in law books. Read the discovery. Read the law. Reread the discovery. Reread the law. There is usually something to argue about. … [4] In my opinion, the toughest skill, is being able to win at trial. Not many lawyers will take tough cases to trial. …” Robert King, “What makes a good criminal lawyer?”, see (2017)

Submission Details:

Your essay must be submitted via email to and must be in Word or PDF format.
In the alternative, the applicant may submit a 5-minute or less video essay. The video must be a closeup of the applicant, giving their essay as a lecture or speech, addressing the camera directly and must have a green screen in the background. Editing is permitted.

The essay must be submitted along with a short bio on the applicant, a passport-style photograph of the applicant, and a release permitting publication of the photograph and the essay (or video) by Halscott Megaro, P.A., its agents or assigns.

Award Amount:

The $1000.00 scholarship will be awarded to the winning candidate.

Application Deadline:

The deadline for essay submission is September 1, 2018
The winner will be announced September 8, 2018

Halscott Megaro, P.A. is a law firm dedicated to the pursuit of justice, focusing on criminal and civil appeals, post-conviction relief, criminal defense, clemency advocacy, and civil rights advocacy.

Attorney Profile:
Linkedin Profile:
Attorney Profile:
Better Business Bureau Profile:
Facebook page:

Patrick Megaro
Halscott Megaro, P.A.
(407) 255-2164
email us here

New York City Appeals Attorney Patrick Megaro, Criminal Defense New York

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PeaCounts Develops Blockchain Payroll Protocol Based on Bitcoin Technology

Blockchain Accounting Revolutionizes Payroll to Create a System for Fair Employment

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, August 13, 2018 / — PeaCounts, the blockchain payroll protocol, is reinventing work as we know it. PeaCounts is the world’s first AI- and blockchain-based payroll system, connecting developers to build human resource management solutions for businesses and industry leaders, to create new methods of measuring work and automating payment.

“Immigration issues polarize much of the world today, arising from a sense of unfairness that others can come to their country and not pay into the tax system but receive benefits. However, many day laborers are legal to employ, but because of complex hiring paperwork or lack of bank accounts, employers choose to forgo proper channels. Hence, a substantial black market for labor exists. Our mission is to reinvent the trust-based employment system,” says Crystal Stranger, Founder and CEO of PeaCounts.

Using smart contracts (a contract based on a computer protocol that verifies the work is being done using the agreed-upon metrics), in combination with Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools to measure key metrics, an employer can use PeaCounts to track an employee’s performance and productivity, ensuring they’re doing the work they were hired to do, and then release funds for their compensation automatically. PeaCounts is doing this through their cryptocurrency token, PEA, that will be a fork off of Bitcoin with additional technology to make it even more secure and allow for faster transactions. It will use blockchain to securely access stored data, and to manage transactions.

The PeaCounts payroll system can also be used to solve the trust problem with distance work, like hiring graphic designers on the other side of the world. This way the designer knows they will be paid and the business owner knows they will receive the work. PeaCounts payroll can also be used for regular monthly payroll, and because the business can release the money for payment nearly instantaneously, the business receives cash-flow management benefits and interest earned from keeping the money on the books until the payment is due. Additionally, it can be used for more complex employment compensation schemes, such as vesting agreements.

PeaCounts’ CTO Ben Stewart explains, “We are currently building an ICO-specific product, but it could be expanded for anyone that requires vesting. When I was at Betterment, for 401Ks, we had to track individual vesting schedules and it was a nightmare. As adoption increases and more financial products look to lean against the blockchain, we will be there smiling with an array of services.” 

Forking off Bitcoin to create a new blockchain is unusual for token offerings. Most tokens use Ethereum as it is easier to deploy a token and build smart contracts on top of this network. PeaCounts made the choice to use Bitcoin as a platform, however, for its stellar security track record. Bitcoin has an unmatched history of being unhackable in its nearly ten years of existence.

“Now and in the future, building based on the Bitcoin community code will position us to offer the highest levels of security, full flexibility and control of the code powering the platform, in addition to allowing us to gain speed as we don’t have to deal with near-term liquidity hurdles,” says Stewart.

PeaCounts will be releasing much of its software as open-source to encourage a strong developer community.

“This product is so important to get out there in the hands of people who can use it, so we want to bring in developers to build out solutions for enterprise and industry applications,” says Stranger. “I would love to see PeaCounts payroll in Africa helping farmers get paid fairly for the food they produce. Or in the Middle East helping immigrant laborers send work home and know they will get paid at all. This is the driving force behind what we are building, and a strong developer community is what will make it happen.”

PeaCounts is whitelisting potential token holders now. You can view the website for more information about the sale or to join PeaCounts’ developer community to help in making this a world of possibilities, where people can focus on their creativity and easily hire others in their community.

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Anne Lake Prescott Returns to CUTV News Radio in a New Two-Part Radio Series

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, August 13, 2018 / — The canon of fine poetry is a dialogue among and between the generations. It takes time to sort itself out. Even great poets may fall out of fashion for a time, but they always find their way back to future scholars interested in the questions they wrestled with hundreds of years ago.

Anne Lake Prescott is the Helen Goodhart Altschul Professor of English emeritus and Senior Scholar at Barnard College, Columbia University. Now 82, Dr. Prescott leaves behind a legacy of scholarship with a commitment to preserving the achievements of the past.

“My own passion as a scholar is for reputation and changes in what one is supposed to think, says Dr. Prescott. “It's fun to see these fashions come and go. John Donne is fashionable now. In 1911, scholars said, "The influence of John Donne upon English literature was wholly pernicious." 200 years ago they thought he wasn't writing regular verse because he was incompetent. We knew better.”

As former president of the John Donne Society, the Edmund Spenser Society and the Sixteenth Century Society, Dr. Prescott holds a deep affection for poetry and the literary tradition.

“I find Donne’s poetry so moving. It's hard to put it into words. If I could, I might be able to write poetry myself,” laughs Dr. Prescott. “What I like particularly is the imagination of his language and meter goes. One of his famous poems begins "Death, be not proud, though some have called thee / Mighty and dreadful, for thou art not so’"

“Donne had a really good ear for the rhythms of English, so when he violates the rules, he knows what he's doing. To capture more of the shifts and curls of the human imagination and love and fear. What made the later 17th century reject him is precisely what made people in the early 20th century accept him.”

CUTV News Radio will feature Anne Lake Prescott in an interview with Doug Llewelyn on August 15th at 11am EDT and with Jim Masters on August 22nd at 11am EDT.

Listen to the show on BlogTalkRadio.

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