Gov. Cuomo & AG Underwood Ignore Sex Offender Scandal

Governor Andrew Cuomo has failed to protect extremely vulnerable women and children from sexual predators and is illegally placing level 2 & 3 convicted sex offenders to live with the disabled in State and private run group homes

Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Attorney General Underwood are ignoring the safety of the disabled and refuse to remove convicted sex offenders from group homes

These agencies are operating almost identically to the Catholic Church in their internal handling of sex crimes. These illegal practices must be stopped now.”

— Michael Carey – Civil Rights & Disability Rights Advocate

ALBANY, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, September 30, 2018 / — The Jonathan Carey Foundation was established by civil rights and disability rights advocate Michael Carey to protect our most vulnerable, which includes all people with disabilities. Thousands of people with developmental disabilities are being sexually assaulted and raped within New York State’s extremely dangerous mental health agencies and group homes and rarely are there ever any criminal prosecutions. The cover-ups are happening all of the time because Governor Andrew Cuomo has directed sex crimes to be internally reported, instead of reported to 911 call systems so local police can respond and arrest the sexual predators. The State’s MO, if it isn’t documented, it didn’t happen. The cover-ups of sexual assaults and rapes in New York State’s mental health care system overseen by Governor Cuomo are massive in scope.

On top of almost all sexual assaults and rapes of our most vulnerable being covered-up, Governor Cuomo and his agencies for years have been unconscionably placing convicted sex offenders in these State and private facilities and group homes. The Commissioners of the Department of Corrections and the Office of People with Developmental Disabilities and anyone else involved are directly endangering the safety and welfare of incompetent individuals which is a class E felony in New York State.

These agencies are operating almost identically to the Catholic Church in their internal handling of sex crimes. These illegal practices must be stopped now.

“A person is guilty of endangering the welfare of an incompetent or physically disabled person in the first degree when he knowingly acts in a manner likely to be injurious to the physical, mental or moral welfare of a person who is unable to care for himself or herself because of physical disability, mental disease or defect.

Endangering the welfare of an incompetent or physically disabled person in the first degree is a class E felony.”

Other state and federal laws require safe living environments for all individuals with disabilities that are free from abuse and neglect. Everyone knows that it is gross neglect to place sexual predators in homes with our most vulnerable and a recipe for sexual assaults and rapes.

These statements have been released by New York State Senator Rob Ortt who is also the Mental Health Committee Chairman;

“According to the report, these sex offenders are being placed in homes without notice, raising concerns about how widespread this occurrence may be.”

“This practice must stop immediately,” said Ortt. “In no circumstance should the most vulnerable members of our society be placed in the same home as individuals convicted of preying on the vulnerable. The Level of government incompetence displayed here is astonishing.”

Marc Molinaro who is the candidate for governor in New York State said on Twitter “This is criminal” and then in an official statement to media it is quoted “Marc Molinaro says placing sex offenders among the general population of disabled people violates a state law, which is a felony.”

Congresswoman Claudia Tenney has written Attorney General Underwood and has called for investigations and a full accounting of convicted sex offenders in group home with the disabled.

“Congresswoman Claudia Tenney (NY-22) is calling for an immediate investigation into news reports that the Cuomo Administration is actively placing convicted sex offenders among the general population of state-run group homes and facilities for the disabled. In a letter to the Attorney General, Rep. Tenney also requested a full accounting of any convicted sex offenders who have already been placed in state-run homes for the disabled.”

Michael Carey has written and called Attorney General Underwood and there has been no written responses as of yet or any returned phone calls from the Attorney General regarding stopping these illegal practices that directly endangers our most vulnerable. Attorney General Underwood's main job is to protect and ensure equal rights for all New Yorkers. To date over four dozen convicted sex offenders illegally placed to live in group homes with the disabled have been located and less than ten percent of counties have been looked at so far from a partial list of facilities.

Washington County District Attorney Anthony Jordan has also written Attorney General Underwood regarding investigating these crimes.

Here is what a convicted sexual predator and pedophile said of New York State’s mental health care system, it is “a predators dream.”

"The lack of supervision there made it easy to do what I did," DeProspero said in a handwritten affidavit obtained by The Associated Press. "I could have stayed in that house for years and abused him every day without anybody even noticing at all. It was a predator's dream."

Governor Cuomo, Attorney General Underwood and his agency heads involved continue to remain silent. Numerous calls for the governor and attorney general to stop these illegal placements and for the immediate removal of all convicted sex offenders from group homes have been ignored. There is a clear appearance that there is no regard for the safety or equal rights of 1,000,000 New Yorkers with disabilities. It is time for the top New York State officials involved in these criminal activities and the criminal cover-ups of almost all reported sexual assaults and rapes by Cuomo’s Justice Center abuse hotline to be held accountable. The purposeful placement of convicted sex offenders to live in the same homes with people with disabilities violates State and federal laws, it is illegal. These civil rights atrocities and crimes must be swiftly investigated by the US Department of Justice.

If you would like to help advocate and protect our most vulnerable and help fight to end this extreme corruption, please consider making a tax deductible gift to the Jonathan Carey Foundation. Thank you.

Michael Carey
The Jonathan Carey Foundation
(518) 852-9377
email us here

The incredible life and tragic preventable death of Jonathan Carey, who was disabled, had autism, was non-verbal & only 13 when he was killed by his caregivers

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Jann Klose To Release New Single “Love High” In Support Of New Album “In Tandem”

New album features duet with Renaissance vocal legend Annie Haslam!

ASHEVILLE, NC, USA, September 29, 2018 / — Award-winning pop singer-songwriter Jann Klose will be releasing the second single titled “Love High” from his latest album “In Tandem” on September 28, 2018! A video of the song is currently being filmed and plans for its premiere in NYC on October 14th at The Cutting Room are currently underway. The song Features top South American musicians: Sakhile Nkosi (AKA) on bass, Ezra Erasmus (Idols SA, John Legend) on keys, Leagan Breda (Lira, Trevor Noah) on drums and Raymond Green (Idols SA) on featured electric guitar. Produced by RJ Benjamin and mixed my Rici Martins (aka SEVVEN) and mastered in Nashville by Ben Kesler.

Says Jann, “'Love High' is about that moment in a relationship where you realize the physical aspect will most likely outweigh the emotional! You reach a point in the relationship where you have to let go because it can only go so far…”

To purchase Jann Klose's “Love High” single:
YouTube streaming link:

Jann Klose is elated to have his brand-new studio album “In Tandem” released worldwide. Fans can download and stream the album, which features a selection of top South African artists such as Karen Zoid and Tamara Dey, on their favorite digital platform. “In Tandem” also features a duet between Jann and legendary Renaissance vocalist Annie Haslam on a cover version of Peter Gabriel's “Don't Give Up,” which has also been released as a single.

The wait is finally over after almost a year's worth of work going into the writing and recording of the album, and Jann is ready for people to hear all the songs on “In Tandem”! “I am so excited to release 'In Tandem' to the world! Making this album has been the most beautiful creative experience of my life and career thus far. Working with all these great guest artists from three continents has opened my mind in ways I never expected. I think this is my most honest work to date and I hope everyone enjoys listening to it as much as we did making it.”

Watch the music video for “Take Me 2 Forever”:

Jann spent time in SA last year recording his 6th studio album in partnership with the Academy of Sound Engineering, in addition to lending his time and supporting the work of Desmond Tutu's TutuDesk foundation. The album features a selection of SA's finest with RJ Benjamin as producer, songwriting contributions from James Stewart (The Usual), Ziyon (Liquideep), Karen Zoid (who also features on the song she co-wrote), and collab feature from Tamara Dey.

“In Tandem” Tracklisting:
01. Love High
02. Dear Mel
03. Don’t Give Up (feat. Annie Haslam)
04. What Have You Got to Say?
05. Never Fall
06. You and I (Cosmic Love) (feat. Tamara Dey)
07. Hochzeitslied
08. Pour the Champagne (feat. Karen Zoid)
09. After the Last
10. Take Me 2 Forever
11. What it Is
12. Win This Fight (feat. The RJ Benjamin Voices)
13. Wedding Song (Hochzeitslied English Version)

“In Tandem” is out now on digital and CD. Download or stream Jann Klose's brand-new album “In Tandem” now –

Jann Klose is an award-winning pop singer-songwriter, who has released six albums and two EPs. Jann was raised in Kenya, South Africa, Germany, and the United States and now resides in New York City. His music has been streamed over 1,000,000 times online and his song “Make It Better” is featured on the Billboard Top 10 charting compilation album “Action Moves People United.” His new album “In Tandem” was released by Gallo Records in June 2018. Jann is an ambassador for Desmond Tutu's Tutudesk campaign.

Jann's most recent solo album, “Mosaic” featuring “Make It Better” entered the Roots Rock charts at #22 and won three 2014 Independent Music Awards. The record also made the first round of the 2014 Grammys® in the categories Pop Vocal Album and Album Of The Year.

His voice is featured in the movie “Greetings From Tim Buckley” (Universal) as the voice of Tim Buckley starring Penn Badgley and Imogen Poots. His songs have been heard on the Grammy® nominated “Healthy Food For Thought”compilation as well as MTV Cribs and movies “Dead Broke” (Warner Bros) featuring Paul Sorvino and “A Venue For The End Of The World” (BrinkVision) featuring Dick Cavett and Ian Anderson. Most recently Jann scored the music for the award-winning short “The Beauty of Disaster.”

He has performed as an actor and singer in touring companies of Broadway musicals, including “Jesus Christ Superstar,” “Jekyll & Hyde,” and “The Who's Tommy.” In 2005, the off-Broadway production “Moonlight Interior,” a musical based on Klose's music, premiered in New York City.

Jann Klose has periodically collaborated with members of classical rock group Renaissance and tours regularly in the U.S., Europe, Africa and Asia. He has worked with a wide range of artists including Pat Benatar, John Oates of Hall and Oates, Suzanne Vega, Paula Cole, Annie Haslam, Denny Laine and Steve Holley (Paul McCartney & Wings), Ann & Liz Callaway, Gary Lucas, Brett Dennen, Rusted Root, Vonda Shepard, Ben Taylor, RJ Benjamin, Karen Zoid, Tamara Day, Ziyon (Liquideep), Shekhinah, Amanda Black, Jeffrey Gaines, Bret Michaels, Rosanne Cash, The Byrds' Roger McGuinn, Marty Stuart, The Yardbirds' Jim McCarty, Pete Seeger and Les Paul.

To purchase Jann Klose's “In Tandem”: ;

Follow Jann Klose Online:
Official Site:

Follow Gallo Record Company online:
Twitter: @GalloRecordsSA
Instagram: @GalloMusicSA

Press inquiries: Glass Onyon PR, PH: 828-350-8158 (USA),

Melissa Conradie Agency – Publicity South Africa: Melissa Conradie, + 27 (0) 83 601 0487, /

Gallo Record Co – Label: Rob Cowling,

Billy James
Glass Onyon PR
email us here

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Call For Radical Reform Of A Troubled Catholic Church

This observation leads to Moran’s most general, but perhaps also his most important point: the institutional Church must rethink what it means by “teaching.”

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, September 29, 2018 / — A book, Missed Opportunities:Rethinking Catholic Tradition by prolific author Gabriel Moran offers detailed criticism of the Roman Catholic Church and proposes radical reforms of that church. Moran has been writing on the strengths and weaknesses of the church since before the Second Vatican Council. The present book challenges the language and structure of the church as well as the basis of its moral teaching. Each of the chapters on topics that include contraception, abortion, homosexuality, euthanasia, the environment, and human rights is argued from a knowledge of the church’s own tradition in light of contemporary experience.

The Roman Catholic Church has been in free fall in the United States and Europe. Tens of millions of people have drifted away, not usually because they were attracted to something better, but because church officials speak a language that seems irrelevant. Pope Francis was able to awaken the interest of a surprisingly large number of people. He has changed the face of the official church mainly by gestures, symbols and provocative comments. He is unwilling or unable to pursue the kind of doctrinal change that is needed, especially on sexual issues. He does not seem to grasp the extent and the seriousness of a women’s movement worldwide.

The clergy abuse scandal, the author claims, was predictable fifty years ago when the aborted reforms of the Second Vatican Council left all power with the clergy while the support and protections of individual clergymen disappeared. Today the only way to end clericalism is to eliminate a clerical class. Priesthood is not tied to a clergy/lay division which runs counter to the church’s original vision of itself as a community of communities. Pope Francis has called a meeting of the leading bishops in the world to discuss the clergy scandal. Bishops talking only to other bishops are not likely to grasp the extent of the problem or know what to do about it.

The chapter on abortion offers a different argument beyond the useless opposition of pro-life vs. pro-choice. The author claims to be the traditionalist in following Augustine, Thomas Aquinas and the long history of the church’s teaching that early abortions are not homicide. The bishops in the 1970s, after nearly all church members rejected the official teaching on contraception, decided to take an absolute stand on abortion. They ceased talking about when a person comes into existence and started talking about “life.” Their stand is in opposition to most of the church’s tradition. The refusal to enter into any dialogue has been a self-defeating strategy. If the aim is to reduce the number of abortions the one policy that has proven to be effective is an easy access to contraceptives.

Author Gabriel Moran says that his aim in this book, as in previous books, is to open a better conversation on disputed topics. How a question is formulated determines the possible answers to the question. The Roman Catholic Church is sharply divided which makes fruitful discussions and debates nearly impossible. Missed Opportunities is an earnest attempt to find a new path that is both consistent with the long tradition of the church while genuinely confronting today’s questions.

Book Vine Press
Book Vine Press
888 808 2959
email us here

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Metal Supermarkets Announces 'Metal My Way' Contest Winners

Metal My Way Winner

Metal Supermarkets, the world’s largest supplier of small-quantity metals, announced the five winners of the 2018 annual “Metal My Way” contest.

MISSISSAUGA, ON, CANADA, September 29, 2018 / — Metal Supermarkets, the world’s largest supplier of small-quantity metals, announced the five winners of the 2018 annual "Metal My Way" contest. The online contest showcases creative and innovative metal projects from across the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom.

This year's Grand Prize winner is Damian Summerhayes from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada for his Fire Breathing Dragon. Damian's project impressed the contest judges with a high level of detail, originality, and the fact that the metal dragon breathes real fire! As the Grand Prize winner, Damian will receive a Weber Genesis II S-310 BBQ grill.

Built using round stock and sheet metal and minimal tools – just snips, a grinder and a welder – Damian completed the incredibly detailed creation in only a couple of weeks. He acquired the metal he needed to build his Fire Breathing Dragon from Metal Supermarkets Victoria, located at 2111 Keating Cross Road, Saanichton, British Columbia V8M 2A5.

In addition to the Grand Prize, 4 category prizes were awarded, with each winner receiving a Lincoln Electric 180 Amp Weld-Pak 180 HD Mig Wire Feed Welder. The category winners were:

• Automotive and Vehicle Project: Bob Eyler of Alvin, Texas who built a custom front-end loader using the chassis of an old lawnmower and building out the frame using a variety of metal types from Metal Supermarkets Houston (Southwest).
• Around the Home Project: Brian Gingras of Woburn, Massachusetts with a Smoker Trailer that features 2 smokers, a smoker grill combo, running hot and cold water, a two burner stove and plenty of stainless work surfaces. Brian acquired the metal for his project from Metal Supermarkets Boston (North).
• Industrial and Shop Project: Jacques Asselin-Kowalsky from Ayr, Ontario with an industrial heat exchanger for a food processing plant. Jacques used 306 Stainless Steel and other high pressure, high heat stainless steels, with processes including TIG welding, orbital welding with purging and acid treating welds.
• Art and Design Project: William Bush and John Miller from Amsterdam, New York for an intricately designed Library Door design. Created for the Carnegie Library, the door was made using 16 oz. copper sheet, brass and copper rods and was made entirely by hand.

"We were thrilled with the response to this year’s contest with a record number of projects submitted," said Stephen Schober, President and CEO of Metal Supermarkets, the title sponsor of Metal My Way. "We love to see all the incredible projects people are working on and think Metal My Way is a great platform to showcase their work. We're already thinking about how we can make next year’s contest even bigger."

The Metal My Way contest opened on July 9 and ran through August 31. People were encouraged to submit photos or video of their metal projects on and through Metal Supermarkets’ Facebook, Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #metalmyway.

This year's winning projects and the hundreds of other submissions can be seen on


About Metal Supermarkets:
Metal Supermarkets, known worldwide as The Convenience Stores for Metal, is the world’s largest small-quantity metal supplier with over 90 brick-and-mortar stores across the US, Canada and United Kingdom. We sell a wide variety of metals including Aluminum, Hot-Rolled Steel, Cold-Rolled Steel, Stainless Steel, Alloy Steel, Galvanized Steel, Tool Steel, Brass, Bronze and Copper. We offer value-added services such as Production Cutting, Shearing, Punching and more. Our staff are highly-specialized and will help you find the metal you need. We are metal experts and have been providing quality customer service and products since 1985.

Brendan Tiernay
Metal Supermarkets
email us here

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History Publishing Company Launches Patrick Andrews Novel

A riviting novel written in the James Jones tradition

Author in the early days

First of Five Novel Commitment Hits Cyberspace; readies for print takeoff

Claybourne Barracks is a work that examines the inner soldier and his place in the military culture. It is a perfect fit in the pantheon of great American military literature.”

— Donagh Bracken

PALISADES, NEW YORK, US, September 29, 2018 / — The writer many consider to write in the tradition of James Jones and Ernest Hemingway agreed to write five novels with military settings for History Publishing Company. The first, "Clayborne Barracks", a story set in a U.S. Army Barracks in Indiana in the early summer of 1894, is the first. In the classic Jones tradition, one soldier is up against the establishment in an early Twentieth Century Army.

A veteran of the U.S. Army’s 82nd Airborne Division, the author, like Hemingway, knows of what he writes and that knowledge brings life to his characters. When he creates, he creates so truly that when subsequent events occur they are natural consequences. Like Jones who followed Hemingway, Patrick Andrews following Jones, peers into both the soldier’s life and soul in both combat and stateside as he struggles with his inner self and his relationship to the world outside.

“History Publishing Company is honored to have Patrick Andrews bring his novels to our expanding historical fiction imprint,” said publisher Donagh Bracken, “'Claybourne Barracks' is a work that examines the inner soldier and his place in the military culture.It is a perfect fit in the pantheon of great American military literature.”

Patrick Andrews is a military novelist of long standing; many of his early works dealing with the U.S. Army’s early days in the American West. He was also contracted to write screenplays for the television production of "The Unit", a fictional series about a U.S. Army Special Forces unit.Having served in the Army’s 82nd Airborne Division he knew well of what he wrote.He brought that knowledge and feel to "Claybourne Barracks" which will be available worldwide through the electronic distribution services of Amazon, Barnes and Noble, KOBO, Overdrive, and six others. It will be released in print in November, 2018.

Don Bracken
History Publishing Company LLC
email us here

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Gov. Cuomo must remove convicted sex offenders from group homes

Governor Andrew Cuomo has ignored countless pleas by Civil Rights and Disability Rights Advocate Michael Carey to stop all illegal and unconstitutional practices and to finally protect our most vulnerable from preventable sexual assaults and rapes, but he has refused.

Now caught, Gov. Cuomo and his administration must stop the illegal placements and remove all sexual predators from group homes throughout New York State.

I could have stayed in that house for years and abused him every day without anybody even noticing at all. It was a predator's dream.”

— Stephen DeProspero – convicted sexual predator and pedophile

ALBANY, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, September 29, 2018 / — The Jonathan Carey Foundation is gradually rolling out the numbers of convicted sex offenders found in state and private facilities and group homes for people with disabilities. People in many different positions of authority and parents are outraged.

Here are some direct quotes published by the Gazette Editorial Board on September 26, 2018;

Editorial: No sex offenders in state group homes

Safety of developmentally disabled residents should come first

“No matter how carefully you monitor convicted sex offenders, and no matter how benign their behavior might be because of some developmental disability they might have, these convicted criminals should not be placed in intimate proximity to their potential victims.

Yet, they are, with the state’s full knowledge and blessing.

That practice needs to end.

The Jonathan Carey Foundation, named after a boy killed in a state-run residential facility in Niskayuna in 2007, used the state’s open records laws to discover that 12 group homes in the state have been housing nearly 40 paroled Level 2 and 3 sex offenders.

Level 3 sex offenders are considered at the highest risk to commit another sex crime and harm others, while Level 2 offenders are at moderate risk.

These sex offenders are being placed without notice in group homes along with other special needs people, according to state Sen. Rob Ortt, chairman of the Senate’s Mental Health And Developmental Disabilities Committee.

State officials say this has been a practice for years.”

“There’s no way a Level 2 or Level 3 sex predator should be around vulnerable individuals like these, no matter how much they’ve been vetted and how much treatment they receive.”

This news is from the Adirondack Daily Enterprise story on September 27, 2018;

Sex offenders in group homes for disabled isn’t new in Tupper Lake

“An analysis showing dozens of sex offenders being housed in state group homes has received news coverage from several print and television outlets, but this practice of housing sex offenders in group homes for the developmentally disabled and alongside the general community is old news in Tupper Lake.”

“Last week, the Albany Times Union, Glens Falls Post-Star and Channel 13 from Albany spoke with Michael Carey, an advocate for the developmentally disabled, who linked records of 25 registered sex offenders in Washington, Franklin, Suffolk and Saratoga counties with the addresses of OPWDD facilities in each county.”

“McMahon told the Enterprise for a past article. “As a former employee, I know that some of these people [in group homes] are very dangerous sex offenders.”

“There have been many incidents there where clients have attacked staff,” McMahon said. “There’s been incidents there where residents from Sunmount have actually grabbed a female employee and tried to drag into a bedroom.”

“In 2015 Thomas Perrault was found guilty of third-degree assault after he dragged a female staff member into his room and attacked her at Sunmount’s group home at 390 Hosley Ave.”

“Sunmount’s main facility is situated directly across the street from L.P. Quinn Elementary School and bordered by residential neighborhoods. It’s group homes are located in neighborhoods.”

Almost all sexual assaults and rapes reported to Governor Andrew Cuomo’s abuse hotline numbering in the thousands are purposefully never reported to local police. Rarely are sex crimes committed against the disabled in New York State ever criminally investigated or presented to county elected district attorney’s which is obstruction of justice. Within the New York State Office of People with Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD) alone approximately 1,300 sex abuse cases are reported annually, which are staggering numbers, yet approximately only 3% of these sexual assaults will ever be reported according to a reputable report called Prevalence of violence.

This Television piece puts the nails in the coffin of exposing this corruption;

“It is illegal to place convicted sex offenders and sexual predators in group homes to easily access and prey on our most vulnerable. Multiple State and federal laws are without question being violated. Moving convicted sex offenders into group homes with the developmentally disabled, which in most cases is no different than moving them in with children knowingly places our most vulnerable in a likely position of being sexually assaulted or raped.” – Michael Carey –Civil Rights and Disability Rights Advocate

Here is what a convicted sexual predator and pedophile said of New York State’s mental health care system, it is “a predators dream.”

"The lack of supervision there made it easy to do what I did," DeProspero said in a handwritten affidavit obtained by The Associated Press. "I could have stayed in that house for years and abused him every day without anybody even noticing at all. It was a predator's dream."

Numerous appeals have gone to Governor Andrew Cuomo or Attorney General Barbara Underwood by Michael Carey, U.S. representatives, New York State legislators, District Attorney’s and family members to immediately stop these crimes that directly endanger our most vulnerable. To date, both Governor Cuomo and Attorney General Underwood are looking the other way.

Your help is vitally needed to protect and defend those that cannot speak or defend themselves.
If you would like to help advocate and protect our most vulnerable and help fight to end this extreme corruption, please consider making a tax-deductible gift to the Jonathan Carey Foundation.

Michael Carey
(518) 852-9377
email us here

The incredible life of Jonathan Carey and the horrific abuses he suffered that must catapult major reforms to protect the disabled- Jonathan’s friends

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Hamilton York Estate Buyers Partners With National Family Law Trial Institute

Dealing directly with Hamilton York means a larger payout to you for your diamonds, jewelry, watches, coins art, exotic autos and other high value items.

Hamilton York Estate Buyers Partners With National Family Law Trial Institute to provide services with high value asset division.

We are honored to partner with Hamilton York Estate Buyers who deliver a secure, confidential, and immediate valuation and purchase of special, hard-to-value assets”

— Sherry Evans, Family Law Attorney

HOUSTON, TX, UNITED STATES, September 28, 2018 / — National Family Law Trial Institute Partners with Hamilton York Estate Buyers

Houston, TX – September 28, 2018 – As family law attorneys know, dividing significant assets during divorce can be quite difficult even in the most amenable situations. Specializing in such cases, Hamilton York Estate Buyers provide concrete solutions for estate and family law attorneys, trust officers, bankers and other professional fiduciaries. “We are honored to partner with Hamilton York Estate Buyers who deliver a secure, confidential, and immediate valuation and purchase of special, hard-to-value assets” says Sherry Evans, faculty member at National Family Law Trial Institute.

The Institute curriculum incorporates leading edge technology, analytical simulation, and extensive faculty expertise to develop litigation and advocacy skills for Family Law attorneys. The faculty of top family law litigators, jurists, and forensic experts from across the country, hold leadership positions in the American Bar Association, the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, the American College of Family Trial Lawyers, the International Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers as well as state and local bar associations.

Hamilton York Estate Buyers is a recognized worldwide buyer of large diamonds, estate jewelry, luxury watches, coin collections, exotic automobiles, fine art and other high-value estate items. Hamilton York attends and sponsors professional conferences including the AAML, NAEPC, ACTEC, WealthCounsel, ABA Bankers and ABA Lawyers.

About Hamilton York Estate Buyers:

Hamilton York Estate Buyers has offices in the diamond districts in Los Angeles, and New York along with a Midwest office in Southern Indiana. They have affiliate offices across the world including Tel Aviv, Antwerp and Hong Kong and are members of the International Watch and Jewelry Guild. Working with Hamilton York Estate Diamond Buyers ensures satisfaction. They provide clients with the accurate, quality information needed when considering to sell diamonds, estate jewelry, luxury watches, exotic automobiles, coin collections and fine art.

About the National Family Law Trial Institute:

The National Family Law Trial Institute in Houston, Texas combines sophisticated fact patterns and state of the art technology with its time-tested learn by repetition teaching format to instill in the attendees the litigation skills and techniques that will sharpen their advocacy skills and enhance their family law litigation practice.

Students of the National Family Law Trial Institute in Houston benefit from the extensive trial experience, scholarship and teaching excellence of the faculty in a unique setting that adapts the successful techniques developed by the National Institute of Trial Advocacy to the unique characteristics of family law litigation. Registration for 2019 classes are open.

For more information contact:

Brett Krauskopf
Hamilton York Estate Buyers

Richard Harmer
Harmer Wunstel, LLC.

Richard Harmer
Harmer Wunstel, LLC.
email us here
Visit us on social media:


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The Development of the Framing Industry in New York City

NEW YORK, NY, USA, September 28, 2018 / — 567 Framing is one of the leading providers of premium quality art framing, printing and design services and has continued to grow over the years to become one of the most sought-after local framing boutiques in New York City. The story of the framing industry in New York City and how the industry has developed in recent times will be incomplete without mentioning 567 Framing as it has grown from a relatively humble beginning to owning several offices in different locations in NYC including West Village and Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

The company‘s excellent service delivery that includes a same-day-delivery offer, quality craftsmanship to provide the best possible custom framing, and detailed have helped 567 Framing grow in popularity over the years. The reviews and accolades from clients from all walks of life have attracted top brands and celebrities to the company with the likes of Nike, NBC, NYC Mayor’s Office, Lady Gaga, and Beyoncé associating with 567 Framing at one point or the other. Other brands that have been lucky to have 567 Framing serve them over the years are UNICEF, CBS, Time Warner Cable, Allen & Company amongst others.

567 Framing has contributed immensely to the development of the industry in NYC and surrounding areas, offering innovative and effective solutions to several NYC challenges in the framing industry, faced by businesses and individuals.

With a wide range of services and products including quality frames on offer, 567 Framing ensures that clients get the best size for a photo to a frame without requiring them to break the bank. This unique combination of affordability and quality service delivery has helped to increase the brand’s popularity and acceptance in and around New York City.

“I have a great experience with the service of 567 framing. I googled all the framing stores in NYC and got this place. I went to their Manhattan store and the owner was very patient to ask all the details of my picture and my requirements. I got a wood frame at last at a very reasonable price. It matches my apartment style very much. Highly recommend this place,” says Jessica J from Jersey City, NJ.

In addition to having a plethora of different materials that range from the most traditional wood to the more modern and renovated styles of metal and plastic and the best framing hammer, 567 Framing also offers a wide variety of services such as custom framing, art printing, canvas, and mounting.
More information about 567 Framing and the services offered can be found on their website. 567 Framing is also available across several social media platforms including Facebook and Instagram.

About 567 Framing
567 Framing is an art framing boutique founded in 2007 in the East Village. The company majorly offers custom framing, large format Giclee printing, face mounting, and canvas printing & stretching services with a professional designing team that includes highly educated artists and designers, with extensive knowledge of fine art, crafts, and materials.

Media Contact
567 Framing
145 W 14th Street (Between 6th and 7th Ave)
New York, NY 10011

Diana Zhu
Hummingbird Marketing Agency
email us here

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Fran Briggs Releases the Best of Autumn Reading 2018, Volume I

American Journalist

American Journalist

Selections depict calming, jarring, terrifying, humorous, and inspiring story lines

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, September 28, 2018 / — With the emergence of autumn comes fall reading. American Journalist, Fran Briggs recently released The Best of Autumn Reading 2018, Volume I. The annual list is organized by title, publisher, author, a short synopsis of the book, and a link for additional information and purchase.

The annual promotion helps enthusiastic readers make quality decisions as it pertains to their reading selections. While there is no standard formula for identifying the absolute best books, Fran Briggs says she has identified titles that entertain and distinguish themselves from the masses. The journalist is committed to advancing literary selections each season.

“The authors have mastered the art of making the literary abstract, tangible. Genres include sci-fi, romance, spiritual, humor, children’s, fiction, and inspirational,” explained Briggs. “Readers can expect to enjoy each of the ten, recommended titles. The numerical order of the list does not coincide with the ranking."

1. "Heart of Crystal: Book One: Trust Me" (Indie) by Obelia Akanke
Crystal knows she needs to move forward to to heal, but the answer she wants to know is who she can trust. (Amazon)

2. "Living with Jezebel: An In-Depth Look at the Queen of Narcissism, Her Tactics, and Three Generations of Destruction” (Indie) by Miko Marsh (Amazon)

3. "Secret Places Revealed” (Thy Word Publishing) by Paulette Harper He wasn't looking for love. She was running from the pain.One encounter changed it all. (Amazon)

4. "Enduring Love, E Love Series Book 1" (CreateSpace) by Danyelle Scroggins
Enduring Love details a couple moving beyond their plan, into a deeper revelation of the power love has to endure all things. (Amazon)

5. "To Dance in the Glen: The Glen Highland Romance” (KDP) by Michelle Deerwester-Dalrymple (Amazon)

6. "What is Man? Adam, alien or ape?" (Elm Hill/Thomas Nelson) by Edgar Harold Andrews, Emeritus Professor and Physicist, United Kingdom A serious but entertaining exploration of human identity and our place in the universe.

7. "At Night She Cried" (Shavonne L. Jackson) by Shavonne L. Jackson Using poetry, the author depicts her roller coaster life around love, hurt, joys & pain

8. "Why Can't I Lose Weight?” (ADS) by Susan J. Campbell
A Real Solution to Weight Loss (Amazon)

9. "How to Remove ALL Negative Items from Your Credit Report" (CreateSpace) by Riki Roash Do it yourself guide for dramatically increasing your credit rating.

10. "Top 25 Vacation Spots In the United States" (CreateSpace) by Theresa Bradshaw Pack your clothes, grab your camera and tighten your seatbelt–you are going on vacation!

Fran Briggs is an award-winning publicist. She oversees a full-service brand development, publicity firm which serves growth-oriented individuals and organizations. An energetic, innovative entrepreneur and founder of several successful companies, Fran has caught the attention of radio and television producers; as well as publishers and editors of national and international media outlets. As a publicist, her clients have appeared on NPR (radio), National Television including: FOX, ABC, NBC, CBS, Daystar Television, CNN and Oprah.

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Fun High Purpose Club Launches to Help Our Moms Work and to Reward Exclusive Parties in LA, NY, and Vegas

Join the Club for People Who Love to Make a Difference and Party for Good

Join the Club for People Who Love to Make a Difference and Party for Good

Participate to Make Mom Proud....and Party in Vegas for Good

Participate to Make Mom Proud….and Party in Vegas for Good

Get a Kickass Tech Job & Party for Good

Get a Kickass Tech Job & Party for Good

Recruiting for Good, launches Club We Party for Good to reward people VIP Party Weekends for making referrals that help fund 'Our Moms Work' community service.

Join Today Help Moms and Never Pay for a Good Time Again!”

— Carlos Cymerman, Advocate Having Fun Fighting for Our Moms

SANTA MONICA, CA, UNITED STATES, September 28, 2018 / — Every year, Recruiting for Good is rewarding 100 exclusive LA, NY, and Vegas weekends to people who join 'We Party for Good' to make a difference and help the staffing agency support Mom cause. Club members enjoy luxury 2 nights stay at 5 Star hotels, and VIP concert tickets.

According to Recruiting for Good Founder, Carlos Cymerman, "Since 1998, I have been fortunate to get great referrals for candidates and clients. In 2017, I launched 'Our Moms Work' to make a difference, and have been funding it by making recruiting placements. I need your help raising more money for our moms' services. So, I am launching 'We Party for Good' a fun club for professionals who love to make a difference; simply make referrals to earn rewarding concerts in your favorite party city."

How to Join We Party for Good

Everyone is socially connected to people who hire professional staff at companies, or know professionals looking for work.

Simply make the introduction to either a company hiring or a great candidate looking for a job, when Recruiting for Good makes a successful connection; a portion of the finder's fee earned is donated to fund 'Our Moms Work.' And the person who successfully makes the referral, earns one VIP party weekend reward.

Carlos Cymerman, adds, "If you are in tech, and are looking for a Kickass job in engineering or IT, simply submit your resume directly to Carlos(at)RecruitingforGood(dot)com, complete your probation, and earn your party for good."


We Party for Good, is the only rewarding club for members who make a difference; enjoy exclusive fun weekend parties in L.A., New York, and Vegas. "Love to help moms and experience life differently, join the club." We Party for Good members enjoy personal service; and the best concerts tickets provided by First Choice Tickets, in business for 25 years.

Recruiting for Good, a socially progressive staffing company in Santa Monica, finding talented professionals kicka$$ jobs, since 1998. Companies retain us to find the best talent in Accounting/Finance, Engineering/IT, and Marketing/Sales professionals. We reward referrals with fun experiences. visit:

Our Moms Work is a Santa Monica based community service sponsored by Recruiting for Good; offering cost free personal career mentoring services. In 2019, coming out with funded services to offset the cost of running a business for mom entrepreneurs and business owners. Our fun mission…"When we love life…the party never ends."

Carlos Cymerman
Recruiting for Good
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