Infinite Beauty shares summer to fall skin care tips

Infinite Beauty

With cooler weather approaching for most, it's important to adjust skin care regimes accordingly, says Infinite Beauty.

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, November 6, 2018 / — As the summer season comes to a close and fall arrives ahead of colder winter weather, maintaining an appropriate beauty regime is vital to sustaining a healthy, glowing complexion and appearance, according to Infinite Beauty, as the brand shares six skin care tips for fall.

"It's time to shield your complexion from the dipping temperatures," says Eric Inbar, Infinite Beauty's vice president of operations, adding that as the seasons change, an adjustment in skin care practices is a must.

First, the brand points toward cleanser, highlighting that fall and winter generally call for a more mellow option. Summer cleaners can be harsh, according to Infinite Beauty, suggesting that a switch to a more hydrating option is wise as winter approaches.

Next, toner. "The same rules apply to your toner," reveals Inbar. Reach for something more balancing, says the brand, being sure to avoid toners which are alcohol-based, as these can be unnecessarily drying to the skin during fall and winter.

Third, according to Infinite Beauty, is to address moisturizer choices.

Summer moisturizers are typically lightweight as not to clog pores. During the fall, however, as skin must adapt to colder, windier weather, a switch in moisturizers is vital according to Inbar. "Furthermore," he adds, "the artificial heat which we all rely upon in colder months can be dehydrating, which without proper moisturization can leave skin feeling dry and flaky, and which contributes to fine lines and wrinkles."

The fourth thing to address, says the brand, is exfoliation. Recommended year-round, it's important to maintain an exfoliation routine during fall and winter, helping to curtail the appearance of dark spots and keeping skin tone polished.

"Rain, wind, and fluctuating temperatures can dull the skin," adds the company's vice president of operations, "so pay particular attention to when your skin needs reviving."

Moisture-rich masks are another of Infinite Beauty's fall recommendations, helping the skin to transition into the cooler, drier air of winter. Weekly moisture-rich masks, says the brand, are advised.

"Lastly, continue to hydrate your skin," says Inbar. "Regular moisturizing and masks, as already mentioned, are key, but remembering to stay hydrated by drinking adequate fresh water is vital for healthy, glowing skin, even with the warmer summer months behind us, so remember to stay topped up," he adds in closing.

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