Plasma Pen Pro (PPP) begin USA Tour Training Beauticians in Skin Tightening Treatments Using the Plamere Plasma Pen

2019 Plamere Plasma Pen Pro Training and Certification Tour

2019 Plamere Plasma Pen Pro Training and Certification Tour

Plamere Plasma Fibroblast Eyelid Lift Treatment by Plasma Pen Pro (PPP)

Plamere Plasma Fibroblast Eyelid Lift Treatment by Plasma Pen Pro (PPP)

Plasma Pen Pro (PPP) Eyelid and Eyebrow Lift Before and After

Plasma Pen Pro (PPP) Eyelid and Eyebrow Lift

Plamsa Pen Pro (PPP) begins their 2019 USA Plamere Plasma Fibroblast Training and Certification Tour Starting in New York, NY.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, November 7, 2018 / — The idea of getting a safe, non-surgical, beauty treatment done that can visually help someone appear significantly younger or remove skin marks, tags, or blemishes is quite appealing to a great many people, for obvious reasons. Especially when the technology is new to the beauty industry and being talked about passionately by those who have received the treatments. In exciting news, global leaders in Plasma Fibroblast Pen training Plasma Pen Pro (PPP), have celebrated their success in offering training and certification classes that are both easy to learn and affordable. Students have responded with passion.

“If you plan on learning how to give safe and effective plasma pen treatments my advice is to come and be trained by the leaders in the field,” commented Rose Cruz, from Plasma Pen Pro. “We will make sure you learn everything you need to pass our certification and be ready to have an extra stream of income accepting clients. Now is the best time to get a foot in the door, while there is such demand and not a huge number of certified technicians.”

Cruz and Plasma Pen Pro point to the many benefits that the treatments generally deliver. Some of the most often discussed, and praised, include being the newest skin treatment in the beauty industry – an industry, where “new” is near assured to attract great attention; there's no scalpel or surgical cutting of the skin; there's no bleeding or bruising from receiving the treatments; it's completely non-invasive; and, best of all, the people who have received Plasma Fibroblast treatments are often its best free marketing agents, since they tend to tell their friends and loves ones who effective it can be.

Rose Cruz, and company, have now posted the dates for their first leg of their USA Plamere Plasma Fibroblast Training tour starting in New York, NY, in January of 2019. “We are very excited to begin training estheticians, medical esthetician, beauticians, nurses and doctors in the art and science of Plasma Fibroblast treatments” says an enthusiastic and charming Rose Cruz, “we have been training for over a year now, and thanks to all the feedback from past students, we put together a great training program for future students”. Rose Cruz provides the Plamere Plasma Pen Pro, which is a safe and FDA approved device, as part of the training package that all students get when they sign up for the program. “We only use the best equipment, and Plamere Plasma Pen Pro is the number one selling and used device around the world.”

Rose Cruz and Plasma Pen Pro provide a very intensive two day course in Plasma Fibroblast treatments. On the first day, it is all theory and practice on each other and on a variety of different samples so that students get used to handling the Plamere Plasma Pen, and learn all of its functions. Day two of the program consists of working on live models. “You can only truly learn this treatment by a) having the treatment done on yourself, and b) doing it on others”, says Rose Cruz, “I’ve zapped tons of skin tags, moles, pigmentation and worked around my own eyes and mouth using this pen, and I’ve also worked on hundreds of clients. Getting to know the different skin types, skin tones, skin thickness really makes a difference. You will only become an expert in the Plasma Fibroblast industry, once you actually work on a variety of skin types.”

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Plamere Fibroblast Eyelid Lift Procedure by Plasma Pen Pro

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