NFL KNEELING: A LONG-TERM SOLUTION Worth Considering — Even When NFL Protests Are No Longer Making Headlines

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Pro History 360: Solution designed to address what the NFL players have been protesting

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Pro History 360 — NFL players who have read the proposal love it!!!

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Pro History 360 — A Grand Vision for America

A powerful community-wide SOLUTION to a seemingly intractable issue…that connects the ups & downs of American history to the more hopeful future we all desire

This comprehensive, ever-expanding project is a gateway to the solution…designed to address the needs of the NFL players, the NFL team owners, the advertisers, the fans and community leaders.”

— Joel A. Freeman, Ph.D.

NEW YORK, NY, US, December 4, 2018 / — For every protest there is a SOLUTION. And Dr. Joel Freeman has designed a solution to address the concerns of the NFL players, team owners, advertisers and the fans.

Imagine students (K-12) within a 30-mile radius of every NFL arena being positively impacted EVERY YEAR by Pro History 360 – along with the involvement of local police and NFL players.

A GRAND VISION FOR AMERICA.. Comprehensive. Long-Term. Sustainable. Ever-Expanding. Transformational. Hopeful. Educational. Solutional.

ACTION: Contact Dr. Freeman and ask for a copy of his proposal for the NFL. He is wide open to talk once you have read his 15-page proposal (available upon request).

Well over 150 years ago Frederick Douglass stated: “Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will….If there is no struggle, there is no progress.”

For the last four centuries our country has struggled with powerful issues surrounding race relations. And now those issues have spilled over into our NFL stadiums.

Joel Freeman served for 20 seasons in player development as the mentor/chaplain for the NBA Washington Bullets (now the Wizards). He also owns a comprehensive Black History collection.

As a result of talking with many people on all sides of the issues, Joel Freeman has developed a comprehensive proposal for addressing the peaceful protest many NFL players have expressed by kneeling during the National Anthem.

So, what is Pro History 360? —

It’s a sustainable, long-term, ever-expanding and transformational project that provides a 360 degree perspective on race relations in America — through the gateway of culture, history and meaningful conversations.

Think of Dr. Freeman's proposed solution as a GATEWAY to more problem-solving layers — even when kneeling in the NFL no longer seems to be grabbing the headlines. A solution worth considering.

ACTION: If you are an NFL player (current or retired), if you own or work for an NFL team franchise, or someone who is interested in this issue…contact Dr. Freeman today at 410-991-9718.

Upon your request, Joel will email you a free comprehensive solution that provides a common-sense, well-designed, sustainable and ever-expanding pathway for the NFL owners & players to lead in this important issue.


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NFL KNEELING: A Solution Worth Considering — Pro History 360

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