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Hospital GPS Smartphone App - Connexient

Hospital GPS Smartphone App – Connexient

Lawrence "LG" Greaves, CEO of OPKIX

Lawrence “LG” Greaves, CEO of OPKIX

Greg Shepard - Angel Investor/VC

Greg Shepard – Angel Investor/VC

A whirlwind tour of Fotis Georgiadis' work, interviews and interests.

The best moments in life are unplanned. We designed a camera to capture them – OPKIX ONE”


GREENWICH, CT, USA, February 28, 2019 / — Fotis Georgiadis, owner of the blog by his namesake, is a branding and image consultant with a robust background and is a visionary interviewer.

Technology is shaping the future in ways that we didn't expect, even a few short years ago. With the advent of 5G, ubiquitous Wi-Fi, realistic virtual reality, artificial intelligence and more, the technological landscape has changed dramatically. Fotis Georgiadis has jumped on the high speed train to the future and interviewed a number of company representatives on the “Bleeding Edge” of technology. Thereby bringing this view of the future to the masses.

One such company recently interviewed by Fotis Georgiadis is Connexient. CEO Mark Green took some time to discuss 'indoor GPS' technologies. The interview is not just about the specific technology but brings out the person being interviewed. Hospitals are one area where indoor GPS systems can really help patients, doctors and visitors. Gone are the days of trying to find the name and location of a doctor or specific wing of a hospital by looking at the sign on the wall and trying to figure out where 'I am here' really is. Grab your smartphone, input your destination and the software will find the best route. As a result, people will no longer miss appointments because they can't find the correct office, thereby increasing efficiency and reducing costs.

“Was there a “tipping point” that led you to this breakthrough? Can you tell us that story?”

“The tipping point that led us to MediNav was realizing that people would come to expect the same type of mapping and navigation experience indoors, as they get outdoors. Using Google Maps or Waze while driving has become a way of life.”

This technology can be used for stadiums, race tracks, office complexes, cruise ships and more. Coming to an app store near you! Read all about Mark Green and Connexient here:

Using a smartphone to capture life's moments can be fantastic but also challenging. Fotis Georgiadis took Lawrence “LG” Greaves, CEO of OPKIX, to the mat for some 1 on 1 discussions. Not only is OPKIX making “the world’s smallest, smartest, wearable cameras and video editing app”, they are also “looking to leverage the next phase of artificial intelligence to enhance the user experience of photo and video sharing” explained Lawrence “LG” Greaves, CEO of OPKIX. By interviewing the OPKIX CEO, Fotis Georgiadis is helping solidify their brand recognition, thereby increasing the reach of this new technology to a wider audience.

“All credit for the initial concept goes to my business partner, Shahin Armirpour. Shahin is an avid snowboarder. While snowboarding during 2016 in ultra low temperatures, his wearable camera not only died in the cold, but took forever to transfer video files…Not to mention, it wasn’t aesthetically designed, either.” commented Lawrence “LG” Greaves when asked about the tipping point that led to this wearable camera breakthrough.

Delve deeper into OPKIX and Lawrence “LG” Greaves by visiting

Fotis Georgiadis helps develop branding and awareness of both companies and individuals. A recent interview of Greg Shepard, a private angel investor/venture capitalist, not only furthered Greg's name/brand, but also brought to the forefront one of his current brand projects “a transit company looking to change the way people use public transportation. Subway, bus and metro rail riders across the country, both within big cities and in the surrounding areas, will attest to the frustrating inefficiency of the transit system.” Greg Shepard went on to explain how this company is changing the old magnetic strip technology to a chip that provides real time data to a cloud based system. As a result of better scheduling, location data, commuter congestion at a location and more, riders no longer are in the dark as to when the next bus or train will arrive.

“Things I Wish Someone Told Me Before I Started” – Greg Shepard

– Seek out mentors that fill your gaps
– Always take the high road
– Stay humble
– Surround yourself with honest people who carry similar values as you

Read the full interview over here:

We can see by the above examples that Fotis Georgiadis is generating brand awareness for these companies and individuals in a more extensive way. The interviews serve as a mini biography of the individuals. Where they came from, how the project they are working on came about, what they see coming down the road. All of this information helps strengthen the 'imprint' of a brand across the web. In this digital age, there is no perfect way of getting word out about a company, a product or an individual. It becomes a combination of multiple avenues including, but not limited to, press releases, blog posts, social media, written/audio/video interviews and more, something Fotis Georgiadis specializes in. Head on over to his website for more articles and information.

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