The Future is Now: Fotis Georgiadis Reaches Ahead and Brings the Future in to Focus

A look at author and entrepreneur Fotis Georgiadis' recent virtual reality technology interviews

GREENWICH, CT, USA, February 26, 2019 / — Fotis Georgiadis, owner of the blog by his namesake, brings future technologies to light via articles about, and interviews with, emerging technological thinkers.

Demand for new technologies to propel us to new heights continues to grow and Fotis Georgiadis has brought two such technologies to light. Fotis Georgiadis recently interviewed Julien Gueuning and Christophe Branchu, the co-founders of JU&KE, as well as Steven Zhao, CEO of Sandbox VR, two technologies that have seen incredible growth in the past few years.

JU&KE interview

Sandbox VR interview

Being a serial entrepreneur has seen Fotis Georgiadis search for the cutting edge of technology, landing him on JU&KE and their Obsidian 3D VR product A leap forward in virtual reality quality and usefulness, the Obsidian 3D VR product brings real-time clear VR to the masses. No more fish-eye views and headache filled sessions, Obsidian 3D VR paves the way for the next major leap in VR. One can see why Fotis Georgiadis' interest has been peaked after reading the interview.

Anyone who has seen Star Trek's Holodeck, while science fiction, knows the technology isn't that far off. Fotis Georgiadis is one such individual, looking to see science fiction turned into science fact, he combs the 'bleeding edge technological breakthroughs' for the next big leap forward. Enter his interview with Steven Zhao, CEO of Sandbox VR, a company looking to bring the Holodeck to life.

Looking at these two technologies, one can see how they are both on a converging course and why Fotis Georgiadis is so interested in learning more about them. These technologies will catapult the industry, not just gaming and movies, but medical, science, exploration and more. Imagine no longer needing virtual reality glasses but actual real-time immersion. Follow @FotisGeorgiadi3 on Twitter, and his blog, for more insightful discussions and corporate interviews.

About Fotis Georgiadis
Fotis Georgiadis is the founder of DigitalDayLab. Fotis Georgiadis is a serial entrepreneur with offices in both Malibu and New York City. He has expertise in marketing, branding and mergers & acquisitions. Fotis Georgiadis is also an accomplished VC who has successfully concluded five exits. Fotis Georgiadis is also a contributor to Authority Magazine, Thrive Global & several others


Fotis Georgiadis
Twitter: @FotisGeorgiadi3

Fotis Georgiadis
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+1 203-983-1234
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Exhibit runs from March 3 – September 1, 2019, with media preview on Thursday, February 28, 2019.

LONG BEACH, CALIFORNIA, USA, February 26, 2019 / —

– Curated by Gabriela Martinez, MOLAA Curator of Education, with Rogelio Gutierrez, Associate Professor of Art at Arizona State University, Gráfica América celebrates the collaborative spirit of printmaking through historical prints and publications as well as contemporary and experimental works made by Latin American and Latinx printmakers in print shops, publishing house and artist collective studios.

The exhibition features works by approximately 100 artists and master printers from across the United States, Mexico, Central America, South America and the Caribbean including Pepe Coronado, Sandra C. Fernández, Fernando De León, Miguel Ledezma, Poli Marichal, Lorena Padral, Coral Revueltas Valle and Humberto Saenz. Also represented are collective workshops including Taller de Gráfica Experimental which was established in Havana, Cuba in 1962 by Cuban artist Orlando Suárez and Chilean painter José Venturelli and Estampa Feminista from Buenos Aires, Argentina, Taller de Gráfica Popular, Mixografia, Centro de Arte de Puerto Rico, Self-Help Graphics and Art, Dignidad Rebelde and INKspira among many others.

Dr. Lourdes Ramos, President & CEO of MOLAA shares: “This wonderful exhibit exemplifies our mission of presenting global talent. This show will reveal historical artworks that make substantial cultural statements.”

These artists’ prints are rooted in the philosophy of communal and collaborative working. They practice in workshops and educational institutions where artists hone their visual voices, activists and communities come together to negotiate cultural expressions, and individuals of diverse backgrounds are given a platform through which to tell their stories.

Pepe Coronado runs a print studio in East Harlem, New York City and believes that “printmaking, by nature, is a collaborative medium. It’s a community-oriented art form.”

Poli Marichal, who has lived and worked in Barcelona, London, Boston and Los Angeles says: “My prints, paintings, films and mixed media works explore two predominant tendencies that sometimes coalesce and sometimes manifest themselves separately: my interest in expressing social, political and environmental concerns and a more introspective and primal desire to explore my personal visions.”

This exhibition accentuates the radical political role of printmaking in Latin America’s history and creates an environment through exhibition and workshops in which those ideas and skills can be shared with a new generation of artists and community organizers in Southern California.


About the Museum of Latin American Art (MOLAA)
The Museum of Latin American Art (MOLAA) was founded in 1996 in Long Beach, California and serves the greater Los Angeles area. MOLAA is the only museum in the United States dedicated to modern and contemporary Latin American and Latino art. In 2007, MOLAA unveiled its newly renovated and expanded campus designed by prominent Mexican architect, Manuel Rosen. The expansion more than doubled the Museum's size, adding a 15,000-square foot sculpture garden. With its physical expansion complete, MOLAA’s focus is on strengthening its collection, which now includes over 1,600 works of art and maintaining its position as a multidisciplinary institution providing cross-cultural dialogue.

For More Information: or 310-913-0625.

Mike Mena
Museum of Latin American Art
+1 310-913-0625
email us here
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Holabird's March 7-11 Wigwam Auction in Reno, Nevada will be a celebration of the Great Basin Native American heritage

Vivid original acrylic painting by Jerry Whitehead, titled We Are Close, a wonderful example of the artist’s unique style and focus on powwows and powwow dancers (est. $10,000-$12,000).

Stock certificate (in the amount of five shares) for the famous 1876 Centennial Expo (est. $800-$2,000).

Native American baby cradle made by Elmira Copeland, who lives on the Pyramid Lake Indian Reservation in Wadsworth, Nevada, 33 ½ inches long (est. $500-$1,000).

Vintage Navajo turquoise squash blossom necklace, 15 inches long, with all or most of the 68 pieces of turquoise coming from the Sleeping Beauty Mine (est. $1,200-$2,800).

Beautifully crafted Paiute beaded zig-zag basket by Betty Rogers of Schurz, Nevada (est. $300-$500).

The five-day event will be highlighted by the Moe and Mary Royels Great Basin Wigwam Collection, online and at Holabird’s spacious gallery in Reno.

RENO, NV, UNITED STATES, February 26, 2019 / — A five-day Wigwam Auction – a celebration of the country’s Great Basin Native American heritage, highlighted by the Moe and Mary Royels Great Basin Wigwam Collection – will be held Thursday to Monday, March 7th -11th, by Holabird Western Americana Collections, online and in Holabird’s spacious gallery located at 3555 Airway Drive (Suite #308) in Reno.

Start times all five days will be 8 am PST. A two-day office preview will be held March 5th and 6th, from 9-5 (or by appointment). For those unable to attend the sale in person, online bidding will be facilitated by and The items in the Royels’ collections reflect the rich history the state of Nevada enjoys in the unique place known as the Great Basin.

The Wigwam Collection is a fantastic array of Native American collectibles, art and artifacts. A number of items (mainly dresses) were made especially for Mary Royels, plus a few for Moe, by local Paiute friends. The collections include baby baskets, beaded baskets, art depicting early man in the Great Basin by William Moore, stone artifacts, moccasins and stone projectile points.

Two other important collections round out this large Native American offering: a wonderful collection of choice Native American art and a massive collection of vintage Native American postcards, so large it will be spread out over one or two more Holabird auctions (in May and possibly July). In all, the March 7-11 Wigwam Auction will comprise around 3,000 choice lots.

Day 1, on Thursday, March 7th, will feature rare vintage bottles (165 lots); saloon items (9 lots); cowboy collectibles (34 lots); firearms and weaponry (26 lots); gaming collectibles (10 lots); and numismatic items, to include books, checks, coins, dies, ephemera, medals, “so-called” dollars, tokens and more. Over 500 lots – a full auction by itself – will cross the auction block on Day 1.

Day 1 highlights will include a very rare Elko, Nevada Coca-Cola bottle from 1923 (est. $3,000-$3,500); a circa 1880s-1890s Coca-Cola Bottling Company (Santa Maria, Calif.) seltzer bottle, in superb condition (est. $500-$1,000); a blue circa 1890-1900 seltzer bottle from the Reno (Nev.) Brewing Company (est. $500-$1,000); a Montana Exposition Fund token from 1915 (est. $200-$400); and a 1907 Tercentennial of Jamestown (Va.) “so-called dollar” token (est. $300-$600).

Day 2, on Friday. March 8th, will be packed with 550 lots of Americana, to include advertising and apparel, art, books and directories, calendars, the entertainment industry, Gold Rush, postal history, military, political, military, Wells Fargo & Express, silverware, flatware, non-mining stock certificates, toys and World’s Fair. Also sold will be bargains, dealer specials and foreign.

Day 2 highlights will include two historic and valuable Reyes Family land grant plat maps for the first adobe houses in downtown Los Angeles, Calif., from 1888 (est. $4,000-$8,000); a 1773 porcelain French Napoleonic “love letter” box discovered in San Francisco in the 1970s (est. $5,000-$6,000); and a pair of men’s Western-themed gold-in-quartz cufflinks (est. $300-$500).

Other Day 2 feature lots will include an electromechanical early Western Union signal device, for connecting a place of business with a Western Union dispatch center (est. $250-$400); a Meiggs Wharf Company (San Francisco, Calif.) unissued stock certificate from 1874 (est. $300-$800); and a stock certificate (5 shares) for the famous 1876 Centennial Expo (est. $800-$2,000).

Day 3, Saturday, March 9th, will contain Part 1 of the Native Americana, to include artwork, apparel, gloves, moccasins, accessories, jewelry, trade beads, artifacts, pipes, dies and baby baskets – 522 lots in all. Also sold that day will be 52 lots of artwork, for a total of 604 lots.

Day 3 highlights will include a vivid original acrylic painting by Jerry Whitehead, titled We Are Close, a wonderful example of the artist’s unique style and his signature focus on powwows and powwow dancers (est. $10,000-$12,000); and a bronze statue of a Native American on horseback by Charles Humphriss, titled The Warrior (circa 1904), 16 ¼ inches tall (est. $6,500-$9,000).

Other Day 3 top lots will include a lithograph showing two Native Americans riding toward a large and colorful rainbow, titled Along the Rainbow Trail, by the noted artist Earl Bliss (est. $2,200-$3,200); the aforementioned print by William A. Moore, titled Paiute Heritage, signed and a fine expression of Native American art, framed (est. $1,000-$2,000); and a snow owl kachina in a glass case by Kachada Bakabi Wintereagle (Ariz.), dated 1979 (est. $500-$1,000).

Day 4, on Sunday, March 10th, will feature Part 2 of the Native Americana, to include pottery, baskets, dolls, books, photographs, postcards, rugs and weavings, ephemera and collectibles. Also offered will be transportation (244 lots) and railroadiana (184 lots) – 301 total Day 4 lots.

Day 4 highlights will include a large and historic Yokuts woven fish trap, found near the San Joaquin River (Nev.), circa 1920-21 (est. $2,000-$3,000); a beautifully crafted Paiute beaded zig-zag basket by Betty Rogers of Schurz, Nevada (est. $300-$500); an historic conical-shaped burden basket from the early 20th century (est. $2,000-$3,000); and a Railway Express Agency policeman’s badge, shaped as a six-pointed star and possibly a reproduction (est. $100-$250).

Day 5, on Monday, March 11th, will be dedicated to minerals (13 lots) and mining collectibles (578 lots). The mining portion will contain artifacts and assay, books, explosives, maps, mine lighting, signs, spoons, mining stocks, ephemera and collectibles – a dream day for collectors.

Day 5 top lots will include a Standard Signals mining sign, from the districts of Thunder Bay and Rainy River, 13 inches by 20 inches (est. $1,000-$2,000); a Coso Consolidated Mining Company (Calif.) stock certificate from 1937 for 20 shares (est. $1,000-$2,000); a letter sheet for “The Miners’ Ten Commandments”, an example of mining humor (est. $600-$1,200); and a very large silver ingot mold from the Comstock era in Virginia City, Nevada in the 1800s (est. $400-$600).

In addition to in-person and online bidding, telephone and absentee bids will also be accepted.

Color catalogs are available by calling 1-844-492-2766, or 775-851-1859. Also, anyone owning a collection that might fit into an upcoming Holabird Western Americana Collections auction is encouraged to get in touch. The firm travels extensively throughout the U.S., to see and pick up collections. Last year it visited Boston, Florida, Seattle and New York, among other destinations.

Holabird Western Americana is always seeking quality bottle, advertising, Americana and coin consignments for future auctions. To consign a single piece or a collection, you may call Fred Holabird at 775-851-1859 or 844-492-2766; or, you can e-mail him at To learn more about Holabird Western Americana's March 7th-11th auction, visit

# # # #

Fred Holabird
Holabird Western Americana Collections
+1 775-851-1859
email us here

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Turn Lukewarm Leads Into Hot Conversions with Carolin Soldo

Carolin Soldo Reviews

International coaching icon, Carolin Soldo, shares 3 easy steps to bring in more clients using a sales follow up process.

BUFFALO, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, February 26, 2019 / — When conducting sales calls in business, it’s very common for potential clients to express interest in a product or service at a future date. Sometimes, prospects aren’t’ ready to say yes. They need time to remove doubts, get finances in order, or have more free time. Without an effective follow up process, those warm leads can be lost or forgotten.

After more than ten years of experience in the coaching industry, Carolin Soldo recommends consistently pursuing warm leads to take pressure off marketing efforts. These prospects have already shown interest in your product or service, meaning you don’t need to constantly find new people. Carolin Soldo’s method also makes for an amazing customer experience because potential clients aren’t being pressured on the spot to make the purchase, and they come into the business when they’re ready.

“I personally went from trying to sell my customers on the spot to giving them a little bit more time as needed, “said Carolin Soldo. “Not only was I able to bring more leads and customers into my business, I was also able to build better relationships with my community, with my followers, and increase my brand loyalty as well.”

No matter the niche, implement the following three steps from Carolin Soldo to quickly build a sales follow up process.

1. Follow up Cadence

Carolin Soldo suggests a follow up at four and eight weeks, where you can offer a freebie and check-in on their current needs. Twelve weeks after the initial phone call, consider sending a brochure or letter with more information. At the sixteen week mark, reach out one final time in a simple call or text message. Carolin Soldo notes that the prospect can contact you now. At this point they might follow you on social media and can be added to a general email list.

2. Create a Tracking Mechanism

Track client information with their name, email, and check-in dates. You can use Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets to build an amazing spreadsheet that will help you stay organized throughout the entire process.

3. Reset Your Mind

Sales is a very energetic field of business where you decide how to convey your message. Replace nervous feelings with positive vibes and get excited about the opportunity. Carolin Soldo recommends preparing yourself to enter an amazing state of mind. Feel genuine curiosity about the new person on the other side of the email, phone call, or video. The potential client will be able to feel the passion and energy, which makes for an amazing follow up.

Carolin Soldo’s reviews speak wonders for her proven success in business. She has worked with thousands of clients from around the world, and has been featured on Forbes, Fast Company, and others. Carolin Soldo earned her Masters of Business Administration from the University of Buffalo and is now a happily married mother of two. You can view Carolin Soldo’s reviews on her website at:

Bryan Powers
Web Presence, LLC
+1 7863638515
email us here

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CEO Joseph Botkier Funnels Career Success into FXDD’s Intuitive Trading System

FXDD Trading

NEW YORK , NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, February 26, 2019 / — For over 15 years, the FXDD trading system has maintained a chief reputation for sophisticated technical infrastructure that’s both powerful and user-friendly. FXDD is able to offer these unique leverages because of the groundwork of Joseph Botkier whose decades-spanning career in international finance has propelled the company to new heights of success.

The skill and leadership of Joseph Botkier, CEO of FXDirectDealer (FXDD), empowers FXDD platform users in their individual ventures. Mr. Botkier poured his expertise into the FXDD trading system, ensuring all users benefit from his illustrious career and have an equal chance at success. And because of the groundwork he’s laid, along with his decades of industry insight, Joseph Botkier helps users trade in total confidence.

Among many distinctions in his career, Joseph Botkier was recognized as one of the youngest Bank Treasurers in New York City. Early on, he assumed responsibility for Futures and Foreign Currency Dealing at Credito Italiano and was responsible for posting profits each year from 1976 to 1985. His reputation grew and he eventually joined Bank Cariplo of NYC, assuming the role of both First Vice President and Deputy General Manager. Among other lofty responsibilities, he was charged with establishing New York Treasury operations where he traded currencies, derivatives, and money market instruments.

Joseph Botkier later went on to develop advanced skills in banking and trade by serving as Executive Vice President and Deputy General Manager of Bank Brussels Lambert, New York. There, he experimented in international markets and furthered his understanding of global trade (which would later be translated into online tools and market data for FXDD users). He continued earning more respected positions and gained wide acclaim as a consultant to leading financial institutions in Central and Eastern Europe.

After decades of dedicated work in banking and trade, Mr. Botkier funneled his success into a state-of-the-art trading platform that thousands of users could benefit from. Thanks to his contributions, FXDD users have a range of tools and trading acumen at their disposal to maximize their return on investment.

A Knowledgeable and Dedicated Customer Service Team

The customer service team supporting the FXDD platform echoes Joseph Botkier’s passion and dedication for trading and work diligently to assist users wherever possible. FXDD users can troubleshoot technical issues or ask questions on market data conveniently within the platform.

Data Analysis and Industry Insight

FXDD users are privileged to have access to global market insight prepared by top-rated analysts that allows them to stay ahead of shifts and trends in various markets. This industry insight (present in big data summaries and user-friendly graphs) gives users the savvy and know-how of Joseph Botkier’s career right from the platform.

Access to a Range of Markets

Because of the professional networks Mr. Botkier built up and his knowledge of many world markets, FXDD allows users to trade in foreign currencies, cryptocurrencies CFDs, energies, indices, stocks, metals and more.

In the FXDD platform, users have access to a range of global markets with a sizeable database of industry intel to back up their trading techniques. Thanks to his eminent career, Joseph Botkier has created the most sophisticated, resourceful, and user-friendly trading platform available in international trade.

Bryan Powers
Web Presence, LLC
+1 786-363-8515
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H.R. 1242 resilience plaque at New York's Brooklyn Bridge Park

A petition to request a plaque at Brooklyn Bridge Park in commemoration of 400th anniversary for first arrival of enslaved Africans in English colonies.

BROOKLYN, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, February 26, 2019 / — In celebration of this year's 400th Anniversary of the first arrival of twelve and odd enslaved Africans in the English colonies at Point Comfort, Virginia in 1619, New York-based H.R. 1242 Resilience Project, Inc. request to place a plaque embedded into a stone at the first steps of Don Victor Mooney when he reached the shores of New York's Brooklyn Bridge. Mooney's five thousand miles transatlantic solo row started from the coast of Africa and took twenty-one months with many challenges.

On arrival at Brooklyn Bridge, Don Victor Mooney was welcomed by Rev. Dr. Herbert Daughtry, House of the Lord Church, Queen Mother Dr. Delois Blakely, Anatolio Ndong Mba, Ambassador for Equatorial Guinea to the United Nations, and a waiting ambulance that took him to Brooklyn Methodist Hospital due to health concerns.

Brooklyn born Don Victor Mooney transatlantic row, endured ten years, five boats, four attempts, and three rescues at sea, a first for an African American. His mission was to encourage voluntary HIV testing and honor his African ancestors that died during the Middle Passage (a treacherous sea journey during the transatlantic slave trade) and worked on plantations in America's and the Caribbean.

H.R. 1242 bill calls for commemorations to mark the 400th anniversary of the first arrival of twelve and odd enslaved Africans in the English colonies at Point Comfort, Virginia in 1619, recognize the resilience of African Americans and their contributions to the United States.

Please sign this petition and share with others. See you at the Brooklyn Bridge in September 2019.

Lisa Jones
H.R. 1242 Resilience, Inc.
+1 347-333-1122
email us here
Visit us on social media:

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7 Mile Beach luxury villas Cayman Islands

7 Mile Beach luxury villas Cayman Islands

Luxury Villa Four Seasons Punta Mita Mexico

Luxury Villa Four Seasons Punta Mita Mexico

Atelier Villa Barbados

Atelier Villa Barbados

Casablanca Villa Sandy Lane Barbados

Casablanca Villa Sandy Lane Barbados

Maravilla Costa Rica

Maravilla Costa Rica

we are delighted with the rising awareness of the benefits of staying in a vacation rental”

— Alexandra Baradi

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, February 26, 2019 / — The growth in the vacation rental business is staggering. This year, the industry is predicted to be worth US$167.9 billion which is almost 70% growth since 2016. In 2016, the industry was worth US$100 billion. According to the VRMA, the US market experienced a 26% growth year on year, and the UK experienced a 48% growth. Millennials are a large part of the growth. This segment alone is predicted to spend 1.4 trillion on all travel by 2020.

So why is there such incredible growth in the vacation rental market? Luxury Villa Experts, Exceptional Villas who are one of the most trusted villa rental companies in the world believe it is for the following reasons:

• Staying in a vacation rental is more experiential. Apartments and villas have the same facilities as your own home with living rooms and full kitchens. Consequently, you get to live like a local, shop like a local, go to the local markets and interact with the locals. You get to have a much more rounded cultural experience when you stay in a vacation rental rather than being cocooned in a hotel room.

• Vacation rentals are better valued. When you compare a five-star hotel with a 5-star villa or like with like, vacation rentals are generally considerably less expensive than their hotel equivalent.

• Vacation rentals are ideal for families and larger groups. You get a lot more space, and the whole group get to share the experience. There is a much greater sense of togetherness with villas or condos. Vacation rentals and home are on average 2,000 square feet with some as large as 15,000 square feet. Hotel rooms are generally about 300 to 400 square feet.

• When you stay in a home or vacation rental, you can save a lot of money by having some meals, snacks and drinks and home. The biggest expense of going on holiday is paying for three meals a day plus all the drinks and snacks. You can still go out and experience all the wonderful restaurants in a destination, but you can also save a lot on the in-between costs.

• You get much more privacy.

• Your time is your own when you stay in your own home. You don’t have to work with the hotel's schedule for meal times and housekeeping times.

• In a vacation rental, there is no need to worry about noise from noisy neighbours in the next-door room or people coming home drunk at 3 in the morning.

• Many of the good vacation rentals have facilities such as spas, chefs, housekeepers, fully equipped gymnasiums, cinema rooms and office facilities, so you don’t have to miss out on the luxury hotel facilities. Other vacation rentals have resort facilities such as for the luxury homes in Jumby Bay in Antigua and the beautiful condominiums in Saint Peters Bay in Barbados.

Owner and CEO of Exceptional Villas said, “we are delighted with the rising awareness of the benefits of staying in a vacation rental”. It is fast becoming the preferred choice of accommodation especially when it comes to stays of 5 nights or more.


Exceptional Villas is a luxury villa rental company featuring only the best hand-picked and personally inspected properties in the world. The company has clients from all over the world. Exceptional Villas have been in the travel business for over 25 years and offer a bespoke service to their clients. This service includes matching the perfect villa to each of their clients and providing a complimentary concierge service. This service includes organising all aspects of the client’s vacations such as VIP airport arrival, ground transportation, restaurant reservations, tours and excursions, water sports and pre-arrival stocking. Unlike some of their competitors, they do not provide a membership fee. Likewise, their villa experts are indeed experts. They visit every single villa and have a wealth of information regarding each villa, as well as each destination. Exceptional Villas take total pride in the customised service they offer. The company operates two other brands; Villas Barbados and Dream Ireland which are designated rental brands for Barbados and Ireland.

For more information visit or call + 353 64 66 41170 or toll-free from the US and Canada 1 800 245 5109 and UK 0845 528 4197

Alexandra Baradi
Exceptional Villas
+1 702-849-9849
email us here

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Whiteford Continues Expansion in Richmond with Addition of Corporate Attorney Shane Smith

Whiteford announced today that D. Shane Smith, a leading Richmond-based business, tax and estate planning attorney, has joined the firm as a partner.

RICHMOND, VIRGINIA, UNITED STATES, February 26, 2019 / — Whiteford Continues Expansion in Richmond with Addition of Corporate Attorney Shane Smith

February 26, 2019

Richmond – Whiteford Taylor & Preston announced today that D. Shane Smith, a leading Richmond-based business, tax and estate planning attorney, has joined the firm as a partner.

“We are pleased to welcome Shane to the firm,” said Managing Partner Martin Fletcher. “His experience in complex corporate transactions and taxation significantly enhances our ability to serve our business, individual and family clients.”

Mr. Smith has more than two decades of experience working with clients on mergers and acquisitions, tax planning, business transactions and estate planning. His clients include manufacturing, chemical, packaging, real estate development and financial advisory companies. He also has long working relationships with other Whiteford lawyers in Richmond, including Grant Grayson, John Selbach and Katja Hill.

“I am excited to join Whiteford,” said Mr. Smith. “The firm has a genuine commitment to client value and full service capabilities. It is an excellent platform for me to continue serving my clients.”

# # #
About Whiteford, Taylor & Preston LLP: With over 170 attorneys, Whiteford, Taylor & Preston provides a comprehensive range of sophisticated, cost-effective business law and litigation services to clients ranging from innovative start-ups to middle market companies to global enterprises. Its growing Mid-Atlantic footprint includes sixteen offices in Delaware, D.C., Kentucky, Maryland, Michigan, New York, Pennsylvania and Virginia.

Mindee Mosher
Whiteford Taylor & Preston LLP
+1 410-659-6437
email us here
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Haleakalā National Park Welcomes 2019 Artist In Residence Astrophotographer Stan Honda

HALEAKALā NATIONAL PARK, HAWAI'I, US, February 26, 2019 / — Haleakalā National Park and the National Parks Arts Foundation welcome acclaimed night and astro-photographer, Stan Honda, as the 2019 Artist in Residence. Stan Honda is a photojournalist who works with natural landscapes — usually night time panoramas — that fuse sky and earth. He will spend the month of March in the park, creating original work based on Haleakala's unique scenery, ecosystems and cultural resources. Honda will hold a public workshop on March 23, 2019 at 5:00 PM at the Headquarters Visitor Center in the Summit District of Haleakalā National Park (7,000 ft. elevation).

New York-based Honda has worked as a photojournalist for 34 years, most recently for Agence France-Presse (AFP). For 16 years at AFP he photographed news and sports around the U.S., including the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center, and post-war Iraq from 2003 – 2004.

“We are pleased to again partner with the National Parks Arts Foundation to bring such a talented artist to Haleakalā National Park,” said Superintendent Natalie Gates.

The March 23 event is free to the public (park entrance fee or pass required) and is sponsored in part with a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts. Pre-registration is required – call 808-572-4425 to register.
For updated information visit or phone (808) 572-4400.

NPS Contact: Nancy Stimson, 808-572-4450

John Cargill
National Parks Arts Foundation
email us here
+1 505 715-6492

Source: EIN Presswire Announces That It is Going Off the Air, Actually the Internet

Clergy Confessing His Sins in Vatican

Confession at the Vatican

Due to limited interest in statistical data about clergy sex abuse in the Catholic Church, is going off the air, actually the internet.

The Roman Catholic Church can no longer exert its moral authority because it is has become an institution controlled by men who are intrinsically immoral. We are watching its demise in real time.”

— G.R. Pafumi

SPRING VALLEY, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, February 26, 2019 / — Due to limited interest in statistical data about clergy sex abuse in the Catholic Church, has decided to terminate its website. It has been in operation for more than two years. The website is scheduled to close on March 19, 2019, when the licenses to the site expire. However, G.R. Pafumi, founder of, plans to maintain the two SACCADAS (Survivor Accounts of Catholic Clergy Abuse, Denial, Accountability and Silence) databases, one covering the victims and the other covering clergy offenders. Mr. Pafumi will continue monitoring clergy abuse and report its results on the VictimsSpeakDB blog.

Mr. Pafumi said, "While I enjoyed doing the research and posting its results on the VictimsSpeakDb website, I found little interest in the data. Legislators and victims' groups seem to be concentrating more on the personal aspects of abuse than a statistical analysis of it. I would think that legislators who are considering expanding the statute of limitation to report sex crimes against children would want to know how long it takes the average person to come forward and report a crime. This is not the case." will make its updated data available to those in need. He can reached at the VictimsSpeakDB blog website. A user only needs to post a comment to any blog and Mr. Pafumi will reply. It is necessary for the user to leave his name and email address in a comment if he or she expects a reply. Mr. Pafumi notes that all of the text, tables and graphs currently on the VictimsSpeakDb website are downloadable. Any user who need to download information off of the site, needs to do it before March 19, 2019.

Victims and others interested in a chronology and history of sex abuse in the Catholic Church can purchase any of Mr. Pafumi's four books about this subject on Through the end of February, all four books will be offered at a substantial discount:

• Inhumanity in the Name of Jesus: Volume I: Pain and Suffering, Aftermath of the Catholic Church's Belief in its Own Infallibility. Print Length: 515 pages. Publisher: VictimsSpeakDB Books, February 19, 2018.
Kindle Original List Price: $9.99. Promotion Price: $2.99. Discount: 70%.
• Inhumanity in the Name of Jesus: Volume II: Clergy Sex Abuse, The Indifference of the Last Six Popes. Print Length: 360 pages. Publisher: VictimsSpeakDB Books, May 1, 2018.
Kindle Original List Price: $9.99. Promotion Price: $2.99. Discount: 70%.
• Clergy Sex Abuse in the Catholic Church. Print Length: 615 pages. Publisher: VictimsSpeakDB Books, June 28, 2015.
Kindle Original List Price: $9.99. Promotion Price: $2.99. Discount: 70%.
• Bless Me Father, For You Have Sinned: Resident evil in a Catholic Church populated with sexual deviates, psychopaths, sadists and nonbelievers. Print Length: 458 pages. Publisher: VictimsSpeakDB Books, June 29, 2015.
Kindle Original List Price: $9.99. Promotion Price: $2.99. Discount: 70%.

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