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Free Resume Review Service from Prime-Resume is delighted to announce that all job seekers can now get an objective feedback and recommendations from the industry experts free of charge.

We offer a unique opportunity to check if one's resume needs some serious fixes or the problem lies elsewhere”

— Roy Maclaughlin, CEO

NEW YORK CITY, NY, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, March 13, 2019 / — Prime-Resume is a one of the leading resume writing services that has been helping thousands of those looking for new job opportunities. The company has now launched a free resume review service to help more people overcome their career challenges.

As opposed to the common trend of raising product prices in attempt to accommodate to increased operation costs, has decided to make a move in a different direction and launch a free resume review service. Since job seekers can rarely afford extra expenses, the company stretched out a helping hand to people who desperately need resume help in order to get a new job. It is a well-established fact that all job search efforts will bring nothing if one has a resume that is no different from generic templates found online. With this new service however, job seekers can finally come to grips with the jobs market reality and understand what’s wrong with their main application documents. Additionally, the company’s industry experts will provide personalized recommendations on how each resume can be improved, which can turn one’s boring resume into an effective value proposition for prospective employers. Considering the jobs market competition today, receiving a qualified assistance from industry experts and professional resume writers can make a difference in the careers of those seeking new opportunities.

“We realize that more and more people today are confused as they can’t understand why they get no feedback from prospective employers. While they assume the reason is quality of their resumes, they don’t know how to help the situation. That’s where we decided we should step in”, commented Prime-Resume’s CEO Roy Maclaughlin. “This is nothing new for us. We used to have a resume review feature before but it was a paid service. From now on it is completely free. This should help us complete our mission which is to help more and more job seekers overcome their career challenges. The truth of the matter is that if one doesn’t get any feedback from recruiters it doesn’t necessarily mean that his or her resume isn’t good enough. We offer a unique opportunity to check if one's resume needs some serious fixes or the problem lies elsewhere”.

Using this new resume review service is very simple. Those willing to order the service should send their resumes (through the website) mentioning the target jobs. From there industry experts along with resume professionals will compile a detailed analysis along with personalized recommendations on how to improve a particular resume. The company doesn’t generate the reports through software; it is always a team of experts working on each and every resume. Thus, job seekers can be assured to receive a free personalized guide on how to improve their chances on getting hired. It is important to note that this service doesn’t imply any editing though. In other words, if one orders a free resume review service, Prime-Resume will only send a detailed report that will outline major mistakes and how to rectify them. No editing will be made. Prime-Resume provides professional feedback and then one can choose either to order professional resume help or revamp the document themselves following the provided recommendations.

That said, every job seeker can now receive qualified help without paying anything. This can give job hunters an edge in the competitive environment of today’s jobs market. is willing to assist as many job seekers in overcoming their career challenges as they possibly can. Either through analyzing resumes, revamping them, or providing expert career advice via the website’s blog, the company will be happy to help people fix their career issues. Those who are interested can always contact Prime-Resume hotline at 888-302-2175. The company’s live support is available around-the-clock.

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