Lee Bressler considers the future of artificial intelligence and machine learning

Lee Bressler

NEW YORK , NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, March 14, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — New Yorker and equity fund portfolio manager Lee Bressler looks toward the next decade of advances within machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies.

Tech experts today agree that from autonomous drone technology to self-driving vehicles and voice-controlled smart homes, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and associated advances in both fields are set to dominate the tech sector during the next decade. An equity fund portfolio manager from New York City, Lee Bressler echoes these sentiments as he explains what could be in store over the course of the coming 10 years.

"As it stands today, we're still a long way from fully realizing the true potential of artificial intelligence and machine learning," suggests Lee Bressler, "but the progress we've seen in recent years is nothing short of incredible and really sets the tone for what's to come."

One of the most significant advantages of artificial intelligence and machine learning is the ability of the two technologies to solve problems and generate new, previously unthought-of ideas. "Within 10 years, it's highly likely that we'll see artificial intelligence, machine learning, and robotics seamlessly assimilated into all manner of business operations, massively impacting both efficiency and development processes," says Bressler.

Other benefits expected to be fully realized within the next decade include improvements to healthcare, the facilitation of improved sustainability to overcome various environmental issues, and blending of the lines between physical and digital worlds, according to the equity fund portfolio manager.

"From instantly assessing complex patient data, to tracking the movement of populations globally, to help with sustainability and reduce environmental impact, machine learning and artificial intelligence are also expected to begin successfully blurring the line between digital and physical during the same period," says Bressler.

"The wider utilization of location-focused technologies, for example, will likely see the physical and digital worlds blend together much more seamlessly," he suggests.

Throughout the next 10 years, says Bressler, artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies will change how people interact with their surroundings forever. "Autonomous drones, for example," he says, "will likely be flying around, interacting with us and taking care of our needs, from surveying land and delivering packages to attending to emergency calls."

Ultimately, Lee Bressler says that artificial intelligence and machine learning are destined to make both individuals and their businesses smarter during the next decade, as computational power grows, and the technologies themselves become more intelligent.

"Taken in the right direction," he adds, wrapping up, "I believe that artificial intelligence and machine learning will become inherent to society within 10 years, so it's vital that people begin to embrace and learn from the technologies and their countless potential applications sooner rather than later."

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