Barbados Beach

Barbados Beach

Luxury Vacation Rentals Barbados

Luxury Vacation Rentals Barbados

Luxury Beach Front Villa Barbados

Luxury Beach Front Villa Barbados

Luxury Villa Rentals Barbados

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Casablanca Villa Sandy Lane Barbados

Casablanca Villa Sandy Lane Barbados

Barbados the most popular country in the Caribbean according to Exceptional Villas

“demand for villas and vacation rentals for the beautiful tropical island of Barbados is one of the strongest in the Caribbean”

— Alexandra Baradi

NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, April 25, 2019 / — The Caribbean has always been very popular when it comes to seeking some much-needed Winter sun from the colder parts of the planet such as North American, Canada and Great Britain. While the British have decided not to travel as frequently this year as they eagerly await some decisions on Brexit, North American and Canadian travelers have more than made up for the shortfall according to leading global experts.

Owner and CEO of Exceptional Villas said, “demand for villas and vacation rentals for the beautiful tropical island of Barbados is one of the strongest in the Caribbean” In fact, Barbados is our most popular Caribbean Islands closely followed by Turks and Caicos, Antigua and St Barts.

Tourism to Barbados is a very central part of this tropical island’s economy. 12% of the country’s GDP can be attributed to the tourism industry. The tourism industry is reported to employ more than 14,000 people on the island. Barbados is one of the few countries in the Caribbean that experiences a year-round market. It is virtually out of the hurricane belt due to its location on the most easterly point of the Caribbean Islands. The last hurricane to make landfall on Barbados was over 40 years ago. While the high season which is between November and April is the most popular, tourist also come in the low season due to its excellent year-round climate. Consequently, hotels in the region report occupancy of over 65%.

Also, the West coast of the island has a large selection of luxury villas and vacation rentals. There are more than 1,000 properties available for rent that provide five-star facilities and standards. Many of the villas and homes have unsurpassed beachfront locations. Barbados is also very popular with the very wealthy, successful and famous. Many celebrities have chosen Barbados as their home or second home including Wayne Rooney and Cliff Richard and the late Cilla Black. Regular visitors to the island include Simon Cowell, Rihanna and Maria Carey. Click Here for More Information.

In total, Barbados welcomes over 1 million visitors each year, and these visitors are generating over 50% of the country’s foreign exchange. The average spend per client is also in the top in the Caribbean Region.

Barbados is also a top choice for Cruise ship visits. The Bridgetown cruise terminals are ranked number one in the Caribbean with several of the cruise lines using it as their home port.

Another reason for the surge in popularity for Barbados is due to the injection of investments in 2019. The island is reported to have received US$1 billion in tourism investment over the last 12 months generating an additional 2,300 rooms split between hotels and villas. This investment is also thought to generate in the region of 4,500 additional jobs on the island.

Of course, all of this would not be possible if the island was not naturally beautiful. Barbados is blessed with some of the world’s best beaches, most breathtaking scenery, wonderful shopping and incredible restaurants. Some of its beach and ocean front restaurants are amongst the best restaurants in the world. Little wonder this small island is set greatness.


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