What is a Timeshare? Everything You Need to Know and Top Tips From Bryan Nazor

Bryan Nazor

Bryan Nazor

Timeshare 101 With Advice From Title and Real Estate Closing Expert Bryan Nazor

CHESTNUT RIDGE, NEW YORK, USA, May 1, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — A timeshare may be something you’re vaguely familiar with, if relatives and friends have purchased one and are sometimes able to stay in Florida because of it. But what exactly is a timeshare, how do they work and do you even want one? Title and real estate closing expert Bryan Nazor has the scoop.

A time share, put simply, is a form of joint ownership of property where many owners share title and enjoy use or occupation of the property according to a fixed time period or schedule.

There are two types of timeshare contracts: shared deeded contracts and shared leased contracts. The former divides the ownership of the property between everyone in the contract. With a shared deeded contract, everyone involved divides up the amount of time they can spend on the property evenly, according to Bryan Nazor.

When it comes to a shared leased contract, people lease the use of the property, not the property itself, so a deed is not given. These have a set amount of time before the lease expires, whereas a shared deeded contract is yours alone to sell or give to others.

Divvying up the timeshare property between owners or leasers can be done in several ways, Bryan Nazor said. One option is to go to the property the same week of the year, every year. Another is a “floating week option” which allows you to choose a different period of time (within limits) each year. Some timeshares have a points system, and you can use your points to stay at other resorts in the same timeshare system, not just yours.

“It really depends on what you’re looking for— no one of these options is inherently better than another,” said Bryan Nazor. “Think about your lifestyle, family and preferences and find the best timeshare opportunity for you.”

Bryan Nazor serves as president and chief operating officer of Main Street Title and Settlement Services. He joined the firm in 2002. He also has extensive expertise in corporate financing and investing. He manages the day-to-day operation of the title and finance divisions of Main Street Title and Settlement Services and is involved in their residential and commercial closings.

“Main Street Title and Settlement Services is available to answer questions about timeshares and other title or settlement matters,” said Bryan Nazor. “We can help you with your timeshare decision and it’s always wise to seek professional advice before making a big investment decision.”

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Green Arc Energy Advisors Completes Brilliant LED Lighting Conversion at Manhattan’s Historic St. Bartholomew’s Church

St. Bart’s Park Avenue Fascade at Night

St. Bart’s Park Avenue Fascade at Night using RGB Color Scheme

St. Bart’s Interior Architecture

See how Green Arc Energy Advisors dramatically altered St. Bart’s interior and exterior lighting with high-performance, extremely efficient LED lighting.

We are particularly impressed by Green Arc’s thorough and consistent follow up after installation, ensuring all aspects of our lighting design project reach optimal performance.”

— Corey Durney, Director of Facilities

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, May 1, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Green Arc Energy Advisors recently completed the conversion of traditional lighting to LED lighting on the south-facing exterior façade of St. Bartholomew’s Church along 50th Street in midtown Manhattan. By converting all existing exterior metal halide floodlights to LED fixtures, St. Bart’s new LED lighting now beautifully accentuates the architectural details of the façade at night, while also providing enhanced safety around the perimeter. This completes a multi-phase retro-commissioning project to visually elevate St. Bart’s majestic architectural and design details with LED lighting.

St. Bart’s is a national historic landmark located at 325 Park Avenue. The parish was established in 1835, and the church on Park Ave was erected in 1918 and fully completed in 1930. One hundred years later, St. Bart’s has received an illumination makeover with high-performance, energy-efficient, long-lasting LED lighting. Initially, the conversion focused on the importance of bringing renewed life to the interior at night, including the view through the many stained-glass panels by passersby. The original interior tungsten halide fixtures were simply incapable of delivering sufficient lumens to be practical or aesthetically eye-catching. Perfectly positioned LED fixtures now provide vibrant luminosity that accentuate the interior, while profoundly enhancing the colors of the stained glass panels as a result of the great color-rendering attribute of LED lighting.

“Green Arc has done an incredible job providing wonderful, energy-efficient architectural lighting that not only enables us to truly appreciate the beauty of our landmarked church, but also drastically increases the versatility of our space,” said Corey Durney, Director of Facilities at St. Bart’s. “We are particularly impressed by Green Arc’s thorough and consistent follow up after installation, ensuring all aspects of our lighting design project reach optimal performance.”

Green Arc previously completed Phase 1 of the conversion project in October 2018 by replacing existing 250-watt exterior and 300-watt interior floodlights with new 300-watt RGB LED light fixtures. The existing 250-watt metal halide floodlight exterior fixtures, mounted on the exterior steel framework on the Park Avenue western-facing façade, exceeded their useful lifespan and were no longer operational, leaving the exterior in near darkness. The interior 300-watt tungsten halide units were theatrical wash fixtures that emitted only minimal useful light, the net result being suboptimal light levels on the walls, arches, high ceilings, the interior dome, and the many mosaics, carvings, and other adoring artistic details. With the new LED lighting, these areas have greater, more evenly distributed luminosity throughout.

“Visually absent within the structure were the extraordinary architectural highlights, such as unique gold-flake bonded brickwork within the ceiling of the nave and the gold leaf on the main dome. The new RGB floodlights are able to highlight these details beautifully, which for the most part had been obscured by darkness,” said Guy Albert de Chimay, Executive Vice President of Green Arc Energy Advisors. “Operationally, the church’s staff is able to customize the color palate, saturation, and brightness at any time to create a specific lighting aesthetic or celebrate special events and holidays”.

Additionally, the original 550-watt tungsten-based theatrical lighting fixtures around the altar provided negligible, uneven light that left details on and around the altar shrouded in varying degrees of blackness. These fixtures were replaced with RGBAW and variable-white LED lighting. “The installation of new 150- and 360-watt LED fixtures allows for complete saturation, which breathes new life around the sanctuary area of the altar and the apse with superb illumination,” said de Chimay.

No structural modifications were required to make any of the conversions. All new LED fixtures were mounted on existing points, hidden behind masonry hip walls. Phase 2, completed in December 2018, involved complete lighting conversion to the majority of the six-story Community House, which is set back unobtrusively alongside the church. LED fixtures throughout this facility were installed, including in the pre-K school, school offices and classrooms, meeting and communal spaces, locker rooms, and all the corridors and staircases.

Regarding the advantages that LED lighting offers versus traditional lighting, Mr. de Chimay conveyed, “As with all LED upgrades, the benefits extend well beyond better light distribution, color saturation, and initial usage reductions. In terms of direct wattage, new LED fixtures eliminate a large part of the passive heat gain associated with legacy lamps, which must be removed by a facility’s HVAC system. In most facilities, for every dollar saved at the plug, a dollar is saved in HVAC costs during the cooling season. LEDs also offer design flexibility in order to accommodate the configurations of any new or existing spaces.” All of the RGB and variable-white LED fixtures operate with a wireless, computer- and app-based DMX 512 channel control network, allowing for easy use. This means that all operational functions are reduced to simple push-button commands.

About Green Arc Energy Advisors
To date, Green Arc has converted nearly 3 million square feet of commercial, industrial, and academic space. Formed initially to address the sports lighting market (such as tennis courts, recreation and athletic centers, fabric-over-frame structures) with lightweight, non-glare LED lighting, Green Arc has helped revolutionize industry standards in terms of performance, efficiency, and cost savings. In addition to the sports lighting market, Green Arc also provides LED lighting solutions for multiple facility types, including office spaces, schools, restaurants, historic structures, manufacturing and warehouse buildings, parking lots and garages, theaters, auditoriums, and many more.

With reductions in direct wattage consumption and a substantial reduction of passive heat gain, Green Arc LED lighting solutions can reduce a facility’s energy usage by well over 80%. Green Arc products are available for sale independently or as turnkey installations. Utilizing its licensed electricians, Green Arc is able to deliver complete installations of its entire product line on a national basis. Green Arc Energy Advisors is a registered trademark.

Guy Albert de Chimay
Green Arc Energy Advisors LLC
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PowerFluence announces launch of Salesforce.com practice

Salesforce.com Services

Salesforce.com Services

We see a huge potential to help our clients build & improve their businesses, using Salesforce.com platform, by providing support from staffing efforts through to end-to-end program implementations”

— Peter Grambs, President PowerFluence

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, USA, May 1, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — PowerFluence LLC announced today that they have launched a Salesforce.com practice, to complement their already existing digital services offerings.

The new practice will cover the whole spectrum of Salesforce.com’s ecosystem including Sales Cloud, Services Cloud, Marketing Cloud and Lightning.

Founder and Chief Strategist Dileep Srinivasan said “We are thrilled to be launching this new service. Our senior team, including Chris Clegg and Peter Grambs, have previously launched two other Salesforce.com practices and brought them both to Platinum status with Salesforce, so we’re looking for great things with this new practice.”

The Salesforce.com practice will provide a full suite of services from initial business planning and strategy through design, implementation, and support services, in additional to providing staffing resources on an as needed basis.

“I’m really excited that we have our Salesforce practice up and running,” said Practice Head Chris Clegg. “Salesforce is the leading platform for customer engagement. We use it to help our clients connect with their customers for sales, service, and marketing. With the new Lightning Experience, it's faster, easier, and more effective than ever before. I’ve been working in the Salesforce ecosystem for over twenty years, and its probably the most exciting place to be in in terms of how much the platform has grown and how much it has to offer to its customers.”

PowerFluence is a registered Consulting Partner with Salesforce. Headquartered in Somerset, NJ, in addition to Salesforce.com services, PowerFluence provides IT services around AI, IoT, Big Data and Digital Transformation. They are a DOBE (Disability Owned Business Enterprise) certified by Disability:IN, the nations leading Disability support organization.

Peter Grambs
PowerFluence LLC
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Edamam chooses Personal Remedies for Food-Disease Interaction Data

Personal Remedies Provides Evidence Based Food Suggestions for Illnesses

Edamam Powers Meal Recommendation Solutions for Food, health and Wellness Businesses

Consumers can now identify the healthiest recipes for their individual health concerns.

Through their customers and licensees, Edamam team has been helping millions of individuals make intelligent choices in their daily diet”

— Mory Bahar, CEO of Personal Remedies

NEW YORK, NY, USA, May 1, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Personal Remedies is delighted to announce a licensing contract for its newly announced industry standard API (Application Programming Interface) with Edamam, the leading global supplier of nutrient data on millions of recipes.

The new collaboration provides Edamam team access to the PR knowledgebase. PR knowledgebase is the product of an AI-based technology that can capture, aggregate, analyze and summarize latest research and science available on various nutrients and food items as they relate to hundreds of illnesses and health issues. The PR patented software and algorithms can determine helpfulness and harmfulness of thousands of nutrients, common food items and ingredients, as they relate to chronic illnesses, allergies, diets, medications and health risks.

Edamam currently maintains nutrient data on over three million recipes and 700,000 foods, and has been providing meal recommendation and nutrition analysis solutions to numerous organizations worldwide, including industry leaders such as Nestle, Amazon and Food Network. By incorporating Personal Remedies’ assessment of various ingredients into Edamam knowledgebase, Edamam will be able to identify the most helpful (and harmful) recipes for an individual based on their unique health concerns and goals.

“Capturing and representing knowledge about nutrition and its impact on prevention, management or reversal of illnesses is an extremely complicated and challenging task”, says Victor Penev, CEO of Edamam. “We feel that Personal Remedies and its team of scientists and healthcare professionals have been able to meet this challenge.”
“Through their customers and licensees, Edamam team has been helping millions of individuals make intelligent choices in their daily diet. Together, we can expand our reach, and tackle the chronic illness crisis with the most effective and the safest approach – proper dietary and lifestyle choices.” says Mory Bahar, CEO of Personal Remedies. “There is no such thing as a healthy recipe. It all depends on the consumer’s personal situation.”

Personal Remedies and Edamam are both members of the Global Army of Health Transformers in StartUp Health Academy.

About Edamam.
Edamam organizes the world’s food knowledge and provides nutrition data services and value-added solutions to health, wellness and food businesses. Using a proprietary semantic technology platform, it delivers real-time nutrition analysis and diet recommendations via APIs. Edamam’s technology helps customers answer for their clients the perennial question: “What should I eat?”
Edamam’s partners and clients include Amazon, The Food Network, The New York Times, Epicurious, Nestle and Samsung. For more information, please visit www.edamam.com or developer.edamam.com.

About Personal Remedies.
Personal Remedies is empowering chronic illness patients everywhere via the world’s first e-Dietitian. For telehealth, integrative medicine and wellness organizations looking to improve their care for chronic conditions, its cognitive system can provide science-based, fully-automated, individualized dietary guidance. Personal Remedies offers a unique knowledgebase on food-disease interactions accessible via an open API, the largest collection of health and nutrition apps in the market, and an Amazon Alexa skill named My Dietitian. To arrange for a demo or for more information, please contact their team (info@personalremedies.com), or visit www.personalremedies.com.

About StartUp Health.
StartUp Health is on a 25-year mission to collaborate with entrepreneurs to improve the health and wellbeing of everyone in the world. StartUp Health believes that something magical happens when you bring together coachable entrepreneurs from around the world who have the mindset to achieve health moonshots. Since 2011, StartUp Health has been investing in a global army of entrepreneurs — called Health Transformers® — to achieve Health Moonshots: Access to Care, Cost to Zero, Cure Disease, End to Cancer, End Addiction, Women’s Health, Children’s Health, Nutrition & Fitness, Brain Health, Mental Health & Happiness, and Longevity.
Backed by Advocate Aurora Health, Chiesi Group, Steve Case, Mark Cuban, Esther Dyson, Brad Feld, GuideWell, Jason Finger, Jerry Levin, Kaiser Permanente Ventures, Masimo, Novartis, Otsuka, Ping An Group, and SeventySix Capital, StartUp Health has the world’s largest digital health portfolio with more than 280 companies spanning six continents and 23 countries. Learn more at startuphealth.com.

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Brussels Based Chemical Research Company Leverages MyEasyISO for better Risk Management and Assured ISO Compliance

MyEasyISO software is the most comprehensive, easy-to-use and cost effective Quality Management solution available in the market”

— Quality Manager

VALLEY COTTAGE, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, May 1, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Every industry has risk-management challenges, but the chemical industry stands out as a sector with extraordinary risk management issues. A Chemical Company based in Brussels offering a portfolio of more than 2000 products across various key markets worldwide had a dire need of a solution which could simplify their processes, manage risks and comply with ISO 9001:2015 requirements. After extensive evaluation of various Quality management software solutions available on the market, the company selected the robust solution available from MyEasyISO.

MyEasyISO offers a robust, flexible software platform for not only managing regulatory compliance requirements but also for crucial business assurance activities.

It simplifies, integrates and streamlines all the processes into a single centralized system and provides robust reporting feature which helps organization to gain more visibility into the data by building out detailed charts and graphs. It offers various integrated modules such as Document Control, Non-conformance Management, Supplier Management, Audits, Employee Training, Corrective Action and Preventive Action (CAPA), Risk Management, Complaint management and many others. Risk Management module in MyEasyISO identifies, categorize, evaluate, rate and address risks using likelihood of occurrence and impact as risk evaluation parameters.

‘’MyEasyISO software is the most comprehensive, easy-to-use and cost effective Quality Management solution available in the market. Its capabilities matches almost all of our requirements’’ said Quality Manager of the Chemical Company.

The top benefits of using MyEasyISO are listed below
• Interactive dashboards and reports
• Tasks, notifications, and escalations
• Ensures data integrity and tracks all changes to records in the system.
• Ensure consistency based on the latest guidelines and standards.
• Drives Continuous Quality Improvement
• Centralized document management with robust Roles-Based data access control
• Provides greater visibility and more insight into business operations
• Streamlines complaint management and decrease costs by improving response and closure times.

“MyEasyISO system provides major time saving, eliminates parallel process and rework, keeps the system always ready for the audit allowing users to work across remote locations” says Shankar – Director, Effivity Technologies

With the Implementation of MyEasyISO, company now aims to see improvements in consistency and efficiency for continued growth and expansion.

About MyEasyISO

MyEasyISO QHSE software brings in a unique approach to manage and optimize ISO compliance in a user-friendly manner. This state-of-the-art cloud-based ISO software solution for small, medium and large enterprises is backed by a full spectrum of ISO consultancy services with an innovative and customer-oriented approach.

With more than 4000 clients across the world, MyEasyISO is gaining fast popularity in the market and has helped clients across all industries by improving business performance, implementing, certifying and maintaining ISO standards.

Looking for a one-stop integrated solution to maintain your compliance requirements? Start your 30 days free trial today to discover more about MyEasyISO

Sree Vidhya
Effivity Technologies LLC
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University Archives' Wednesday, May 15th online-only auction will appeal to collectors in a broad range of categories

Remarkable Bunker Hill guestbook, signed during the Civil War by about 12,000 visitors to the famous Revolutionary War battle site and commemorative monument (est. $9,000-$10,000).

Two-page, handwritten letter signed by Abraham Lincoln while President, dated May 23, 1863, addressed to Secretary of War Edwin Stanton, the Secretary of War (est. $30,000-$50,000).

One-page copy of a letter typed in 1950 by Albert Einstein in response to a three-page letter from Mark Van Doren, with Einstein’s handwritten formulas on verso (est. $15,000-$17,000).

Superb framed display devoted to frontiersman Davy Crockett – to include his autograph, a portrait, a depiction of the Battle of the Alamo and a commemorative coin (est. $8,000-$9,000).

Oval portrait of George Washington as part of a museum-quality commemorative display presented to Swedish soprano Jenny Lind after her 1850 American tour (est. $15,000-$20,000).

Collectors of early American history, science and technology and Civil War memorabilia will want to mark their calendars for Wednesday, May 15, at 10:30 am EST.

We're strong in Lincoln, Washington, Kennedy, Civil War, Revolutionary War and science and technology, highlighted by a couple of great Einstein letters.”

— John Reznikoff

WESTPORT, CT, UNITED STATES, May 1, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Collectors of early American history, science and technology and Civil War memorabilia will want to mark their calendars for Wednesday, May 15th, when those popular categories and many others will be featured in University Archives’ next online-only auction, starting at 10:30 am Eastern time. In all, close to 300 quality lots will come up for bid.

Live bidding for the auction has already been posted online. Internet bidding is available via the popular platforms Invaluable.com and LiveAuctioneers.com. As with all University Archives auctions, this one is loaded with rare, highly collectible autographed documents, manuscripts, books, photos and relics. People can visit the company website at www.UniversityArchives.com.

“Besides the best offering of Declaration signers in years with 66 lots, we are strong in Lincoln, Washington, Kennedy, Civil War, Revolutionary War and science and technology, highlighted by a couple of great Einstein letters,” said University Archives president and owner John Reznikoff.

Mr. Reznikoff added, “One of my favorite lots in the sale is a guestbook from the Bunker Hill Memorial, which has over 12,000 signatures, including Mary Todd Lincoln. This item seems to tie together the Revolutionary War and the Civil War, as the signatures were written during the latter. As always, there is something for everyone in this hand-picked, carefully curated auction.”

A two-page, handwritten letter signed by Abraham Lincoln while President, dated May 23, 1863, addressed to Secretary of War Edwin Stanton, the Secretary of War, regarding the Illinois Central Railroad, with a note signed by Stanton, has an estimate of $30,000-$50,000. Also, a letter from John Adams, signed to George Alexander Otis in Amsterdam, dated April 22, 1820, in which he thanks Otis for a translation of Archbishop de Pradt’s Europe, should finish at $12,000-$15,000.

George Washington will make multiple appearances in the auction, including an oval portrait of the first President as part of a museum-quality commemorative display presented to the Swedish soprano Jenny Lind after her 1850 American tour (est. $15,000-$20,000); and a document signed by Washington on June 9, 1783, discharging from military service William Wheeler, Matross (2nd N.Y. Artillery Regiment) at the conclusion of the Revolutionary War (est. $10,000-$12,000).

A letter written and signed by the early American political activist Thomas Paine, dated July 2, 1805, in which he asks a newspaper editor if it were true that Great Britain had proposed that the Duke of Clarence be made the King of America, is estimated at $30,000-$35,000. Also, a superb framed display devoted to frontiersman Davy Crockett – to include his autograph, a portrait, a depiction of the Battle of the Alamo and a commemorative coin, should make $8,000-$9,000.

A nine-page letter written and signed by Thomas Clarkson, the father of the British abolitionist movement, dated June 9, 1842, regarding the abolition of slavery in the West Indies and the conversion of plantation slave labor into a free labor system should hit $3,000-$3,500; and an archive of Civil War and post-war documents and items related to George Henry, an officer from Massachusetts, including his diary and Gettysburg sword, is expected to garner $2,000-$3,000.

A typed, one-page copy of a letter written in English in 1950 by Albert Einstein in response to an earlier, three-page letter from Mark Van Doren, with Einstein’s handwritten computations and formulas on verso, should realize $15,000-$17,000; while two pages of handwritten notes by Nobel Prize-winning physicist Richard P. Feynman (1918-1988), in which he mentions using the Runge-Kutta method to solve different mathematical equations, is estimated at $9,000-$10,000.

Mr. Reznikoff’s remarks concerning the offering of signers of the Declaration of Independence – 55 names in all, representing all but one of the men who signed the historic document – allude to what will probably be the headliner portion of the catalog. Rarely does a nearly complete set of Declaration signers come up for bid, especially as individual lots. A few of the names include:

• Arthur Middleton – (South Carolina); his signature is very rare (est. $20,000-$22,000).
• John Hancock – an attractive, early example of his classic signature (est. $1,800-$2,000).
• Francis Lewis – (New York); a signed letter regarding wine delivery (est. $2,600-$2,800).

An archive of material pertaining to Lloyd Best – the early aviation mechanic and metalsmith who knew Orville Wright, Charles Lindbergh and Douglas “Wrong-Way” Corrigan – to include items signed by all three and fabric from the Spirit of St. Louis and the Wright Flyer – should soar to $12,000-$14,000. Also, a typed letter by J. Robert Oppenheimer, signed to Leslie R. Groves, Jr., from Oct. 1962, about the origins of the atomic bomb and the code name “Trinity”, should make $8,000-$9,000.

A rare Schutz-Pass document signed by Swedish diplomat and humanitarian Raoul Wallenberg, created in response to efforts to save Hungarian Jews during the Holocaust, written in Hungarian and dated Sept. 28, 1944, has an estimate of $7,000-$8,000; and a one-page letter inscribed in French in a clerical hand in 1811 and signed by Napoleon Bonaparte, addressed to his Minister of Public Treasury Nicolas Francois and regarding bookkeeping, should breeze to $2,000-$2,400.

As with all University Archives online auctions, this one is packed with important, rare and
collectible signed documents and other items relating to some of the most famous names in all of history. The firm has become world-renowned as a go-to source for rare items of this type. It is actively seeking quality material for future auctions. This presents a rare opportunity for sellers.

“We can offer up to a 100 percent cash advance and a highly competitive commission structure,” Reznikoff said. “We’re only able to do this owing to our position in the industry as the premier auction house for signed historical documents, letters and manuscripts. Our reputation is rock-solid worldwide and has been earned over a period of four decades. People respect us globally.”

Anyone who has a single item or a collection that may be a fit for a future University Archives auction may call Mr. Reznikoff at 203-454-0111, or email him at john@universityarchives.com.

University Archives was founded in 1979, as a division of University Stamp Company, by Mr. Reznikoff, who started collecting stamps and coins in 1968, while in the third grade. Industry-wide, Reznikoff is considered the leading authenticity expert for manuscripts and documents. He consults with law enforcement, dealers, auction houses and both major authentication companies.

For more information about University Archives and the Wednesday, May 15th Internet-only auction, please visit www.universityarchives.com. For phone bidding, please call 800-237-5692.

# # # #

John Reznikoff
University Archives
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Think and Grow Rich – Kicks Off The Legacy World Tour in Anaheim, California May 3rd and 4th, 2019

Confirmed speakers are Mario Lopez, David Meltzer, Kevin Harrington and more.

Confirmed speakers are Mario Lopez, David Meltzer, Kevin Harrington and more.

The Think and Grow Rich Legacy World Tour will kick off the 12 city – 12 country tour in Anaheim, California on Friday and Saturday, May 3rd and 4th 2019 at the Anaheim Convention Center.

The Think and Grow Rich Legacy World Tour will kick off the 12 city – 12 country tour in Anaheim, California on Friday and Saturday, May 3rd and 4th 2019 at the Anaheim Convention Center.

The two day event will feature international and award winning speakers, entertainment, as well as networking opportunities.

ANAHEIM, CA, UNITED STATES, May 1, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — The Think and Grow Rich Legacy World Tour will kick off the 12 city – 12 country tour in Anaheim, California on Friday and Saturday, May 3rd and 4th 2019 at the Anaheim Convention Center. Registration starts at 7:00am, the doors opening at 9:00am, program starts at 10:00am.

The two day event will feature international and award winning speakers, entertainment, as well as networking opportunities.

Confirmed speakers are Mario Lopez, David Meltzer, Kevin Harrington, Angel Rivera, Didi Wong, Omar Periu, Sharon Lechter, Greg Reid, Dr. Bill Dorman, Dr. James Dentley, Tim Storey, Bill Walsh, and Dr. Sonja Stribling.

Entertainment will feature the Grammy Winning group “All For One”; dance crew “Poreotics” winners of America’s Best Dance Crew (with Randy Jackson); Grammy Winner Thea Austin and R&B Singer Rubin Cannon (brother of Nick Cannon).

Think and Grow Rich was written in 1937 by Napoleon Hill, and was endorsed as a personal development and self-improvement book. Hill writes that he was encouraged by a suggestion from business tycoon and later, philanthropist Andrew Carnegie. While the book's name and much of the text discusses increasing income, Hill claims that his philosophy can help people succeed in any line of work, to do and be anything they can imagine. The book was published during the Great Depression, and by Hill's death in 1970, had sold more than 20 million copies. By 2015, more than 100 million copies had been sold worldwide.

The training will include the 13 principles discussed in the book of how to internalize and learn to embrace to your life and business. Speakers will be teaching the art of building businesses, finance, raising capital, how to go public, the truth about crypto currency, digital marketing, how to be public speaker, how to publish a book and more.

John Shin is the creator of the Think and Grow Rich Legacy World Tour where he received the rights from the Napoleon Hill Foundation to produce the movie Think and Grow Rich: The Legacy based on the original book written in 1937. The movie came out in 2017 with a limited theater release. With the approval of the Napoleon Hill Foundation, Shin wrote the modern day version of Think and Grow Rich which will be out in May 2019 – “How Rich Asians Think” is Shin’s launch of the Think and Grow Rich Legacy World Tour.

The 2019 Think and Grow Rich Legacy World Tour will be stopping in Chicago, IL; San Diego, CA; Sacramento, CA; Phoenix, AZ; Boston, MA; New York, NY; Orlando, FL; Tampa, FL; Houston, TX; Dallas, TX; Atlanta, GA; then traveling to Europe and Asia for 12 dates in 2020.

Follow the Think and Grow Rich Legacy World Tour on social media at: Facebook TGRWorldTourOfficial, and Instagram at TGRWorldTour.

For media inquiries, contact Kelly Bennett, at Bennett Unlimited PR at (949) 463-6383 or Kelly@bpunlimited.com. All social media and online promotions supported by www.eZWayPromotions.com.

Think and Grow Rich Legacy is a license of the Napoleon Hill Foundation. The Napoleon Hill Foundation is not affiliated with the World Tour. In addition, the Think and Grow Rich Institute is also a licensee of the Napoleon Hill Foundation. Think and Grow Rich Legacy and Think and Grow Institute is not the same company and work independently of each other. Each entity has a separate license from the Napoleon Hill Foundation to use the trademark “Think and Grow Rich”.
More information can be found at www.tgrworldtour.com.

Kelly Bennett
Bennett Unlimited PR
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