10,000 Bites Culinary Event comes to Houston, TX 8/16 & 17 at HMNS. 100 Guests. 100 courses. 10 Countries. 40 Chefs.

The caliber of chefs, iconic venue, & limited VIP tickets make this the most exclusive & sought-after culinary event of the year, possibly even the decade.

HOUSTON, TX, USA, June 7, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — AUGUST 17TH – 10,000 BITES

Around the World in 10,000 Bites will be the gastronomic experience of a lifetime. With 100 courses from ten different countries and fantastic chefs making the most incredible bites imaginable – no other event will ever come close. The caliber of chefs, venue, and limited number of guests make this the most exclusive and sought-after event of the year, possibly even the decade. The brainchild of Kemah, TX Chef David Skinner (eculent) he, and a team of 40 International Chefs will present Around the World in 10,000 Bites. The Chefs—including Alex Atala (D.O.M. in Brazil), Medwin Pang (Hunger Pang in New York City), David Duarte (the former Finestre Modern Gastronomy in Phoenix), Manu Buffara (Manu in Brazil) Luc McCabe (Ontario Canada), Daisuke Itagake (Tokyo) and dozens more will join Skinner at the Morian Hall of Paleontology at the Houston Museum of Natural Science August 16th and 17th only, to deliver a 100-course meal that spans the globe. As for the “around the world” concept: Skinner will take guests palates on a journey across 10 countries (USA, Pakistan, France, Spain, Brazil, Italy, Philippines, Japan, Nicaragua, and Mexico). The 100 courses will be divided by 10. Guests should expect 10 courses from each featured country to come out at once. Wine or cocktails from each country will also be served, though in small portions (to save room for the food). Skinner expects the dinner to last up to five hours.

“This has never been done. And no one has ever done it for 100 people,” says Skinner. “Houston and in particular, HMNS gets to be the place to premiere this experience in gastronomy, and it’s hard to beat the surroundings. It will truly be a historic epicurean milestone with over 10,000 courses being served in one seating. Maybe we should call Guinness Book of World Records" quipped Skinner. "And, if people are too full to drive, we have a great hotel partner across the street at ZaZa Houston."

Guests will be able to dine amongst the dinosaurs in the paleontology wing of the museum. This will be a once in a lifetime opportunity to meet and experience chefs at the top of their game, presenting the culture and cuisine of their heritage and passion. Each guest will be presented with a limited-edition photo book commemorating the event with photos, recipes, and descriptions of all the dishes of the event. Sponsors of the event will receive full media coverage alongside these superstar chefs and these events.

Only 25 tickets of 100 for sale to the public. Price is $750 per seat.
Dinner will start promptly at 5:00PM on August 17th. We anticipate finishing dinner about 9:30pm

The night before the epic 10,000 Bites event the chefs will present a Champagne and Caviar Reception in the McFerrin Fabergé Collection inside the Houston Museum of Natural Science. Guests will be able to meet all the chefs participating in the event, and sample a selection of bites from the event. This reception will also feature a very special caviar dish from that is not to be missed. Event sponsor, Sterling Caviar is providing enough caviar to make Tsar Nikolai himself giddy with joy.
Don't miss the opportunity to drink champagne, eat spoonfuls of delicious caviar, and look at over 600 objects reflecting the artistry of the Fabergé firm, all while mingling with chefs from around the world.

The reception is from 6:00 – 9:00pm on August 16th.
Only 100 of 150 tickets for sale to the public. Price is $250 per person.

Proceeds for Around the World in 10,000 Bites and the Bubbles and Baubles Reception will go toward breast cancer research (in honor of Skinner’s friend, chef Dominique Crenn, who was recently diagnosed), and to the eponymous James Beard Foundation.

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