Saving the Best for Last

Artist Ken Shotwell with patented 3D wall sculpture.

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Installation of artist-created life-size "robots".

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One of Shotwell's surrealistic paintings.

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Internationally known artist offers his private art collection.

CENTRAL, SC, USA, June 10, 2019 / — Whether it's the last page of your favorite book, the last glimpse of the sunset at the end of a great vacation, or the last french fry on your plate, the last of anything always signals a memorable moment.

Artist Ken Shotwell's final, “best-of”, private art collection is being offered to collectors, art aficionados, and speculators. This collection represents approximately 10% of the artist's life's work,(175 of nearly 2,000 paintings) and is presented intact to maintain a retrospective chronology of his style progression and the art world's changing tastes. “These are my personal favorites” claims the artist. When asked about future works, Shotwell quips “I have pretty much painted everything I set out to paint”. The collection also offers signed limited edition graphics, and an art-related 3D patent transferal of ownership. Such collections are often handed down to heirs, but in Shotwell's case, “These paintings are my legacy and my offspring.” His wife Dana, herself an accomplished portrait artist, recalls “Ken was a 'rock star artist' in Japan. Fans would wait in long lines for his autograph at the Nagoya-based Nihon Gallery. The heir to this art collection will not be a son or daughter… the proper heir should be the world.”

31 years ago, The New York Times featured emerging artist Ken Shotwell as “An Artist For The Masses”. Shotwell is listed in Who's Who in American Art, and his career has matured along with the painter, nearing age 70. He kept his finest paintings for himself… call it deferred gratification.

Actually having sold his first commercial paintings in 1983, Shotwell's 35+ year career encompassed internationally recognized fine art, sculpture, architectural design, signed limited editions, and art- related patents, oh yes, along with aerospace and nuclear engineering vestiges from a previous career. His book Mindscapes won the Asian Print Awards Bronze Medal in Shanghai, China in 2006.

For information on the artist's career or remaining artworks, contact Tom Binder,(Tom Binder Fine Art) at

Binder continues, “Ken lost one of his successful international galleries, and his Tokyo-based agent, in the 2011 Japan tsunami. He then began a series of paintings only for himself, he began to teach, and made the decision to catalog this final private art collection. Ken is a friend, he's honest to others and himself, and he is above all, a true artist. Especially considering its reasonable six-figure offering range, this personal collection of Shotwell's art is a rarity.”

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