Alontrus Group Launches Multi-Protocol Blockchain Consulting Firm to Enable the Enterprise Blockchain Adoption

Business Value + Salesforce + Oracle = Alontrus

NEW YORK, NY, US, June 21, 2019 / — Alontrus Group, LLC has launched with a team of seasoned Blockchain technology veterans to address SMB/Enterprise Blockchain adoption in the banking, financial information services and insurance sectors.

The Founding Members of Alontrus are Lisa Canty, President of NEST Global Solutions, CEO of DocBlox and the former CEO of ChainNinja; Richard Brownstein, former CEO of AuraBlocks and Vikal Kapoor and Dominic Steil, currently CEO and CTO of Dapps Inc. The group has an extensive partner network and a portfolio of use cases across Salesforce, Oracle, Google Cloud Platform, Ethereum, Hyperledger (Fabric and Sawtooth), Quorum and R3 Corda.

Global Organizations are eager to grow their businesses by leveraging blockchain technology, but lack a trusted partner to deliver enterprise value.

The inflection point for adoption of enterprise Blockchain is now. Altontrus Group assists the SMB/Enterprise in deploying value based blockchain applications by applying proven methodologies and industry standards to the businesses digital transformation roadmap. The founders of Alontrus Group came together to remove confusion as to which blockchain to use and how to go about assessing a good use case.

“I believe the robustness of the Oracle Blockchain Platform is second to none, but other protocols, such as ones specific for high speed low cost payments are required in developing holistic solutions” says Richard Brownstein, Founder and whose previous company helped launch the Oracle Blockchain Platform at Open World 2017 with numerous working proof of concepts. “Although I love Blockchain, most solutions can be accomplished without it. That’s why a deep understanding of the business problem is most important.”

“Customers routinely ask us for knowledgeable consulting and implementation services for our suite of CRM dApps. While working with Richard and Lisa at a joint customer, our discussions led us to the realization that the market gap was larger than previously known.” said Vikal Kapoor, Co-founder and CEO of Dapps Inc. “The Alontrus Group has the cross-cloud, cross-platform and cross-protocol expertise customers need in the design, development and deployment of enterprise blockchain initiatives. At each customer, Dapps aims to deliver next-gen CRM dApps to grow the business. Alongside Alontrus Group, our EBC platform will enable innovative companies with “new stack” software that accelerates digital transformation initiatives and increases business productivity while supporting a faster pace of product innovation.”

“We document organize and map complex enterprise processes and then, based on where the highest ROI and where the least friction exists, we make recommendations. Many times we don’t recommend Blockchain. But when we do, we offer specific reasons for the blockchain we choose.” says Lisa Canty, a Founder of Alontrus Group.

The company is starting their operations in the NYC Metro area with an offering that includes several accelerators to produce proof of concepts and simulations of blockchain solutions on multiple platforms. No longer do you need to wait months to test a use case.

Alontrus Group is a Blockchain consulting, digital transformation and systems integration firm providing custom financial and insurance solutions that encompass AI, ML and IoT to enterprise companies with an in-depth knowledge on enterprise blockchains and cloud platforms.

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Source: EIN Presswire