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“Our mission is to be completely unbiased. We're loyal to neither nations nor its leaders but only to truth".”

— Dawood KHAN, Chairman Belt & Road News Network

HONG KONG, June 24, 2019 / — Belt and Road News Network (BRN), an emerging international media organization, that is the world's first & only news network dedicated to China's massive Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) (also known as Silk Road Initiative) offering News, Views & Analysis on BRI and it's 150-member countries, announced today of considering Middle East for their headquarters that will create 3,500 jobs in the region.

BRN to disseminate its news through various spectrums including wire services, 24-hours English language news & documentary television channel, independent Arabic & French news channels, 24-hour English language radio, a multilingual digital newspaper & magazine in English, French & Arabic providing comprehensive coverage of belt and road Initiative and its projects accurately & in a timely manner.

Having an army of journalists, correspondents, columnists, writers and fully staffed regional offices in London, Singapore, Middle East, São Paulo, Addis Ababa, New York and news bureaus in 100 countries, giving BRN hands on the pulse of every aspect of the 22 trillion dollar initiative.

Creating a better understanding of the initiative across globe, otherwise viewed/blamed for being ill-informed & heavily wrapped and always seen with skepticism that is manoeuvred according to will.

As said Ceyla Pazarbasioglu, World Bank Vice President in a statement "Achieving the ambitions of the Belt and Road Initiative will require equally ambitious reforms from participating countries. Improvements in data reporting and transparency—especially around debt—open government procurement, and adherence to the highest social and environmental standards will help significantly."

Belt and Road Initiative is one of President Xi’s most ambitious foreign and economic policy, that comprises of ‘21st Century Maritime Silk Road’ & the ‘Silk Road Economic Belt’ in series of highways, railways and ports as well as facilities for energy, telecommunications, healthcare and education. Together they will connect more than 65 countries making up over 62% of the world’s population, around 35% of the world’s trade and over 31% of the world’s GDP.

Over 152 countries and international organisations have joined the initiative, that has already witnessed investments of over $1.6 trillion USD on related projects. The Asian Development Bank estimates that by 2030 the initiative will reach over $22 trillion. None the less the Initiative has received an immense amount of positive reactions from across the world and currently is one of the major driver of economies in the developing countries.

“Our mission is to be completely unbiased. We're loyal to neither nations nor its leaders but only to truth. With responsive reporting & their analysis, ascertaining the truth from every angle & source. While fake news continues to be checked & blocked, there are still countless assertions that go unchecked. We endure to fill in the gap. We are committed to being fully transparent with how we report our stories. BRN is prone to be the leader in providing dedicated news, views & analyst on BRI, we are an organization to be recognized globally for its authority, integrity and accuracy” said Dawood KHAN, Chairman of Belt Road News Network.

“The total investment for the project will reach USD 500 million to be financed partly debt and shareholder's equity. Allowing us to tap into lucrative and opportunistic investment in this spectrum of media, positioning us to achieve its full potential."

We are currently studying Middle East in general & Qatar in particular for its policies towards media networks & their support in this sector. If found favourable we can consider setting up our headquarters in Doha, as Qatar was amongst the first ones to support BRI & signed several agreements and MoUs that supported the initiative KHAN said.

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