A Switzerland company Park Capital SA first to successfully trade 3-way forex arbitrage using proprietary trading system

NEW YORK, USA, July 2, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Switzerland company Park Capital SA has successfully introduced to the world a zero risk high returns investment strategy, 3-way forex arbitrage.

What is 3-way forex arbitrage?
3-way forex Arbitrage is to find currencies set and to trade the price gap to make a profit from the difference in the pricing gap. Technically it is possible but this possibility is rare unless there is a system fast and stable enough to lock in the currency imperfections happening in the market which at Park Capital SA is doing it with their Patent 3-way arbitrage propriety system.

The Park Capital SA Patent 3-way arbitrage propriety system is a collection of professional academic teams from the UK, USA and China that apply sophisticated mathematical analysis to foreign currency automated trading platforms through long-term research at their Cambridge-Park institute. And eventually developed the patented 3-way forex arbitrage system.

“You no longer need to worry about your investment risks, and you no longer need to worry about market volatility. Park Capital SA has disrupted the financial market slogan of high risk, high return, low risk, low return market practice by using their 3-way forex arbitrage proprietary trading system developed by Cambridge-Park institute a research facility of Park Capital SA.” CEO, Park Capital SA.

The trading success opens up a tremendous opportunity for the retail and institutional client at Park Capital SA which has concurrently launched the PCS Forex Fund to make use of this risk-free guarantee returns investment plan.

A new age for secure and reliable investment is upon us, and all are waiting to see the next disruption of the financial markets from Park Capital SA.

David Pille
Tech Newsroom
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Source: EIN Presswire