United Nations SRC Salus Club-Panel holds panel discussion on Transgender Care & Society 

Dr.Peggy Pelonis at UN SRC Panel Discussion


Brendan Scholl, Salus Club President Susana Bastarrica, Constantine Venetopoulos, Yanna Darilis, Dr.Peggy Pelonis

United Nations SRC Salus Club-Panel holds panel discussion on Transgender Care & Society with medical health & educational professionals

Dr. Peggy Pelonis participates in UN SRC Salus Club panel discussion:
"Our responsibility as educators is to provide students a platform where they can flourish".”

— Dr.Peggy Pelonis

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, July 9, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — The United Nations Staff Recreation Council – Salus Well-being Network invited professionals from the medical, legal, mental health, and educational arena to participate in a discussion on transgender care and society. The professionals who participated in the discourse provided an in-depth and fruitful discussion through sharing their broad knowledge from their diverse standpoints. The forum aimed to inform, educate, and discuss interdisciplinary medical care to transgender and gender non-binary people, fostering equality.

Dr. Peggy Pelonis, author, psychotherapist and Vice President of ACS Athens was among the distinguished guest speakers of Susanna Bastarrica, President of the UNSRC SaluS Club and Yanna Darilis, Journalist, Producer, Panel Moderator and co-organizer. The panel was spearheaded and led by Dr. Leonid Poretsky, Director of Endocrinology of Northwell, and the Friedman Transgender Program for Health and Wellness, Northwell Health Lenox Hill. The speakers included; Deeangelys Colón, Program Coordinator, Gerald J. Friedman Transgender Program for Health and Wellness, Northwell Health, Kelly McBride Folkers, Research Associate, Division of Medical Ethics, NYU School of Medicine, Rabbi Jo Hirschmann, Director, Spiritual Care and Education, Mount Sinai Beth Israel, Noah Lewis, Esq., Executive Director, Transcend Legal, Dr. Peter Meacher, Chief Medical Officer, Callen-Lorde Community Health Center Downtown, Dr. Shervin Shadianloo, Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, Gerald J. Friedman Transgender Program for Health and Wellness, Northwell Health, Nicole Sweeney, Division of Plastic Surgery, Northwell Health, Dr. David Whitehead, Division of Plastic Surgery, Northwell Health, Contantine Venetopoulos, Film Director of "Draw with me" and Brendon Scholl on whom the movie was about.

The panel discussion took place in the United Nations Headquarters in New York and was streamed live. The audience included educators, mental health professionals, policy makers, and interested individuals. Dr. Pelonis highlighted the need for revised guidelines across the school system: "The federal laws that protect students from discrimination exist. In Article 9, everything is in place for students to be treated fairly, however, insufficient or nonexistent guidelines are leaving school personnel exposed to misinterpretations or to making judgment calls about how to handle issues that arise."

Dr. Pelonis concluded by highlighting the vital role of educational institutes: "We must understand our role as educators; it is not our responsibility to judge nor to assist students in such decision making, this belongs with the individual and the family. Our purpose is to level the field and provide a safe place for all students to receive an education in an environment of belonging and acceptance. We need to provide a platform for students to grow and develop socially, emotionally, and of course, academically. We owe it to all students to give them a platform where they can flourish. When there is a lack of understanding or misunderstanding, it creates confusion, it breeds fear, and that cannot be good for anyone of us. Fear marginalizes and targets people, increases violence, and creates symptomatic communities. We need healthy communities and societies. If we start from the premise that we are all human beings and as such, we are different, and if we honor the sanctity of life, we cannot do wrong by anyone. "

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Source: EIN Presswire