Is Notre-Dame of Paris a Saint or Sinner, Divine or Damned? Read John Griswald's Epic War Novel GIRL FROM RUE SERPENTE



Since the fire at Notre-Dame of Paris, the buzz centered on Our Lady herself. John Griswald's epic romantic novel GIRL FROM RUE SERPENTE presents his opinion.

Is Notre-Dame Cathedral of Paris a Saint or a Sinner, or is she Divine or Damned? John Griswald's epic and erotic novel tries to show the answers people want to know.”

— Stan Zipperman

HONOLULU, HAWAII, UNITED STATES, July 30, 2019 / — Ever since the major fire swept through the iconic 850 year-old Notre-Dame Cathedral of Paris this April, the controversial buzz has centered on the role that Our Lady herself actually may have played. The fire was watched by an estimated 3 billion people out of the 7.7 billion the world population is today. These curious people prayed, watched and waited for the 2 day event in person on the streets, on internet computers and smart phones "live," or got hooked on world-wide news broadcasts on radio and television. It was finally announced that the fire was put out and the church was saved in the nick of time by the brave firefighters from complete destruction. The event was said to be the world's biggest news story of the year thus far.

Catholics and Protestants alike, as well as people of other religious faiths around the world, asked and wondered what the fire really meant in today's rapidly-changing world. Luckily, novelist John Griswald had written the book, the hard-hitting epic and erotic novel GIRL FROM RUE SERPENTE that hoped to deal with the subject of what role does a temple of worship have to prove when unexpected events cause great tragedies. GIRL FROM RUE SERPENTE tackles that question in many different and often difficult and surprising ways by portraying Notre-Dame almost like an actual character in the thrilling fast-moving plot. Some people thought they would go to The Holy Bible to find some answers but Notre-Dame didn't exist during the composition of The Holy Book pages.

Today, one of the best and most powerful choices for seeking answers is the epic war novel where two star-crossed lovers meet their fate — GIRL FROM RUE SERPENTE.

Novelist Griswald has made Notre-Dame a symbolic character in the tragic story of intrigue, suspense and mystery. Three leading characters are involved in the strange contemporary conflict as it unfolds: Aimee Ange, who is a beautiful young French Resistance fighter who wants to become a nun at Notre-Dame Cathedral; Christian Gavin, a handsome American soldier who is part of the Allied Liberation force that ousts the Nazi Occupation from the fabled city of Paris during World War II; and Father Cariot, a manipulative, self-righteous and lusting priest at Notre-Dame. All are seeking some kind of salvation as the war seeks out its victims without warning.

However, Aimee Ange views Notre-Dame Cathedral in Chapter One of GIRL FROM RUE SERPENTE this way: "But there were others who fell under Notre-Dame's spell and spoke of Her as Our Lady of Paris, a living force, a hymn in stone. And so it was with Aimee Ange."

The buzz remains strong and is picking up momentum because of the talk about the haunting art work design by Brazilian artist Ricardo Movits. His beautiful oil painting takes place inside a surreal Notre-Dame chamber between the three main characters in a maddening nightmare of one of the story's two lovers. Movits' 24" X 36" master artwork captures the mystical moment that highlights the book's intriguing plot and prepares the reader of what kind of struggles lie in ahead for the two lovers and the fate that awaits them in the shadows of the darkest hours still to come.

In addition to the surreal nightmare scene, there are other plot points that are outright shocking as well. An unsuspecting youth is lured to the Notre-Dame choir loft where he is sexually seduced. Another situation occurs where a teenage suicide is revealed in the shadows of the church's men's rest room. Then there's the scene where a character buys "phony" pornographic photos on the church's property. And last but not least, there's the soldier who calls himself The Murderer. Is he just bragging or is he getting down to his heavy duty secrets? These are some of the indiscretions that must be addressed in some way or another. Who is ultimately responsible for the death and destruction that happens at Notre-Dame of Paris? Is it Our Lady herself? Is she a Saint or Sinner? Is she Divine or Damned?

Is there a movie of GIRL FROM RUE SERPENTE somewhere in the future? With all the hoopla building around this book, some motion picture executive should see and hear what's going on right now. Movies with stories about wars and lovers caught in wartime situations have always been gold for Hollywood entertainment executives and that statue named Oscar has been won many times over for the right wartime movies. Does "Raiders of the Lost Ark" ring a bell? How about "Charade?" Don't overlook "Casablanca" or "From Here to Eternity." For the time being, however, were setting out sights on becoming a world-wide Best Selling Novel, eventually at the New York Times. Everything in the proper time…

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