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NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, July 31, 2019 / — Bugs can be considered as a rough-cut in the usual programming that is always uncalled for. Most organizations have been performing manual and "functional" automation testing for the years-a process that covers only 16% of common mobile app test activities. But as organizations move to Agile and/or DevOps development, fully integrated automation testing becomes a vital component of mobile solution delivery. Validation fields, browser compatibility, page layout at different screen resolutions, date control, app crash caused by a button click and communication errors (software – end-user), still occur but are largely a thing of past. It's been a job-seekers market for a while and expectations for adoption of new techniques have been much more exotic. With all the intense conversation around whether and what to automate in QA testing, a few simple guidelines would seem to be in order:

Companies must consider:

• What makes mobile automation testing so critical?
• Overcoming the challenges of mobile automation testing implementation.
• The importance of adopting a mobile automation testing strategy
• Choosing your ideal mobile automation testing tools.

Businesses have realized the need to make use of testing coverage matrix to ensure that all required functionality is covered on every browser, screen resolution, platform, etc. They have also realized the need to make use of Google Analytics to better understand their user base and create a more useful coverage matrix.

While few companies might assume these to be as big-ticket items, it might mean a lot of money for a company to spend, many business owners see them as a better long-term financial strategy than to constantly spend money on applying new techniques.

Then, the companies must make use of the FURPS model, which must take all factors of software quality into consideration like functionality, usability, performance, reliability, and supportability.

Another cursory point is to keep thinking ahead. Having a proactive vision will help in anticipating bugs that might appear in apps and cover up the process along with regression tests, integration tests, system tests, smoke tests, and user-acceptance tests.
In the QA industry, "Those who can't do, teach. Those who can't teach, lead."! Here is an illustration of coolest companies in software testing in 2019 who have strived hard to stay competitive:

1. BugRaptors
2. Oxagile
3. Krify
4. Consagous Technologies
5. Octos Global
6. Cleveroad
7. QArea Inc.
8. XB Software
9. instinctools
10. 247 Labs

This might seem to be a conversation in black-and-white, but it probably holds a shade of grey. You do not need to become a developer to try out the manual or automation testing. For a detailed listing of top software testing companies, visit here.

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