Artist Alice Mizrachi Ends Year-Long Staten Island Artist in Residence with Giant Mental Health Awareness Mural

The puzzle piece mural image on Staten Island's PS 22

The completed PS 22 mural

The mural creates a calming effect for restaurant patrons.

Alice with the Merchants River House courtyard mural

Kendall Jenner stands in front of the complete mural in Williamsburg.

Kendall Jenner in front of Proactiv mural

Public School 22 mural one of three July projects for fine artist and muralist Alice Mizrachi

To make people’s vision and message come to life, I feel so powerful to be able to do that.”

— Alice Mizrachi

BROOKLYN, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, July 30, 2019 / — Art heals, art educates, art brings communities together.

Famed muralist and fine artist Alice Mizrachi this month capped a year-long stint as artist in residence with the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DOH) with the construction of a giant mural on the famed Public School 22 in Staten Island’s Graniteville neighborhood.

The 2,950-square-foot mural was a joint effort of the DOH, the New York City Mural Arts Project, PS 22, Graniteville residents and Venture House, a Staten Island clubhouse that provides a support community for people living with mental illness. Mizrachi facilitated the discussion as the groups chose images that worked to de-stigmatize mental-health and increased awareness around the issue. Alice then sketched a design for the mural, which would go on two adjoining, massive walls at the school.

“We talked about what mental health looks like, what mental wellness looks like, and how over time you can use art as a catalyst for change to become mentally healthy,” Mizrachi said. “We talked about the instances when you feel like you’ve been unhealthy, and how you can become healthy using certain techniques like art. We talked about activities to become healthy and how to create awareness that just because you’re mentally ill doesn’t mean you have to be isolated or unappreciated.

Mizrachi conducted weekly art workshops with mental health peers (people living with the illness), students, their parents, and community members, where they refined the design.

Based on the weekly meetings with the mental health peers, Alice used multiple revisions to refine the concept.
The final design shows puzzle pieces that make up a portrait of a woman on one side and a man on the adjoining wall. “We wanted to focus on how we become a connected community through our different personalities and personas, whether they are healthy or not,” Mizrachi said.

Before it was installed, her design was approved by all member groups. PS 22 is also home to one of the most celebrated children’s choirs in the country.

“The collaborative process is something you have to embrace when you work like this,” Mizrachi said. “I guide participants through the design process while leaving space for what unfolds during the discovery process. It’s delightful to work with people who know very little about creating art but add suggestions based on their intuition and feelings.

“But that’s also the beauty of working with groups,” she said. “You have to be open to what other people bring to the table. I am so versed in arts I might not see something so obvious, something I might overlook because it’s so simple. At times it can be frustrating, but the reward of being able to get different perspectives, that’s just such a blessing.

“To make people’s vision and message come to life, I feel so powerful to be able to do that.”
It was a busy month for Mizrachi, who mounted two other murals in the city; a temporary one in, Williamsburg, Brooklyn as part of a Proactiv skincare campaign with the media company CNX as part of an anti-shaming campaign, and a permanent mural in the courtyard of the Merchants River House Restaurant in Manhattan’s Battery Park neighborhood.
The Merchants mural is “a floral design that creates a calm, peaceful feeling for folks to enjoy while they eat,” Mizrachi said.

Conde Nast and CNX hired Mizrachi after canvassing her website and Instagram page.
Unlike most of her projects, a third company, Colossal Media, was hired to paint the sixty-foot high, twenty-foot wide mural on the wall, located at North 12th and Berry streets, in Brooklyn’s Williamsburg neighborhood.
Phase 1 of the campaign, called “Paint Positivity; #Because Words Matter,” began online, with the company inviting people to list the hateful words they heard others say about their skin.

Those words were put on the mural first, before participants were invited to help “paint out the hate” in Phase 2.
Days later Mizrachi’s concept, a beautiful, earth Goddess-like woman, covered the space above the hateful words. The unpainted bottom of the mural was left in black and white for participants and community members to fill in.. “They wanted a serene, vibrant woman, someone who felt good about herself,” Mizrachi said.

Finally, the public was invited to paint over the hateful words, leaving only the positive message.
Proactive spokesperson Kendall Jenner was on hand for a photo shoot, as well as local media.

Mizrachi’s busy work schedule promises to continue this fall , with a solo exhibition alongside a women’s group exhibition she curated. That show, titled “EVOLUTION.” It will open on September 26th at The Andrew Freedman Home in the Bronx.
Stay tuned!

To see more of Alice’s work:
Instagram: @am_NYC

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Freakshow offstage intimate moments by Almudena Caminero

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, July 30, 2019 / — “When I wanted to visit a place that I could not go to, I painted it. For me, art became like a way of travel, a way to create those places I wanted to be in, but that I couldn’t get to. I recreated those spaces and moved into them. I spent days in front of the canvas living inside this imaginary world with its characters. It was a great way to escape from reality and explore places that I could not visit otherwise because, in some instances, they didn’t even exist.”

Almudena Caminero has always been fascinating by storytelling, and it is there where she has always found her inspiration. “Each painting usually starts with a story, a tale, or a song I hear. As I start working on the painting, I add more and more details. The more time I spent with a painting, the more details I come up with.” And it this way that the Spanish artist creates her “narrative paintings,” pictures that look like they have been taken from a movie strip, where we can feel a particular atmosphere, and a rich background story of the characters she portraits. “I want the spectator to be the one to interpret the details, to put together these pieces, and finish the story.”

Based on her cinematographic approach to art, it is no surprise that Almudena has built a solid career in the film industry. “I started painting when I was very young, and it has always been part of my life. At a point, I couldn’t picture myself in any other field. But life ended up taking me toward production design where I work now recreating the worlds that other people have in their heads.”

But Almudena has never abandoned her painting, and she is now presenting “After the Carnival is Gone,” her latest series at Cargo Project Gallery, a new art space operating on the border of the trendy art neighborhood of Bushwick and Ridgewood in New York City. “We opened Cargo Project Gallery with the idea of bringing underexposed international artists and creatives to New York,” says Kika Espejo, the founder, and director. “Almudena’s paintings are deeply engaging. She immerses the viewer in these scenes where they encounter vulnerable and intimate moments of the freakshow performance aftermath. Her pictures are like a marriage between the loneliness and isolation we find in Edward Hopper’s characters and spaces and the theatrical and freaky aesthetic of David Lynch.”

The exhibition would be a one-night show which is going to be the Cargo Project Gallery regular format. “We have a program that will present a wide range of disciplines for one-night exhibitions and events, from censored Cuban photography-based artists to socially engaged illustrators from Iran, and a controversial film projection of 9/11 comedy from Spain,” Kika says. “We are looking forward to the opening of Almudena’s show and hope to engage our community in these incredible worlds that she creates.”

Kika Espejo
Cargo Project Gallery
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EOS and the Dawn of the Voter Rewards

NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, July 30, 2019 / — One of the most polarizing topics within the EOS community today is voter rewards.

Some fear it will lead to the demise of the network as vote rewarding Block Producers “race to the bottom,” while others applaud the free market reward sharing model as an unstoppable force distributing value back to token holders. The fact is, history has told us voting rewards have not been kind to DPOS chains, but EOS is altogether a different animal. Will history repeat itself as token holders line up to “collect those divs,” or can EOS still find a way to prosper with Block Producers sharing rewards with their voters and running on thinner margins?

Race to the bottom
What does a race to the bottom look like? Pressure begins to build forcing Block Producers to exchange rewards for votes in order to stay relevant. Block Producers compete by increasingly giving away more than the next. Looking for ways to save on operating costs, Block Producers scale back, halting development, and band together to share infrastructure. Decentralization diminishes, upgrades and development screech to a halt, the community becomes frustrated and angry as the token value plummets, and a migration to potentially greener pastures ensues.

Why would the fate of EOS be any different? Network effects are the moat. EOS has real users that companies can harness and build profitable blockchain applications around. The success of these applications creates an even bigger network effect, which in turn brings in even more users. These companies, with profitable applications, can then leverage their profits and become Block Producers. Sound familiar? That’s because it’s already happening. Vote rewarding Block Producers like Newdex care about the success of the network because they have skin in the game in the form of their profitable business built on EOS.

EOS Resources
From a token owners perspective, one of the most dynamic features of EOS is the fact that the network is built around resources. Token resources like CPU and NET have value. Voting is also a token resource that has value. As a token owner, you not only own these resources, but also have the freedom to be compensated for them. By owning EOS, you own your vote, and the right to be rewarded for it.

The Future of EOS
The world is changing at an incredible clip and crypto-tech is at the cutting edge. Businesses are beginning to discover the amazing effects of a reward/profit-sharing model facilitated by smart contract platforms like EOS. As EOS continues to gain more adoption through social media applications like Voice and games like Blankos, Block Producers attempting to get votes with community contributions alone are in big trouble. A new wave of Block Producers will emerge, not dependent on block rewards and better equipped to run on thinner margins. These companies with their deeper-pockets can afford to pay voter rewards and upgrade infrastructure as a way to market and secure the success of their EOS-based applications.

EOS Isn’t Dying Anytime Soon
There are no easy solutions on EOS. Things can be done to break up vote sharing cartels and hold Block Producers to high levels of performance, but the rewarding of token holders for their votes is nearly impossible to stop. What adjustments do we make going forward? Do we grandstand about ethics while vote buying continues to lurk in the shadows? Or do we shine a light on voter rewards and increase visibility by creating competitive and transparent markets around it? I challenge the community to continue to explore and the different options and new ideas through mindful communication with Block Producers and with each other. EOS isn’t dying anytime soon. Unlike other blockchains EOS is agile in its ability to evolve through working governance. There is not another blockchain that scaled and accomplished more in its infancy as it races to the top.

richie zhang
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Lenny Rosenberg, Owner of Marmalade Café, Successfully Negotiates Restaurant Flip for “Lenny’s”

The acclaimed businessman has proven that he has not lost the expertise of flipping any restaurant he puts his magic touch on.

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, July 30, 2019 / — Lenny Rosenberg, “The Michael Jordan of flipping restaurants” has done it again. With the rising minimum wage increasing to $15.00 and beyond in L.A., and now being passed in the house of representatives nationwide, Lenny has proven that he has not lost the expertise of flipping any restaurant he puts his magic touch on.

Lenny Rosenberg is pleased to announce big news on his name sake restaurant “Lenny’s” on Westwood Blvd in Los Angeles. In 2012, Lenny bought the landmark restaurant called “Juniors”, which was at that location for over 50 years and flipped it into none other than “Lenny’s”.

Now, he’s pleased to announce he is in successful negotiations to flip his name-sake restaurant to a prominent restaurant chain called “Wise and Sons” who will carry on the great tradition that Lenny Rosenberg has instilled on the West Side of L.A. for the last 6 years. He would like to say “thank you to all valued customers that made “Lenny’s” a success for so many years.”

“Lenny’s” will shutter its doors for the last time on Sunday July 28th 2019.

For the last few years, Lenny has teamed with his interior decorator Adesa Swan and the team has been buying & selling restaurants across the country, from New York through the mid-west and now up & down the coast of California. Lenny has made a name in the industry of flipping restaurants with the upmost quality of food & service.

Lenny’s new acquisitions are as follows:

Marmalade Café: Located on the famous Montana Ave in Santa Monica, which is the original location of a seven-store chain of restaurants. What sets Marmalade above the rest is its unique country-style boutique deli atmosphere. Marmalade in Santa Monica provides not only the best food quality but also is well known for its corporate & full service catering it provides throughout the L.A. area.

800 Degrees Westwood Napoleon Pizza: Located on Lindbrook Drive in Westwood, which is also the original location of a 20-store chain of restaurants. What sets 800 Degrees above the rest is their high-quality pizza that the staff flew to Italy to learn how to make.

When someone walks into 800 Degrees they get to create their own pizza at the unique self-service pizza kiosk and then watch the line of cooks while they make the pizza from scratch. It’s a great family environment, great food and of course great Napoleon pizza!

Aurora DeRose
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Edison Research’s Lazovick Premiers Moms Audio Usage Research At M2Moms® The Marketing to Moms Conference

M2Moms - Marketing to Moms

Megan Lazovick, VP, Edison Research

Multi-tasking with audio: Edison studies how moms use audio

There is an incredible amount of new, exciting audio content available and more women than ever consuming that content.”

— Megan Lazovick, VP, Edison Research

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, July 30, 2019 / — “Todays moms use audio for self-care and inspiration while balancing all their other tasks and responsibilities. It’s the respite among the chaos of being a mom,” according to Megan Lazovick, VP, Edison Research. Previewing her presentation at M2Moms®-The Marketing to Moms Conference, Lazovick explained, “Our annual Moms and Media study showed that 87% of moms listen to online radio and 56% listen to podcasts. In addition to our audio findings, I’ll also premier new, never-before-seen data from The Research Moms’ national 2019 survey”. M2Moms® will be held October 16 & 17, 2019, at Fordham University’s NYC Lincoln Center campus. It is presented by The Center for Positive Marketing at Fordham and is attended by national and global brand marketing executives to learn how to build more business with women and moms.

Edison, A World Leader in Audio Research
“Luckily for moms,” Lazovick continued, “Listening to audio is something that can be done in tandem with many of the other tasks in their lives. And luckily for marketers, they have access to moms through these media at a time where there is an incredible amount of new, exciting content available and more women than ever consuming that content. For our 2019 Research Moms national survey Edison Research conducted one-on-one interviews with moms about the importance of audio in their lives and how it makes life better. My presentation will share the key takeaways of our findings.”

2019 Highlights:
“Edison’s research is always an important segment for brands at M2Moms®. This year’s conference will also include sessions from Australia’s Katrina McCarter with in-depth look at the moms market in China. Katrina’s latest book The Mother of All Opportunities includes a rich chapter on moms in China. Every year 17 million new babies are born in China versus only 4 million new US babies. It absolutely dwarfs the US market,” according to Nan McCann, M2Moms® producer. “We’ll also be especially focusing on tech with segments on how moms and women are using every screen at their disposal to network, search, get advice, recommend, shop & buy. The tech sessions & media discussions will be presented by Google, Facebook, YouTube, Foursquare, BuzzFeed, JetBlack, Instagram and Edison Research. Additionally, we’ll study how “smart” innovation is changing the home environment. Plus, we’ll examine how intergenerational marketing has become a key component of marketing to moms and women. But, probably our most timely new presentations will look at the very real differences between millennial moms and women and the massive emerging cohort of Gen Z moms and women!”

Creative Engagement & Awards:
“It’s not all work, to stimulate everyone’s creative juices we’re introducing our first ever female targeted startup “Shark Tank” featuring quick elevator pitches with a cash prize to the winner voted by the audience. Plus, in keeping with our annual traditions we’ll present our “Mom First” & “This Woman Means Business” Awards. The “Mom First” Award is given to a mom who saw and successfully pursued a business opportunity she discovered while being a mom. The “This Women Means Business” Award is presented to a proven business leader… an innovator and visionary…who in words and actions recognizes that women can be a transforming economic force in the world today…that for every successful enterprise, women mean business.”

About Megan Lazovick:
Megan Lazovick is a Vice President at Edison Research. She crafts custom research for thought leadership and content marketing and specializes in the creative presentation of data and insights. Megan is also a co-founder of Edison Research’s mom-focused research division, The Research Moms. In 2018, she was named as one of Cynopsis Media's "Top Women in Digital."

M2Moms® / M2W® Sponsors:
Presenting Sponsor for 2019 is The Center for Positive Marketing at Fordham University. Additional sponsors include: Google, AARP, Facebook, Foursquare, WongDoody, The MotherBoard, FlashLight Insights, Playwell LLC, Marketing to Mums, The Female Factor, The Hunter Miller Group, Edison Research, BuzzFeed, Snippies and Tiny Tutus.

About M2Moms® / M2W®
M2Moms® -The Marketing to Moms Conference
M2W® -The Marketing to Women Conference
October 16 & 17, 2019
Pope Auditorium at Fordham University
113 W. 60TH St., NYC

For information:, or 860.724.2649 or
25% Early Registration Discount Code Is EB25 at:

M2Moms® & M2W® are produced by PME® Enterprises LLC, a sales and marketing company specializing in event creation, promotion, production and management.

Nan McCann
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Clothing And Accessories Stores Market 2019 Research Outlook offers Clothing And Clothing Accessories Stores Global Market Report 2019 from its research database.

The Major Competitors In Clothing And Clothing Accessories Stores Market Are Abercrombie & Fitch Co., American Eagle Outfitters Inc., The Buckle Inc., Carter's Inc., Chico's FAS Inc.”

— Abdul Wasay

LONDON, GREATER LONDON, UK, July 30, 2019 / — The clothing and clothing accessories stores market consists of sales of clothing and clothing accessories by entities (organizations, sole traders and partnerships) that sell clothing and clothing accessories to ultimate users from fixed locations.

The clothing and clothing accessories stores market expected to reach a value of nearly $1940.14 billion by 2022, significantly growing at a CAGR of 7.5% during the forecast period. The growth in the clothing and clothing accessories stores market is due to the growing demand for updated fashion clothing in all ages.

However, the market for clothing and clothing accessories stores is expected to face certain restraints from several factors such as growing competition and trade restrictions between countries.

Request For A Free Sample For The Global Clothing And Clothing Accessories Stores Market Report:

The global clothing and clothing accessories stores market is further segmented based on type and geography.
By Type – The clothing and clothing accessories stores market is segmented into clothing/apparel stores, jewellery & watch stores, optical goods stores, footwear stores among these segments, the clothing and clothing accessories stores accounts for the largest share in the global clothing and clothing accessories stores market.

By Geography – The global clothing and clothing accessories stores market is segmented into north America, South America, Asia-Pacific, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, Middle East and Africa. Among these regions, Asia-Pacific was the largest region in the global clothing and clothing accessories stores market.

Read More On The Report For The Global Clothing And Clothing Accessories Stores Market At:

Trends In The Clothing And Clothing Accessories Stores Market
In 2014, many e-commerce retailers started offline stores. Birchbox, an e-commerce store opened its first physical store in Soho, New York and companies like Bonobos and Warby Parker doubled the number of their brick and mortar stores in 2014. E-commerce retailers setting up offline stores are good news for brick and mortar concept because it validates the need for physical stores.

Potential Opportunities In The Clothing And Clothing Accessories Stores Market
With the expected increase in population and rise in spending capacity of individuals, the scope and potential for the global clothing and clothing accessories stores market is expected to significantly rise in the forecast period.

Major players in the clothing and clothing accessories stores market include Abercrombie & Fitch Co., American Eagle Outfitters Inc., The Buckle Inc., Carter's Inc., Chico's FAS Inc.

Clothing And Clothing Accessories Stores Global Market Report 2019 is one of a series of new reports from The Business Research Company that provides clothing and clothing accessories stores market overviews, analyzes and forecasts clothing and clothing accessories stores market size and growth for the global clothing and clothing accessories stores market, clothing and clothing accessories stores market share, clothing and clothing accessories stores market players, clothing and clothing accessories stores market size, clothing and clothing accessories stores market segments and geographies, clothing and clothing accessories stores market trends, clothing and clothing accessories stores market drivers and clothing and clothing accessories stores market restraints, clothing and clothing accessories stores market’s leading competitors’ revenues, profiles and market shares. The clothing and clothing accessories stores market report identifies top countries and segments for opportunities and strategies based on market trends and leading competitors’ approaches.

Where To Learn More

Read Clothing And Clothing Accessories Stores Global Market Report 2019 from The Business Research Company for information on the following:

Markets Covered: global clothing and clothing accessories stores market, clothing/apparel stores, jewellery & watch stores, optical goods stores, footwear stores.

Data Segmentations: clothing and clothing accessories stores market size, global and by country; historic and forecast size, and growth rates for the world, 7 regions and 12 countries

Clothing And Clothing Accessories Stores Market Organizations Covered: Abercrombie & Fitch Co., American Eagle Outfitters Inc., The Buckle Inc., Carter's Inc., Chico's FAS Inc.

Regions: Asia-Pacific, China, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, North America, USA, South America, Middle East and Africa.

Time Series: Five years historic (2014-18) and forecast (2018-22).

Other Information And Analyses: PESTEL analysis, clothing and clothing accessories stores market customer information, clothing and clothing accessories stores market product/service analysis – product examples, clothing and clothing accessories stores market trends and opportunities, drivers and restraints, key mergers and acquisitions, key metrics covered: number of enterprises, number of employees, global clothing and clothing accessories stores market in 2019 – countries offering most new opportunities

Sourcing and Referencing: Data and analysis throughout the report are sourced using end notes.

Strategies For Participants In The Clothing And Clothing Accessories Stores Industry: The report explains a number of strategies for companies in the clothing and clothing accessories stores market, based on industry trends and company analysis.

Opportunities For Companies In The Clothing And Clothing Accessories Stores Sector: The report reveals where the global clothing and clothing accessories stores industry will put on most $ sales up to 2022.

Interested to know more about The Business Research Company?

The Business Research Company has published over 300 industry reports, covering over 2400 market segments and 56 geographies. The reports draw on 150,000 datasets, extensive secondary research, and exclusive insights from interviews with industry leaders. Here is a list of reports from The Business Research Company similar to Clothing And Clothing Accessories Stores Global Market Report 2019:

Knitted Fabrics Market By Type (Dyed Synthetic Fibres, Pile Fabrics, Elastomeric Yarn, Warp Knit, Cotton Dyed, Synthetic Fibres Printed, Artificial Fibres Dyed, Lace And Others), Market Trends And Market Players – Global Forecast To 2022.

Textile And Fabric Finishing And Fabric Coating Mills Global Market Report 2019

Oliver Guirdham
The Business Research Company
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U.S. Congressman, Chris Stewart and Enclavix CEO, Nicole Toomey Davis in Silicon Slopes panel, A Tech Policy Discussion

Tech Policy Silicon Slopes 7 30 2019

Tech Policy Silicon Slopes 7 30 2019

VentureWrench, Startup Coaching Community

VentureWrench, Startup Coaching Community

Nicole Toomey Davis

Nicole Toomey Davis, Enclavix Pres & CEO and VentureWrench Co-Creator

July 30, 2019 at Silicon Slopes Event – Farmington, Utah Chapter

Today's panel, "A Tech Policy Discussion" will feature U.S. Congressman Chris Stewart and Enclavix CEO and VentureWrench co-Creator, Nicole Toomey Davis.”

— Moderated by Troy Keller of Dorsey & Whitney

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH, US, July 30, 2019 / — Today's Silicon Slopes panel, "A Tech Policy Discussion," will feature U.S. Congressman Chris Stewart and Enclavix President and CEO and VentureWrench co-Creator, Nicole Toomey Davis.  The panel will be moderated by Troy Keller of international law firm Dorsey & Whitney. Topics to be covered include privacy law developments, growing your business with federal R&D grants, SBIR awards and government appropriations and Utah’s role in DefenseTech.

Chris Stewart is the Congressman from Utah's Second Congressional District. Congressman Stewart’s key roles on the House Appropriations Committee and Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence put him in a unique position to represent Utah’s burgeoning technology industries. He is also a No. 1 New York Times best-selling and national award-winning author, world-record-setting Air Force pilot, and the former owner/CEO of a small business.

As part of her leadership of Enclavix, Nicole Toomey Davis is the co-creator of the VentureWrench Startup Community and raised over $1.2 million in funding from the National Science Foundation SBIR program for the VentureWrench Library, an AI-powered, free online library of curated startup resources to help entrepreneurs get quickly to success. Ms. Davis is a serial entrepreneur and served as an SBIR reviewer for many years.

The panel will be moderated by Troy Keller of Dorsey & Whitney. He represents businesses in their most strategic initiatives and on their most challenging issues with twenty years of experience in government relations and corporate law.

The VentureWrench team of serial entrepreneurs at Enclavix launched the VentureWrench Startup Community to help accelerate innovation and entrepreneurship, including coaching content to help entrepreneurs bring capital into their businesses.  As successful recipients of SBIR funding, the VentureWrench Community offers a free guide, 40 Ways to Improve your SBIR Proposal™ which provides tips from the perspective of an experienced reviewer to help proposing teams avoid unnecessary mistakes and improve their SBIR proposals. The team also offers an online course "Improve Your SBIR Proposal – Insights From The Review Process".

Entrepreneurs can visit to get their free copy of the VentureWrench Guide – 40 ways to Improve your SBIR Proposal.

The VentureWrench Startup Community builds on the AI-powered VentureWrench Library at, also free for entrepreneurs, and adds rich content including E-books, checklists, guides, the team's StartupNotes blog, online courses and workshops to help entrepreneurs get to success more quickly. Entrepreneurs can access all of this and more at

About Enclavix, LLC and the VentureWrench Startup Community

Enclavix is an Artificial Intelligence software company that creates online tools to accelerate innovation and entrepreneurship by applying artificial intelligence, machine learning and related technologies to identify and curate the highest quality, most useful resources to coach and support startup entrepreneurs and to tackle intellectual property challenges. The company has received over $1.2 million in funding from the National Science Foundation through the SBIR program to allow the launch of the AI – powered VentureWrench Library. The VentureWrench Startup Community combines artificial intelligence and advanced software with rich content to help entrepreneurs bring capital into their business, solve problems, answer questions and help them move their business forward.

The startup coaches and creators of the VentureWrench Startup Community, the team at Enclavix, LLC, are experienced entrepreneurs who have started multiple businesses, raised millions of dollars in investment from investors and the SBIR program, and sold their prior company to a public firm. Our CEO has also mentored and provided grant funding for dozens of emerging technology companies through her public service running a State funding program. The team is passionate about entrepreneurship and its potential for entrepreneurs and for the economy.

Enclavix designed the VentureWrench Library to help entrepreneurs find the information they need – from the best resources – as quickly as possible. Enclavix appreciates the support of the National Science Foundation which provided funding for a portion of this work.
Learn more at or .

About Silicon Slopes Farmington Chapter

Silicon Slopes now has an active chapter in Farmington, connecting Davis and Weber County entrepreneurs. Silicon Slopes (#SiliconSlopes) is the hub of Utah’s startup and tech community. Spanning from Logan to St. George, Silicon Slopes is a state-wide organization and the official moniker of Utah’s startup and tech community. We have chapters in every region of the state, as well as chapters focused on specific topics/sectors within the community. The Silicon Slopes event will be held at Pluralsight's East Headquarters in Farmington UT on July 30th at noon. To register to attend, visit our workshop site at .

Nicole Toomey Davis
Enclavix, LLC – VentureWrench
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Is Notre-Dame of Paris a Saint or Sinner, Divine or Damned? Read John Griswald's Epic War Novel GIRL FROM RUE SERPENTE



Since the fire at Notre-Dame of Paris, the buzz centered on Our Lady herself. John Griswald's epic romantic novel GIRL FROM RUE SERPENTE presents his opinion.

Is Notre-Dame Cathedral of Paris a Saint or a Sinner, or is she Divine or Damned? John Griswald's epic and erotic novel tries to show the answers people want to know.”

— Stan Zipperman

HONOLULU, HAWAII, UNITED STATES, July 30, 2019 / — Ever since the major fire swept through the iconic 850 year-old Notre-Dame Cathedral of Paris this April, the controversial buzz has centered on the role that Our Lady herself actually may have played. The fire was watched by an estimated 3 billion people out of the 7.7 billion the world population is today. These curious people prayed, watched and waited for the 2 day event in person on the streets, on internet computers and smart phones "live," or got hooked on world-wide news broadcasts on radio and television. It was finally announced that the fire was put out and the church was saved in the nick of time by the brave firefighters from complete destruction. The event was said to be the world's biggest news story of the year thus far.

Catholics and Protestants alike, as well as people of other religious faiths around the world, asked and wondered what the fire really meant in today's rapidly-changing world. Luckily, novelist John Griswald had written the book, the hard-hitting epic and erotic novel GIRL FROM RUE SERPENTE that hoped to deal with the subject of what role does a temple of worship have to prove when unexpected events cause great tragedies. GIRL FROM RUE SERPENTE tackles that question in many different and often difficult and surprising ways by portraying Notre-Dame almost like an actual character in the thrilling fast-moving plot. Some people thought they would go to The Holy Bible to find some answers but Notre-Dame didn't exist during the composition of The Holy Book pages.

Today, one of the best and most powerful choices for seeking answers is the epic war novel where two star-crossed lovers meet their fate — GIRL FROM RUE SERPENTE.

Novelist Griswald has made Notre-Dame a symbolic character in the tragic story of intrigue, suspense and mystery. Three leading characters are involved in the strange contemporary conflict as it unfolds: Aimee Ange, who is a beautiful young French Resistance fighter who wants to become a nun at Notre-Dame Cathedral; Christian Gavin, a handsome American soldier who is part of the Allied Liberation force that ousts the Nazi Occupation from the fabled city of Paris during World War II; and Father Cariot, a manipulative, self-righteous and lusting priest at Notre-Dame. All are seeking some kind of salvation as the war seeks out its victims without warning.

However, Aimee Ange views Notre-Dame Cathedral in Chapter One of GIRL FROM RUE SERPENTE this way: "But there were others who fell under Notre-Dame's spell and spoke of Her as Our Lady of Paris, a living force, a hymn in stone. And so it was with Aimee Ange."

The buzz remains strong and is picking up momentum because of the talk about the haunting art work design by Brazilian artist Ricardo Movits. His beautiful oil painting takes place inside a surreal Notre-Dame chamber between the three main characters in a maddening nightmare of one of the story's two lovers. Movits' 24" X 36" master artwork captures the mystical moment that highlights the book's intriguing plot and prepares the reader of what kind of struggles lie in ahead for the two lovers and the fate that awaits them in the shadows of the darkest hours still to come.

In addition to the surreal nightmare scene, there are other plot points that are outright shocking as well. An unsuspecting youth is lured to the Notre-Dame choir loft where he is sexually seduced. Another situation occurs where a teenage suicide is revealed in the shadows of the church's men's rest room. Then there's the scene where a character buys "phony" pornographic photos on the church's property. And last but not least, there's the soldier who calls himself The Murderer. Is he just bragging or is he getting down to his heavy duty secrets? These are some of the indiscretions that must be addressed in some way or another. Who is ultimately responsible for the death and destruction that happens at Notre-Dame of Paris? Is it Our Lady herself? Is she a Saint or Sinner? Is she Divine or Damned?

Is there a movie of GIRL FROM RUE SERPENTE somewhere in the future? With all the hoopla building around this book, some motion picture executive should see and hear what's going on right now. Movies with stories about wars and lovers caught in wartime situations have always been gold for Hollywood entertainment executives and that statue named Oscar has been won many times over for the right wartime movies. Does "Raiders of the Lost Ark" ring a bell? How about "Charade?" Don't overlook "Casablanca" or "From Here to Eternity." For the time being, however, were setting out sights on becoming a world-wide Best Selling Novel, eventually at the New York Times. Everything in the proper time…

To order a copy of GIRL FROM RUE SERPENTE to read and review, it is suggested you go to Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Booksamillion, Walmart or Ebay

For information on Ricardo Movits please go to: www.artcollectorswebsite.

For information on John Griswald, please contact Stan Zipperman:

Stan Zipperman

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Girl From Rue Serpente Trailer

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New York Mesothelioma Victims Center Now Offers A Person with Mesothelioma in New York Direct Access To The New York Based Lawyers At Karst von Oiste Who Will Spend The Time To Ensure Better Compensation Results

"Please call us at 800-714-0303 so that we can personally introduce you to attorney Erik Karst and his remarkable team at Karst von Oiste-for a conversation about mesothelioma compensation."

— New York Mesothelioma Victims Center

BUFFALO , NEW YORK, USA, July 30, 2019 / — The New York Mesothelioma Victims Center fears that frequently people with mesothelioma in New York State will act impulsively when it comes to hiring a lawyer to assist with a mesothelioma compensation claim-especially if they live outside of New York City. The Internet can be a confusing place when it comes to mesothelioma lawyers. About half of the law firms advertising on the Internet in New York State are out of state marketing law firms-probably not the attorneys who will even work on the case if a person in New York signs up with them as the group would like to discuss anytime at 800-714-0303. https://NewYork.MesotheliomaVictimsCenter.Com

The New York Mesothelioma Victims Center is an advocate for people with mesothelioma and their top priority is seeing to it that people with mesothelioma in New York State receive the very best possible financial compensation results. They say, "Before a person with mesothelioma anywhere in New York State or their family hires a lawyer or law firm to assist with compensation we are urging them to call us at 800-714-0303 so that we can personally introduce them to attorney Erik Karst and his remarkable team at Karst von Oiste.

"Erik, or one of his firm's lawyer colleagues will come to visit a person with mesothelioma anywhere in New York State in their home. The purpose of the no obligation in home visit is to discuss mesothelioma compensation, how it works, and what type of information they will need to proceed with a mesothelioma compensation claim."

Prior to a meeting like this it is vitally important that the person with mesothelioma start to list all the places, times, and the circumstances related to their asbestos exposure. It is this information that becomes the basis for a mesothelioma compensation claim and it is super important as the New York Mesothelioma Victims Center would like to explain anytime at 800-714-0303. https://NewYork.MesotheliomaVictimsCenter.Com

The New York Mesothelioma Victims Center is especially focused on assisting former factory workers with mesothelioma in upstate New York-including the following communities: Buffalo, Amsterdam, Schenectady, Binghamton, Rochester, Syracuse, Watertown, Utica, Rome, or Poughkeepsie. https://NewYork.MesotheliomaVictimsCenter.Com

For the best possible mesothelioma treatment options in New York the New York Mesothelioma Victims Center strongly recommends the following three heath care facilities with the offer to help a diagnosed victim, or their family get to the right physicians at each hospital:

*New York City's Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Clinic:

*New York City's Columbia Presbyterian Hospital:

*New York City's Mount Sinai Hospital: lung-cancer/about-lung-cancer/ about-mesothelioma/

The New York Mesothelioma Victims Center specializes in financial compensation for diagnosed victims of mesothelioma. High-risk work groups for exposure to asbestos in New York include US Navy Veterans, power plant workers, maritime workers, shipyard workers, manufacturing, or industrial workers, plumbers, welders, electricians, auto mechanics, machinists, insulators, miners, railroad workers or construction workers. Typically, the exposure to asbestos occurred in the 1950's, 1960's, 1970's, or 1980's. Navy Veterans make up about one third of all people diagnosed with mesothelioma in the United States each year.

The states indicated with the highest incidence of mesothelioma include Maine, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, Virginia, Michigan, Illinois, Minnesota, Louisiana, Washington, and Oregon. However, based on the calls the Mesothelioma Victims Center receives a diagnosed victim of mesothelioma could live in any state including New York.

For more information about mesothelioma please refer to the National Institutes of Health's web site related to this rare form of cancer:

Michael Thomas
New York Mesothelioma Victims Center
+1 800-714-0303
email us here

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Award for South African hide-away

Buccara wins Luxury Lifestyle Award for Pezula Private Castle in Knysna, South Africa

NEW YORK CITY, NY, UNITED STATES, July 30, 2019 / — Pezula Private Castle, part of an exclusive collection of private homes by premium tour operator Buccara and hailed as the “Best Property in South Africa” by US news channel CNBC, has been recognized with the Luxury Lifestyle Award. Buccara – Swahili for “secret place” – offers luxury accommodations designed to provide a home far away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life; a home like Pezula Private Castle in Knysna, on one of South Africa’s most beautiful beaches. The Luxury Lifestyle Awards jury, which annually selects the best luxury goods and services from all over the world, has distinguished this hide-away on the famous Garden Route as one of the world’s finest in the “Luxury Boutique Hotel” category. The award is again testimony to the hotel’s special character featuring a stunning location overlooking the secluded Noetzie beach, individual décor with great attention to detail, and comprehensive personal service. Nelson Mandela made Pezula Private Castle his home in 2008 for ten days of reflection and peaceful contemplation.

Lasting memories and moments that strengthen bonds is Buccara’s very own definition of true luxury. The team crafts bespoke holiday experiences, starting with the journey to the destination through to local activities – a concept the tour operator’s increasing clientele has come to appreciate. The renowned Luxury Lifestyle Awards jury now also honors Buccara’s philosophy of customized stays, which the remarkable atmosphere of the architecturally impressive Pezula Private Castle in Knysna embodies in a perfect way. While the interior of the property’s three castles, each with private ocean view terraces and open fireplaces, a pool, direct access to the beach, an executive butler and a private chef, offer the ultimate in luxury and comfort, the atmosphere is informal and snug. Guests at this home-away-from-home can choose between soaking in lazy days and enjoying nature, on a stroll to the edge of the nearby Noetzie River that runs Sinclair Nature Reserve, for example.
Further information about Buccara’s exclusive portfolio is available online at

About Buccara
Buccara is Swahili for “secret place”. For more than a decade the company has been hosting unique holiday experiences for a select circle of guests at private places at exceptional locations around the globe. Luxuriously appointed and created with great attention to detail, Buccara’s villas, penthouses, castles and private yachts are designed for families and groups to enjoy special moments together, far away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Buccara is all about such moments, and the team has perfected the art of casual luxury: All accommodation and yachts are owned by Buccara, and dedicated staff on site guarantees premium quality and service. From exquisite culinary delights, prepared by a private chef if desired, through to private butlers, carefully curated tours and insider’s tips for local experiences – the Buccara team is dedicated to caring for its guests.
Buccara is based in Germany. The company’s portfolio currently includes 19 properties in South Africa, Spain, Italy and Austria as well as 14 yachts in Spain and in the Bahamas.

Olha Kipiani
Luxury Lifestyle Awards
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+995 599032203
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