Domain Name Stat Launches WHOIS Database Download

A Great Means to Get Information on Any Registered Domain

NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, August 12, 2019 / — Domain Name Stat is launching its Domaining-recognized WHOIS Database Download that lets users obtain extensive and well-parsed information on all registered domains in a single package.

Backed by a database containing billions of WHOIS records that span the entire TLD space, the product can help users gather information on millions of active domains. It not only keeps tabs on websites that use commonly known gTLDs and ccTLDs, but also less widely seen gTLDs such as .biz and many more.

Domain Name Stat has been tracking domains throughout the World Wide Web since 2008, giving users not only access to the latest information on any domain, but also historical details—a feature that is particularly beneficial for those in the cybersecurity, fraud investigation, market research, and other industries.

With WHOIS Database Download, performing individual checks on certain domains is a breeze. It lets users gather detailed information on a domain’s history, including registrant or ownership transfers. The product also eases registrar checks by giving users the capability to dig through a domain’s past to see all the registrar modifications it has undergone. Investigating unlawful activities to uncover connected domains, websites, and IP addresses associated with fraud is also possible.

With ever-evolving cybercrime tools and tactics, cybersecurity professionals and law enforcement agencies are never left idle. WHOIS Database Download lets them identify, detect, and investigate criminal activities for analysis and defense. With the tool, they can easily spot all websites, IP addresses, and domains that may be linked to their case. Backed by a comprehensive database of WHOIS records, unlocking key information on unlawful activities is now possible.

Domain registrars who need to constantly keep track of domain registrations will also find the transfer ownership data useful. With this, they can get pertinent details about a domain throughout its life cycle. They can get a list of all of the domain’s past owners, easing the reservation and assignment processes. With WHOIS Database Download, avoiding duplicate IP addresses is now so easy.

Any company needs to protect its brand. And WHOIS Database Download helps organizations do just that. It aids them in checking for potential trademark infringements, thus protecting their intellectual property. As more and more consumer decisions are influenced by brands, companies cannot afford to put their reputation at stake, as misrepresentations can spell disaster. The WHOIS information made available by the tool can help them keep tabs on domain duplicates and similarities that can harm their brand.

WHOIS Database Download is also useful for marketing professionals who want to get to know their customers better. With it, they can monitor and spot emerging trends, allowing them to come up with the best marketing strategies backed by numbers.

For those in the business of fraud detection, meanwhile, it can be hard to identify potential threat sources. Fortunately, WHOIS Database Download can give them a reference to cross-check leads against. The records in it reveal who’s behind a questionable domain or website, allowing them to gauge its safety with regard to conducting financial transactions. They can, essentially, prevent fraud before it happens.

WHOIS Database Download has many practical uses but what makes it more interesting is that it doesn’t require advanced technical know-how to decipher and put to work. With results downloadable in three formats—MySQL, MySQL database, and CSV—users won’t need to buy additional software and hardware to read data. It’s easy to integrate into existing systems as well.

And because the information in it comes in a consistent format, users can easily make data comparisons using any of the fields (registrar, registrant, etc.) as basis. Filtering data is also possible (by country, TLD, etc.) if that is required. Each record in WHOIS Database Download contains the domain’s registration and expiration dates; registrant and billing, administrative, and technical contact names and details; and more. Users can choose from among the many information categories available when analyzing data.

WHOIS Database Download is also customizable and may be downloaded in various packages. A one-time download gives users access to the entire database, ideal for those in the cybersecurity, law enforcement, and fraud investigation fields. Other packages containing location-specific data, for instance, are also offered, ideal for those in the marketing and research sectors. For more information on how to purchase the product, leave a request by filling in the form at the bottom of Domain Name Stat’s WHOIS Database Download page.

Domain Name Stat aims to make domain name statistics insanely accessible. It specializes in giving user-friendly information on domain names via WHOIS Database Download and API Access that cybersecurity specialists, law enforcement agents, marketing professionals, domainers, registrars, researchers, and more would find insightful. As a Domaining-recognized partner, users can’t go wrong with Domain Name Stat’s products.

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Source: EIN Presswire