A New Play Opens in NYC "Good Morning Miss America" by Phyllis Yes

“With candor, humor and pathos, Yes’s play delves into serious health issues, conflicted family dynamics
and memory decline…” Maggi White, Portland Oregon.

NEW YORK CITY, NY, UNITED STATES, September 20, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Well-known Portland visual artist Dr. Phyllis Yes decided to write her first play at the age of 75, and she wrote a fine one. “Good Morning Miss America” is her family self-portrait characterizing a family dealing with aging parents with Dementia, and children who don’t quite know how to navigate the scenario. The show has walked all the way from Portland Oregon to Decorah, Iowa, and now it is taking a short stroll on Off-Broadway at the historic Theatre 80 on St. Marks Place, in the lower east side of Manhattan October 2nd, 2019. The show opened at the Coho Theater in Portland, directed by Jane fellows. When Actor, Director, Producer Katie O’Regan met Phyllis last summer in Portland, the two hit it off right away. O’Regan knew she had to read Yes play and when she did, she knew it needed to go up on stage again, so she decided to open the show in Decorah, Iowa where she grew up, and it was a huge hit to sold out audiences with people leaving the theater talking about situations in their own families that mirrored the play. Then the legs of “Good Morning Miss America got longer. Gert Boyle, the amazing Chairman of Columbia Sportswear, and author of “One Tough Mother”, is a long- time friend of Phyllis Yes. Gert saw the play when it opened in Portland, and she loved it, saying it was very real. A year later, after seeing the production in Decorah, Phyllis told Gert about what a big hit the show was in Decorah and Gert decided to put on her first-time theater wings and become an angel producer of the show in New York City. Yes called O’Regan to tell her the n City Native and actress plays the Mother “Doris” with Dementia. “Lou” is played by Henry Packer New York Native and accomplished stage and film actor *courtesy of actor’s equity. Packer plays the step father struggling to stay at home with his beloved, ailing wife while he deals with his own onslaught of dementia. Katie O’Regan switches hats for this production and takes the stage in the lead role playing Jane the responsible parents from afar. “Sammy” the sister from Florida who doesn't visit often, is played by New Yorker and Julliard graduate Darynn Zimmer. The cast looks and acts like a real family meant to walk this journey together. Purchase tickets by calling or on-line.

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