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SALT LAKE CITY, UT, UNITED STATES, October 1, 2019 / — A study conducted by the Auto Insurance Center based on data compiled by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has listed the causes behind fatal car accidents throughout the United States from 2009 to 2013. ASA insurance, a top provider of car insurance in Salt Lake City, says this report contains valuable information for drivers in Utah because it alerts them to potential issues before they occur.

The report shared the leading factor for fatal car accidents in Utah was the failure to keep in the proper lane – something Utah had in common with most other states. However, Utah was not listed among the top five states most affected by this issue. Wyoming was number one, followed by Mississippi, Tennessee, Vermont, and Idaho.

To create an accurate comparison, the information was gathered from NHTSA data, and the number of crashes in each state for each type of accident was divided by the population of the state. While the data in this study may be from 2009-2013, it provides valuable insight into common causes of car accidents and what can be done to prevent them. Utah rated well when compared to other states for drunk driving accidents. It’s listed as the fourth state with the least number of drunk driving crashes, behind Washington DC, New York, and Massachusetts.

Utah’s lower drunk driving rates may be surprising since it has fewer urban areas with public transportation. Often, issues with drunk driving are more prevalent in rural areas where a lack of public transportation increases the risk of people driving drunk due to limited transportation options. But in this case, Utah is the exception to the rule due to its strict drunk driving laws and the high Mormon population.

The report also shared that snow causes more accidents than rain and fog in Utah. Utah was also among a handful of states (primarily in the southwest) affected by crosswinds and fatal car accidents. Speeding is another factor in fatal car crashes in Utah, but the state did not rank highest nor lowest in this category, though it did rank well below its bordering state of Wyoming which was listed for second highest.

The study accounts for driver and passenger fatalities as well as pedestrian deaths. The data is important because it lets insurance carriers know what actions and situations cause the highest-risk for drivers. It is also important for drivers to help them become more aware of potential accident situations.

As Creed Anderson of ASA Insurance shares, “Drivers who are aware of high-risk situations may be more likely to take the necessary precautions to prevent an accident. For instance, drivers in Utah should learn how to drive in the snow and when to stay home because it’s a major issue in the state.”

An increased awareness of risks for car accidents in Utah can help alter dangerous behaviors and prevent these issues that could result in death or injury, along with an increase in insurance rates for multiple or major claims filed.

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