"Declare War on Climate Change" Needs to Mobilize Experts, Leaders, Bankers, Scientists, Organizers to Save the Planet



United Nations' Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) needs to mobilize top experts to save the planet from the immediate threat of climate change.

Immediate actions and solutions for "Declare War on Climate Change" new organization are required from experts, government leaders, bankers, organizations and leading scientists now and we mean NOW!”

— Stan Zipperman

HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, October 3, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — "We declare war on climate change" hopefully will be the new rallying call from people all around the world inhabited by a 7.7 billion world population who are seeking a better life now and want to save the planet for all mankind.

What is a better life? A definition changes as rapidly as technology itself changes these days. It is utterly impossible to keep up with the advances that change civilization and survival from one minute to the next.

Major problems that today appear to be the most urgent are to defeat the serious threat to our civilization — Climate Change. We need to mobilize ASAP.

Yes, Climate Change is our enemy — not other nations.

Public Awareness is our ally. We need to educate the international public by being honest and transparent.

Bring on the protests, and the marches, and the world concerts. After all, this is a patriotic movement that we can and should have. There is also a needed volunteer movement waiting to happen. We need to seek various ways to deal with controlling climate change itself effectively.

First, focused actions should be on "controlling" most importantly and on "cutting or banning carbon emissions and greenhouse gases" to put it bluntly. Here's the reason. The planet's ice and snow are melting at excelling rates and the seas are continuing to rise, making the environment more dangerous for all mankind. It's as simple as that. This is the first time that anyone is reading this press release. There are other lists of many other matters to be solved, but emissions and gases appear to be the most discussed at this time.

"Declare War on Climate Change.org" was just formed to create immediately a new organization which can activate concerns stated above. Luckily, the people we need, already exist. The big players know the people who are the leading experts and organizations who know the "who's who" to contact to immediately get things going in the right direction and how to proceed in an expedient manner. As stated earlier, this is the first time anyone has read this press release, so its open hunting to put together the best organizations of experts from all corners of the earth. Some names will be well established; others will brand new.

If expert people move quickly and in purposeful co-ordination, it will not cost an "arm and a leg" to get on the right track. The people involved now know the real "in's and out's" to get things going in the absolute right direction.

The names mentioned below appear to be the very ones who need to get together on the same playing field. The following people can jump start this tremendously important and challenging campaign to save the planet. Again, actions speak louder than words and there's no time like the present should be everyone's top priority during this crisis.

BANKING: Jean-Laurent, Director and Chief Executive Officer of BNP Paribas (plus 130 other worldwide banks);
David Malpass of World Bank

GOVERNMENTS: Presidents Emmanuel Macron, France; Boris Johnson, U.K.; Angela Markel, Germany; Vladmir
Putin, Russia; Xi Jinping, China; Norendra Modi, India

ORGANIZATIONS: Jonathan Lynn, IPCC; Ko Barrett, vice-chair IPCC; Tijani Muhammad-Bande, Antonio Guterres,
United Nations; Klaus Schwab of World Economic Forum; Shinzo Abe of G 20; Tedros Adhanom of
WHO; Laural Kellner of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

CONTRIBUTORS: Siham Zniber of Earthjustice; Michael Hausfeld of Hausfeld; Greta Thunberg; Alexandra
Villasenor; Niall Smith of Maplecroft; Jane Goodall

SCIENTISTS: Dr. Brian Pierce; April Reign, Dr. Nathan Walworth; Paul Okalik; Sigrid Kuehnemund;
Megan Leslie;

MEDIA: Laurie Anne Warlin of Sodexo; Lisa Suatoni of Yale Law School, David Rothstein of Ein PressWire; Lisa
Speer of Natural Resources Defense Council; Nader Rahman of un.org; Simone Dettling of un.org; Keely
Gispan of BNP Paribas; Arnaud Fraboul of BNP Paribas; National Geographics Magazine; The Weather
Channel; CNN, CBS, NBC, Fox News, ABC, Wall Street Journal; New York Times; Washington Post,
Associated Press, Reuters, Google News, Bing, Yahoo, Bloomberg, Forbes, Time Magazine, The Guardian,
USA Today

BILLIONAIRES: Jeff Bezos; Bill Gates; Warren Buffett; Bernard Armault; Carlos Slim; Amancio Ortega; Mark
Zuckerberg; Larry Ellison; Michael Bloomberg; Larry Page and hundreds of others

OTHERS: Declan Kelly of Teneo; Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Pope Francis, Al Gore, Bill Clinton, Hillary

CELEBRITIES: Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, Queen Elizabeth, Joaquin Phoenix, Jason Mamoa, Greta Thunberg,
Priyanka Chopra, Elton John, Bono, Beyonce, Angelina Jolie, Lady GaGa, Robert di Niro, Madonna
Please use your voices proudly.

If we've missed anyone of importance, we're truly very, very sorry.

We wish to thank novelist of "Girl From Rue Serpente" John Griswald and veteran marketing publicist Stan Zipperman for their help in developing this press release.

Stan Zipperman

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Source: EIN Presswire