“Make America Our America Again” Delivers Compelling Insight to Help Combat the Polarization We See in Our Nation

No one can deny that our country is polarized. So, what do we do about it? “Make America Our America Again”, addresses how we can heal our great divide.

MASTIC BEACH, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, October 15, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — The Author tackles the division of America with concrete suggestions as follows:
• We need to educate ourselves with facts and do research prior to forming an opinion. We have a responsibility
to be reasonable and knowledgeable.
• We need to treat each other with positive regard, listen, ask questions, and clarify.
• We need to develop a respectful rapport with one another, find common ground and learn to compromise.
• Our leaders need to be of moral character and lead by example.
• “We each need to set a tone filled with friendly, helpful and humane efforts. Perhaps if citizens behave with
kindness, it will trickle up to our leaders…
• We must be bold and courageous as we face challenges in changing times. Power is the antidote for fear.
• We must recapture the American Dream.
• We must acknowledge mistakes, learn from them and then bravely forge a new path.
• We need to blend our unique talents together while embracing our differences with respect.

We each need to listen to one another, communicate, educate ourselves, read, vote, engage in generosity, be tolerant, be merciful, be compassionate, compromise, use ingenuity, be polite, and be kind. Ultimately, we need to participate. This book exhorts us to each play our part, even if our lawmakers choose not to do theirs.

Additionally, there is an interactive personality survey for the reader inside the book, demonstrating that differences can be our best asset.

The book is not an attack on either side of the political aisle. It is an attempt at addressing where we have gone wrong and how we can put “our” America on a path to heal this vast divide. We each have a call to action to make America “OUR” America again.

About the Author—–Mary Ellen Chepak LCSW Ph.D., has been a therapist in New York City and surrounding areas. She has worked with clients from organizations such as New York State Health Department, New York Office of Mayor's Emergency Management, Red Cross and FDNY. Chepak is past Assistant Director of Disasters for family Services for the American Red Cross. She also donated her time at ground Zero as a Mental Health Clinician. Chepak is also a past adjunct professor at Fordham University and Adelphi University Graduate Schools. She has authored 3 previous books and continues to be in practice in New York where she occasionally appears on local TV and Radio.

Website: https://MakeAmericaOurAmericaAgain.Country

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Source: EIN Presswire