Green Arc Lighting to Provide Commercial and Industrial Lighting Services to Clients Nationally: Guy Albert de Chimay

Industrial Client Machine Room

Industrial Client Machine Room

Industrial Client Refrigerated Storage

Industrial Client Refrigerated Storage

Sports Underdome New Eclipse Lighting

Sports Underdome New Eclipse Lighting

Guy Albert de Chimay, COO of Green Arc Lighting, describes its latest expansion to service client needs nationally in conjunction with Facility Solutions Group

Green Arc’s dedication to exemplary customer service and enterprise value embodies the FSG commitment to excellence.”

— Bob Ronan, Director of Industrial Accounts, FSG

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, October 21, 2019 / — The founding principals of Green Arc Energy Advisors (GAEA) are proud to announce the formation of a brand-new enterprise, Green Arc Lighting, to meet the demanding lighting needs of commercial and industrial clients.

Green Arc Lighting comes as the most recent development in GAEA’s five-year tenure in the industry, beginning in 2014 with its supplying of specialized sports-based lighting systems to clients. GAEA met considerable success by utilizing the ‘Eclipse line’ of LED fixtures—a feature typically found inside air domes and Butler buildings. This provided the company with an edge over its competitors in that it was able to deliver the necessary amount of visible light while still conserving weight.

In 2019, Green Arc was met with further success after completing the conversion of traditional lighting to LED at the historic St. Bartholomew’s Church in Manhattan. The project saw the parish’s majestic façade taking on a brightly illuminated exterior in what the church described as “an incredible job” which “drastically increases the versatility of [the] space.”

Another client, North Carolina State University (NCSU)—which contracted Green Arc to install sports-based lighting—reported high satisfaction with the changes on its campus. “I can't say enough about working with Green Arc,” says Bob Erickson, Assistant Athletic Director at the Campus Athletic Facilities and Operations at NCSU. “Our tennis center lighting project was flawless from start to finish.”

Recent expansion into the commercial and industrial spaces has been rapid and wide-ranging. Green Arc’s success in this regard comes down to the company having structured itself in such a way that allows it to address the various demands of its clients through the leveraging of strategic partnerships. Chief among these is Green Arc Lighting’s relationship with New Jersey-based electrical solutions firm, Facility Solutions Group (FSG). As an industry giant, FSG offers turnkey lighting and electrical services, lighting distribution, as well as signage and building controls to customers across the nation.

By leveraging FSG’s management and engineering staff expertise, Green Arc Lighting has begun to deliver the first in a series of commercial and industrial LED conversions—beginning with a series of refrigerated warehouses and manufacturing facilities nationwide.

“We are excited to continue the expansion of our partnership with Green Arc” stated Bob Ronan, Director of Industrial Accounts for FSG. “Green Arc’s dedication to exemplary customer service and enterprise value embodies the FSG commitment to excellence”.

Refrigerated buildings offer some of the highest operating benefits during the process of conversion to LED. In addition to a reduction in base wattage, significant wattage reductions also get rid of excess passive BTU gains which are found in legacy fluorescent and metal halide-based fixtures. This excess heat then no longer needs to be removed by HVAC systems, meaning that the double billing of heating (i.e. consumers having to pay to remove excess heat) is a thing of the past.

This is especially true of spaces which are refrigerated to very low temperatures. When temperatures drop into the range of -20°F (-29°C), lighting energy reductions of 90 percent or more can be measured. Additionally, because LEDs do not emit infrared radiation, there is no risk of its exposure to refrigerated food stuffs.

According to Guy Albert de Chimay, COO at Green Arc Lighting, the company has seen clients start out not wishing to turn-off lighting due to an inability to restrike the lamps immediately. De Chimay points out that by using high-efficacy LED fixtures instead, “it looks as if the lighting has been completely removed from the usage.”

In the case of metal halide-based fixtures, over three quarters of the wattage that goes into the lamp comes out as heat. This is “just crazy,” says de Chimay, especially when one is also “simultaneously trying to maintain an ambient temperature below 0°F.” He adds that with just 24 percent efficiency, “metal halide lamps are in constant conflict with the cooling system.”

With the advent of 200 lumen per watt (lm/W) efficacy chip sets, the investment recovery period for LED conversions continues to shorten—despite the fact that cost of certain fixtures is going up. This is a welcomed offset to the across-the-board reductions in utility rebates.

While markets with meaningful rebates do indeed remain available, their wider distribution seems to have past. This means that absolute energy reduction is becoming more and more relevant. Such high-efficacy fixtures (where the system efficacy is above 135 lm/W) underlie the strong economic case for undergoing conversion to LED. A further addition of active controls to that conversion would reach the current limits of efficiency.

About Green Arc’s Eclipse™ LED Lighting
Designed specifically for the demanding requirements of air dome/air-inflated structures, butler buildings with reflective ceilings, fabric-over-frame structures, natatoriums, and other complexes, Eclipse™ is engineered with innovative Controlled Light Delivery (CLD) technology™ to deliver brighter output, better light distribution, lower wattage, and run much cooler for enhanced longevity, making them ideal for use over all court and field surfaces. By generating 50,000 lumens (405w), 55,000 lumens (450w), or 60,000 lumens (495w), depending on lighting needs, direct energy usage can be reduced to 62%, 58%, or 54%, respectively. Eclipse™ LED lighting is the ideal solution for both amateur and professional sports facilities, in both direct and indirect lighting configurations. Eclipse™ also has sealed LED arrays, making them resistant to water and dust, which will provide years of consistent, trouble-free illumination. In addition, these fixtures qualify for energy rebates in participating jurisdictions.

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