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NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, October 22, 2019 / — In the words of the famous American painter Edward Hopper, “If I could say it in words there would be no reason to paint.” Truly a world without art would be an abysmal place devoid of joy, meaning, and creativity. Throughout time a myriad of artists have emphatically graced the world, but one particularly highly sought after artist continues to take the world by storm with her inspiring paintings.

Shelley Joy is a distinguished fine arts painter, writer, and performer.

“My inspiration as an artist comes from beauty within,” says Shelley. “Art is much more profound than therapy although there are moments when it can certainly be therapeutic.”

When Shelley was young, she realized she had a strong penchant for painting. Shelley agrees with Pablo Picasso who said, ‘Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.’

“To be a contemporary modern artist one often takes ordinary objects and forms and sometimes human form and transforms them into a new configuration,” says Shelley.

As a young girl, Shelley became a self-taught artist and she had her first Exhibition in Mexico at the historic Museum in San Miguel de Allendes.

“At that time I focused on surrealistic drawings of skeleton’s trees and bodies hanging from tree branches from some of my travels,” says Shelley. “I captured the loneliness of pheasants, like cactus with its milk held inside against the landscape feeling pain on the farms in contrast to the lonely sky. I didn’t realize skulls were a part of Mexican culture representing the connection between life and death. I had a deep admiration for Van Gogh and Salvador Dalí.”

Later on Shelley Joy abandoned surrealism and became more focused on beauty and abstract art with color.

“Art is a universal language of color,” says Shelley. “I value and have a deep love of nature and beauty and I’m extremely cognizant of color by transposing it exquisitely into an image, shape, color, and form. It’s an improvisation of experience that flows right into the canvas. My objective is to create art so it passes my own standard of excellence.”

Shelley Joy primarily works with oil painting mediums. She has exhibited her art in galleries and museums throughout the world including the Vanderbilt Museum, the Museum of Modern Art in NYC, the Toyamaya Museum in Japan, and the New Atrium Museum of the Louvre in France.

“Painting is a lengthy, tedious, strenuous journey of learning how to express either through realism or abstraction,” says Shelley. “It’s a communication of absolute beauty.”

Shelley Joy believes that art can be expressed from an individual standpoint from those that possess innate talent stemming from the heart. It’s then created into a design or sculpture that reflects a provoking message they wish to convey that God gives us all our own distinctive gifts. The spiritual love God hands us may seem like a sharp contraction when the world is marred by wars, hatred, and political division but according to Shelley Joy we must be optimistic as possible.

“Each and every one of us interprets art differently,” says Shelley. “And what we perceive of it is just as valid as someone who is more familiar with the vocabulary of art.”

Shelley Joy has been featured in a book titled America’s Leading Ladies as an artist and contributing author. It features fifty extraordinary women who are positively impacting our world including Oprah and Melinda Gates.

Shelley steadfastly believes that God gives us all our own distinctive gifts. Not everyone is an artist but they may be a great parent, business person, or educator.

Shelley Joy has been named as Top Artist of the Year (2019) by IAOTP and the honor is to be celebrated in Las Vegas at the Belagio Hotel at the IAOTP annual awards gala. She was given a Lifetime Achievement Award with the Marquis Who’s Who as see in the Wall Street Journal as an artist and her contributions to fine art. She was also honored through Marquis Who’s Who at the Reuters Building Time Square.

“Even with so much chaos and trauma in the world we must continually seek peace,” says Shelley. There is continually love even when things seem helpless we must find the inner source inside us that shines more brightly. “My genuine hope is that through color, nature, and beauty I can tap into myself and always keep painting.”

CUTV News Radio will feature Shelley Joy an interview with Jim Masters on Thursday October 24th at 2 p.m. EST

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