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KING OF PRUSSIA, PENNSYLVANIA, UNITED STATES, October 22, 2019 / — The three biggest record labels in the world Sony, Universal Music Group, and Warner Music Group account for selling the most music in the world representing some of the biggest artists like Adriana Grande, Taylor Swift, Alicia Keys and Nicky Jam. But smaller independent record labels have also been making notable strides and quickly gaining momentum and artists are recognizing the enormous benefits of turning to the magnificent Indie record label.

Bobbie Belle is the founder and CEO of Everything Entertainment LLC one of the top notch independent record labels working with performers from different walks of life and genres such as hip hop, gospel, pop, and R&B.

“We are primarily considered an Indie record label,” says Bobbie. “Although we provide a recording studio we focus on every single aspect of the music industry. Our goal, first and foremost, is to help our clients successfully promote their music so they will eventually get signed by someone and ultimately help them achieve their dreams of stardom.”

Prior to running her own record label, Bobbie underwent several hard-hitting challenges including her struggle with addiction and even serving time in state prison. But her love of music and her strong will inspired her to finally come clean and turn her life around for the better. Then her lucky break came when she met producer Chris “the Crisis,” Hayes who taught her every inch of the music business.

“My ultimate goal is to mainly help artists that otherwise wouldn’t have the opportunity to get recognized because it’s very difficult to be able to sign on with the major record labels and doing so is not always to the artist’s advantage,” says Bobbie. “As an Indie label we provide more creative control by not forcing the artist to change their image and by offering them our recording studio it saves them so much money not having to rent their own space and that’s a huge advantage.”

Aspiring artists approach Bobbie seeking either distribution or for someone to help promote them. Bobbie delivers professionally and effortlessly on all levels. Bobbie and her team at Everything Entertainment LLC do it all: they create the music, beats, writes masterful lyrics, mix it, and distribute it. obbie personally promotes all the artists through many avenues including live shows and videos.

“It’s critical for people to understand not to solely rely on us to sell, you do have to put in the most footwork,” says Bobbie. “We can’t get you a record deal you have to do that yourself by beinghighly visible to the public, show who you are as an artist, and grow your fan base. Whether it’s posting up videos, putting your artist name out on social media platforms all day every day, doing free gigs, or networking, you must be active in your career constantly.”

Currently Bobbie is working with emerging promising young artists like such Popatop, Charm Streeter, EdotZ Walker, and Lc Racnation and she was recently featured on the famous Reuters Billboard in Times Square New York City.

“We will be the label that sets a new unprecedented standard for music,” says Bobbie. “Our hope is for people to see the music industry isn’t strictly about guns and the violence. We can produce euphonious, inspiring music without the negativity and pessimism. Our mission is to be the first label that accomplishes that.”

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