A Two-Year Product Test? Mattress Junkie Adds Long-Term Use Reviews

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Sometimes a first impression just isn't enough. That is why The Mattress Junkie has started validating products with up to two years on in home testing.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, November 6, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Independent, expert reviews can be a valuable tool for consumers. But there has always been one problem with them. How long do you test something? A reviewer will usually base a review on first impressions and short-term use.

But that doesn’t tell you how you will feel about products that you expect to use for a long period of time. Does test driving a new car model really tell you if you should buy it and keep it for potentially years or a decade or more?
Mattress Junkie, which tests, rates and reviews mattresses, couches and more seems to have the answer. They started their Burrow Couch Review a full two years ago. Initially the wrote about the unboxing, setup and first impressions but the reviewer kept the couch.

The couch has been in daily use by one of the sites reviewers in her home for two full years. Over the course of time a couch goes through a lot. From daily use, to visitors, to spills and pets, a lot can take a toll on any piece of furniture. So, the reviewer has gone back and made periodic updates to the review to talk about how the couch, and her initial impressions have held up over time.

Mattress junkie reports that Burrow sells its products through a SOHO showroom and direct to consumer. The site praised the risk-free, 30-day trial period to receive a 100% refund if they decide the couch doesn’t work for them. Setup took about 15 minutes and the review covers features, care and even financing options. Mattress junkie also reviews other sofas and couches including other models from Burrow.
The site plans to update its mattress buying guides with reports on longer usage as well .

Mattress Junkie has also announced that it has made available to TopBuyersGuides.com all its bedding and furniture buyer's guides.

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