The new head of state of Sri Lanka and the newly formed Mahinda government would now be stepping up the pace of the gobbling up of the Tamil Homeland.


The Tamil people cannot look for any mercy from the new rulers of Sri Lanka. The new head of state of Sri Lanka and the newly formed Mahinda government would now be stepping up the pace of the gobbling up of the Tamil Homeland. They would seek to bring the Tamil and the Muslim people under the strong arm of Sinhala hegemony based on the idea of Sri Lanka being a land of one people. They would pack the Tamil Homeland with Sinhala settlements. They would seek to satisfy the international community by maintaining interest-based relations with relevant States, while carrying on with their own schemes.

The Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam (TGTE) has issued a clarion call to all to build up a broad Tamil National Movement to protect the Tamil Nation from such an eventuality.

The TGTE Prime Minister Mr Rudrakumaran has issued a statement in this regard which states: “The massive win achieved by Gotabaya Rajapaksa in being elected as President of Sri Lanka on the strength of the votes of the Sinhala people has amply demonstrated how Sinhala Buddhist Nationalism is deeply rooted in the Sinhala nation. The bold proclamation made by Gotabaya Rajapaksa that he could win on the basis of Sinhala votes alone and that he did not need the Tamil and Muslim votes, and its eventual vindication, is adequate proof of Sri Lanka’s ever more chauvinistic image.

With the state of Sri Lanka thus petrified into a Sinhala-Buddhist chauvinistic institution, the activities of the new President are bound to make the state of Sri Lanka even more Sinhala Buddhist in nature. Gotabaya’s choice of the sacred Ruwanvelisaya vihara complex, which is said to have been built by King Dutugemunu after he defeated the Tamil Chola King Elara around 140 BC, as the backdrop for his swearing in ceremony as President is, in our view, indicative of his effort to present himself to the Sinhala masses as the modern day Dutugemunu who vanquished the Tamils.

A génocidaire cannot transform into a saint just by the support afforded him by a mass of people who abetted that very same crime of genocide. With the moral strength of world Tamils, and in solidarity with those fighting for justice the world over, we shall take forward, with still more vigour, the struggle for bringing to justice the genocide criminal Gotabaya Rajapaksa before the International Criminal Court of Justice, and the State of Sri Lanka before the International Court of Justice of the United Nations.

We wish to point out that Gotabaya cannot hide behind the veil of immunity as a Head of State in front of the International Criminal Court, nor can Sri Lanka escape from the International Court of Justice just because of sovereign immunity of a State.

This declaration of ours arises not based on our moral anger alone, but with a view to highlight to the conscience of the world the fact that a man accused of genocidal crimes is holding the office of Head of State in Sri Lanka. There may be those amongst us who desire to be pragmatic and wish that we accommodated today’s reality.


One, seeking good relations with the new rulers in the name of pragmatism and getting absorbed under a Sinhala hegemony.

Other, to muster all our power and come together as a Nation and fight for our existence and liberty.

The first option is most ignominious. It would lead to genocide and we cannot choose it. Tamil people ought to undertake the second option.

We want to make it clear to all at this juncture that time has come for the Tamil people to build a broad-based Tamil National Movement and prepare themselves for dedicated democratic struggles in order to protect their Nation.

It is for those who identify themselves as the national political leaders of the Tamil people to lead from the front and take the struggle forward. The Arab Spring, the Yellow Vest Struggle in France, and the ongoing people’s struggles in Hong Kong, Bolivia and Iran all bring home the power of people’s struggles.

We believe that the Tamil people have arrived at the stage where there is no existence without struggle. This will be a period of tremendous challenge. For the Tamil people to face this prospect is like crossing the river of fire and it is going to be the reality. In order to face this reality, it is essential that the Tamils in the homeland, Diaspora Tamils, the people of Tamil Nadu and the world Tamils act together.

The election of Gotabaya Rajapaksa as head of state adds strength to the Tamil struggle on the moral plane for them to work on the international arena to bring to justice Sri Lanka’s perpetrators of the Genocide of Tamils, and secure the support of the peoples of the world standing for justice.”

‘The Tamil Nation should rejuvenate itself, with the memory of our martyrs, to ardently persist with a people’s struggle’ said Mr Rudrakumaran in his statement.

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