TGTE Calls on U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson to Support Tamil Referendum and ICC Referral in Congratulatory Letter


Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam (TGTE), an international Eelam Tamil diaspora entity advocating for a Tamil referendum and accountability for atrocity crimes committed against Tamils by Sri Lanka during the armed conflict, submitted a letter to U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson on January 8th, 2020 congratulating him on his election victory and urging the Prime Minister, whose election campaign tagline was “Get Brexit Done,” to extend his “support for political solutions based on the will of the people” to the Tamil national struggle.

The TGTE letter specifically calls on the Prime Minister to strongly consider supporting referring the Sri Lanka situation to the U.N. Security Council for ICC referral and an international Tamil referendum for a political change.

“An independent state is the only way that our people can live in peace and with security and dignity. The international community would also benefit from a developed, prosperous and empowered Tamil population inhabiting significant island coastline who could play a counterbalancing role to Chinese influence in the Indian Ocean and promote regional safety and security,” TGTE Prime Minister Visuvanathan Rudrakumaran said in the letter.

Referencing the 2016 Brexit vote and the shared value of a people determining their own destiny, “We hope you agree that the democratic and peaceful assertion of one’s political will via referendum is a universal right and, as an advocate of the will of the people, will support us in our initiative,” Prime Minister Rudrakumaran added.

The letter also calls attention to the U.K.’s historic ties to Sri Lanka as the final colonial power that amalgamated the separate Tamil and Sinhalese kingdoms and the U.K.’s awareness at the time of independence, as made clear by the U.K.’s inclusion of a section 29 in the Soulbury constitution it drafted prohibiting legislation that discriminates on the basis of race and religion of the potential tyranny of the Sinhalese ethnic majority, which ultimately came to fruition. The U.K., then, should be invested in seeking remedial action.

The letter also notes the U.K.’s contemporary ties to Sri Lanka via three failed U.N. Human Rights Council resolutions on transitional justice in Sri Lanka and the U.K. Parliament’s recognition of the Tamil Genocide in 2019 in making the case for the Prime Minister’s support for a U.N. Security Council referral of Sri Lanka to the ICC and an international Tamil referendum.

“The U.K., as the head of the U.N. Core Group on Sri Lanka, has a special role to play to ensure that not only is justice delivered to the Tamil people, but also that the integrity of vital international institutions, including the UNHRC, is respected,” Prime Minister Rudrakumaran said in the letter.

The letter concludes by soliciting Prime Minister Johnson to “take a fresh look at the Tamil national struggle and assist the Tamils in obtaining the long overdue remedial justice promised.”

Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam (TGTE) is a democratic political entity based on the principles of nationhood, homeland and self-determination. The TGTE Constitution enshrines democratic principles and the rule of law, and mandates that the TGTE realize its political objectives through peaceful means. TGTE was formed after the Tamil Genocide by the Sri Lankan Armed Forces in the final months of the Sri Lankan armed conflict in 2009.

TGTE seeks that the international community hold the perpetrators of war crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide against the Tamil people to account. TGTE also advocates the Tamil people be freed from the racist and hostile Sri Lankan military and political environment in which they live and be allowed to decide their political future through a referendum.

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