DEVAR: The power of AR edutainment in combating COVID-19

DEVAR, the pioneer of Augmented Reality (AR) education since 2015, announces a 200% increase in demand for its AR products between February 1 and April 1.

NEW YORK, USA, May 4, 2020 / — DEVAR, which was also named as one of the most promising VR and AR companies by Jobs for the Future in 2020, creates bestselling Augmented Reality books to make reading fun for children via animated characters and objects coming alive on mobile devices. The company has been focusing on providing the best AR experience for children, featuring over 200 edutainment products, and recording over 7 million sales.

Today, the AR edutainment company reached a significant milestone of exceeding $40 million in book sales, including bestseller titles such as the Space Encyclopedia, Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs, and Anatomy: Human Organs, between February 1 and April 1, 2020. DEVAR is also reporting a 200% growth in app usage in the same period, matching the demand with the Christmas time. The record-breaking numbers indicate that families are increasingly using DEVAR’s AR solutions to educate and entertain their children during the COVID-19 crisis.

"People increasingly realize the power of AR as helping children in education and entertainment in the modern world is no longer a luxury but a necessity. Augmented Reality is an excellent tool for that as the technology helps kids to learn more efficiently while making things more fun for them with real-life animations and visuals. Previous studies have shown that AR's advantages are tremendous for children's education, providing benefits in areas like long-term memory retention, content understanding, and collaboration," Anna Belova, CEO of DEVAR, stated.

DEVAR's mission is to resolve a growing conflict between the worlds of physical and digital products by uniting them under one system. With a presence in over 40 countries and 8 million monthly on-platform interactions in a month, as well as product translations into 25 languages, DEVAR has all the necessary tools at its disposal to fulfill its ambitious mission.

DEVAR is utilizing cutting-edge technology with a smart combination of physical and digital products to revolutionize the modern educational system and to make learning fun for children via the latest AR tools, frameworks, and bestseller books. By leveraging partnerships with leading companies for kids, such as Hasbro and Nickelodeon, DEVAR's ultimate goal is to help every 10th family in 200 countries to change their environment and make their everyday tasks more useful and convenient via innovative Augmented Reality products.

Founded in 2015, DEVAR is a leading Augmented Reality company with the mission to make learning more fun for children with AR edutainment products. Featuring numerous bestseller AR books for kids that are translated to 25 languages, cutting-edge technology, as well as a presence in over 40 countries, DEVAR has been named as one of the most promising VR and AR companies by Jobs for the Future in 2020.

The firm's top AR products include:
LightAR: DEVAR's solution that leverages unique technology and a full-fledged ARkit and ARCore alternative with low system requirements for mobile devices that opens the door to the world of Augmented Reality to billions of users in developing countries.

WebAR: Next-generation Augmented Reality technology that works without the need for any extra applications.
ITR: Image recognition and tracking technology for the application of AR to physical products.
MyWebAR: Augmented Reality teaching aid that turns mobile devices into education tools, allowing teachers to make classroom experiences more efficient and fun for children without the requirement of existing coding experience or skills.

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Source: EIN Presswire