Families Show New Appreciation for US Made Products Consumers Want to Protect American Business Workers

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Shelter in place renews appreciation of US made products raises patriotism as families prefer purchasing US manufactured goods.

America is showing a new appreciation for US manufactured products with notable rise in patriotism. Consumers want to protect American businesses and their workers.”

— Wayne Bell Publisher

ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI, USA , May 4, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — As weekly sales reports are filed at St. Louis based Really Big Coloring Books®,Inc., Publisher Wayne Bell is noticing a sharp increase in the consumer direct revenues. The reports reflect thousands of books sent direct to homes as families shelter in place. "We have noticed a continuous sharp revenue increase in numerous titles, books about New York City, Chicago, St. Louis, adult books in general have been brisk sellers especially on Amazon. Educational titles reflecting American history, the US Constitution and US Presidents are selling online as never before," says Bell. The Really Big Coloring Book® company has become a Preferred Brand Registry on Amazon. Additional titles on healthcare, personal fun books from mandalas, music related titles, horses to zoo animals and zombies are keeping children and adults entertained.

The company also reports customer survey's reflect change in attitudes when it comes to US manufactured product, this includes books for children. It's as if consumers want to protect the American business owner and their workers. We're asked daily if our products are made in the USA, said Bell.

Often known for creating what Bell has termed cultural event books, the company does not shy aware from controversy. Its never about us, said Bell, its always about the customer and their viewpoints. Creating titles for presidential candidates, presidents, major historical events, including any holiday ever celebrated has keep the company busy since 1988. The company has made anti-terror books, books on gay marriage before-it-was-legal and books on criminals, dealing with drugs, sexual assault and zombies.

Headquartered in St. Louis, MO Really Big Coloring Books®, Inc., is a multi-national company providing books, coloring books, musical products and other paper products. The company holds membership in industry organizations including The Missouri Press Association, System for Award Management for the U.S. Govt. (SAM), promotional products groups like SAGE, ASI, and PPAI, The International Book Publishers Assoc. and other industry leading groups. A Member of the Library of Congress Copyright Office in book and music publishing.For more information or visit http://www.ColoringBook.com. The company web domain library consists of more than 1600 domains across the globe mostly relating to books and music. 314-725-1452 USA.

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Families Declaring New Appreciation of US Made Products Consumers Protect American Business Workers

Source: EIN Presswire