With COVIDAPIHub, the GreyMatter.io Team Recognizes the Value of Data for the Public Good

COVIDAPI Hub is a free-to-use centralized landing place providing access to more than 40 data APIs from global data sources in support of medical research designed to help to stop the spread of COVID-19.

The COVIDAPIHub dashboard centralizes data APIs from more than 40 reputable global data sources.

COVIDAPIHub one of three steps GreyMatter.io team has taken to help the fight against COVID-19

ALEXANDRIA, VA, UNITED STATES, May 5, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — The GreyMatter.io team recently announced the public service launch of COVIDAPIHub.io, a free-to-use Hub for the centralization of global COVID-19 virus data resources. Built using elements of our Grey Matter intelligent mesh platform, the Hub is designed to both catalog open access to major medical data repositories as core API services for medical researchers around the globe and serve as a zero-trust security data service platform for trusted partners.

Using Technology as a Public Good

We are a small company with deep-seated ties to our community. From seasonal food and blanket drives to the sponsorships of local high school hackathons, our company has a history of public service. As the stunning impact of the COVID-19 epidemic on global health and the economy began to take shape, we immediately sought out ways to lend our expertise to the fight. Recognizing a number of needs, our people set out to undertake three separate but inter-related efforts.

First, a few of our staff acquired a collection of 3D printers, beginning an on-going 24-hr effort to print NIH-approved 3dVerkstan style face-shields for front-line medical personnel in NY and NJ, the areas hardest hit during the initial outbreak. The first batch of masks was delivered to Montefiore Hospital in Nyack, NY in late April through the help of the SOMA NJ 3D Printers Alliance.

Several of our personnel have also donated idle computing power to Folding@Home, a consortium cloud computing effort currently prioritizing research into COVID-19 proteins. It is believed the Folding@Home cluster is collectively faster than the top 500 supercomputers combined. Our team's collection of donated computing power currently ranks in the top 1% of all teams around the world! Pretty amazing for a small company of fewer than 100 people.

Finally, we launched the free-to-use COVID API Hub. The Hub enables the rapid, secure aggregation and centralization of global data for medical professionals and researchers studying the COVID-19 virus. Global data access challenges present major hurdles under even perfect conditions, let alone during times of global pandemic. Yet such data access is critical to the search for an effective COVID-19 treatment. The COVIDAPIHub was stood up in less than 14 days as a rapid response to catalog and create a hub of data services, APIs, and information sets from all parties sharing COVID information. The one-stop-shop for researches, businesses, and developers can be used to build new composite services hosted within the hub, new visualizations, and applications tailored for mission-specific purposes, or share information We hope the provision of data, programmable APIs, and usage information can help speed the discovery of effective COVID-19 treatments.

The Hub resides atop Grey Matter offering much of same capability delivered by the full platform, including:
-Deep service mesh telemetry & Layer 3, 4, and 7 observability,
-Dynamic service-level management,
-A common-use single interface designed to serve developers, DevOps engineers, and business decision-makers,
-Zero-trust security backed by in-depth policy governance, and
-Detailed business intelligence & resource management automation.

Public Support Remains Critical

The COVID API Hub was built with internal resources — much of it on a voluntary basis — by our dedicated staff. We are actively seeking partnerships, to include commercial, government, and NGO /professional association assistance in the areas of data, API access, technology and infrastructure, and application and visualization developer support. Sponsorships, cross-promotions, and back-links to the Hub are also welcome.

At the time of publication, the COVIDAPIHub maintains 40 APIs from reputable sources such as:
-Centers for Disease Control (CDC)
-The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control
-The New York Times
-Oxford University
-The World Bank

If you are interested in providing data, APIs, technical support, or wish to partner, sponsor, or cross-promote our efforts, please contact us at info@greymatter.io.

About GreyMatter.io

GreyMatter.io is a hybrid infrastructure software company supporting the Department of Defense (DoD), Intelligence Community (IC), and the private sector. We produce Grey Matter, the intelligent platform for enterprise microservice and hybrid service mesh intelligence and automation.

About Grey Matter

Grey Matter unleashes the multi-tiered, value-add potential of hybrid mesh technology. Some of these potentially game-changing features include:
-Dynamic policy governance, regulatory compliance, and reporting,
-Zero-trust security with full attribution backed by forensic analysis,
-Business intelligence and analytics,
-Service level objective (SLO) management,
-Digital twin creation and testing, and
-Intent-based networking and AIOps.

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Source: EIN Presswire