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On Monday 18 May, let us light lamps together as families at our homes to observe Mullivaaikkaal Remembrance.”

— Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam (TGTE)

NEW YORK, USA, May 12, 2020 / —

The Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam (TGTE) has called all Tamils to prepare themselves to commemorate the Tamil Eelam National Day of Mourning to mark May 18 Mullivaaikkaal Tamil Genocide which remains deep in the collective memory of Tamils and in the history of their struggle.

The TGTE has, diligently organized a worldwide Mullivaaikkaal Commemoration Event as an online event, while encouraging Tamils to participate in such activities as wearing Black Bands, lighting lamps, partaking Mullivaaikkaal kanji or gruel, the annual Mullivaaikkaal Memorial Lecture and distribution of saplings for planting at home.

Tamil leaders and representatives of Tamil organizations in the homeland, Tamil Nadu and in the Diaspora are expected to join the Remembrance Day events.

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The following is the Media Report in full issued by the TGTE Prime Minister’s Office in this connection:

Mullivaaikkaal marks a day etched as a sanguine evidence of the Genocide of Eelam Tamils in the collective memory of Tamils living all over the world.

In the context of the Covid – 19 pandemic and the consequent lockdown, and in a situation in which participation in public events has become impossible, the Tamil people inhabiting all around the world are unable to assemble in person to observe the 11thRemembrance Day of the Mullivaaikkaal Genocide.

For our people, struggle has been their life and life became their struggle. They have unflinchingly carried on the march to liberation, despite facing many a crisis, and continue to raise the voice of rights against Sinhala occupation, even after the Mullivaaikkaal Genocide.

To observe May 18 as the National Day of Mourning with memories of Mullivaaikkaal is a process that enlivens the spirit of our nationhood. We can well commemorate from our homes the collective Mullivaaikkaal memories, laced with pain and sorrow, as we face the present crisis caused by the Covid – 19 pandemic.

Let us prepare ourselves for the following acts of commemoration on this Day:

1. On Monday 18 May, let us light lamps together as families at our homes to observe Mullivaaikkaal Remembrance.

2. Let those of us who go to workplaces or venture out on other necessary chores wear black bands to make known to the world the suffering our people underwent.

3. In order to instill in the minds of our future generations the determination that ‘we will never allow another Mullivaaikkaal to happen’ and to recall and remember the misery underwent by our people at Mullivaaikkaal, let us join as families in partaking ‘kanji’. This ‘Mullivaaikkaal kanji or Gruel’ that we cook and consume as food on the Day would be symbolic of our taking to heart the suffering of our people. Just as the Jews remember the misery of their community by drinking gruel long after the emergence of the Jewish State, just as the gruel points set up at Mullivaaikkaal quenched people’s hunger in the midst of the raining of bombs and shells, we recall and remember forever the tragic life of our people caught in the period of Mullivaaikkaal Genocide by taking gruel on the Mullivaaikkaal Commemoration Day.

4. On the 18th of May the Mullivaikkal Commemoration is scheduled to be observed online by world Tamils at 8:00am in New York, 2:00pm in Europe and at 5:30pm in India and Sri Lanka. Tamil leaders and representatives of organizations will join the Commemoration online in the homeland, Tamil Nadu and the Diaspora. You can follow the events in the Tamil media and social websites.

5. The annual Mullivaaikkaal MemorialLecture, which has been delivered byinternational personalities in the past,will come this year as an online event also on the 18 May for global Tamil audience.

6. In the meantime, TGTE is arranging to distribute seedlings and saplings for planting in home gardens in the Homeland, beginning from 12 Mayonwards, as a way of observing the Mullivaaikkaal Commemoration Week. The TGTE Parliament will also hold its scheduled Session as usual, marking the commencement of the Remembrance week with sanctity.

The TGTE media report concludes by calling for a pledge to work tirelessly for the liberation of the Tamil Eelam Nation, while upholding the memory of those who laid down their lives in the Mullivaaikkaal Genocide.

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