Model, actress and entrepreneur Amanda Van Annan announces a new podcast focused on the beauty industry

Amanda Van Annan and associates

Amanda Van Annan and associates

Amanda Van Annan

Amanda Van Annan

Betsy Dsane

Betsy Dsane

Amanda Van Annan is to anchor a new podcast series: a searing under-the-skin insider's look at the beauty industry, featuring Betsie Dsane and Sophia Brad.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, US, May 18, 2020 / — The Beauty and the Beat podcast – with the first episode slated for May 25 – is being positioned as one of the first industry-related podcasts in the new post-#MeToo era, delving deep into rarely discussed issues in the beauty and fashion arenas as relates to body positivity, mental health and personal development.

Amanda, the niece of late UN Secretary-General, Kofi Annan, is a respected industry influencer having honed a modelling career working with the world's top designers. She has also forged a successful film acting and production career in America and the UK. She is also a serial entrepreneur. As a published author on several platforms and has her own blog, she has garnered a strong social following, to who she serves as a source of inspiration. As the CEO of Greatlight Entertainment, a Los Angeles based production company and an established actress who modelled since the age of 17, she has an insider perspective on the business of beauty like no other.

She will be joined by co-hosts and friends, fashion industry and style coach Betsy Dsane and makeup artist and body positive influencer Sophia Brad to offer their unique takes on life. Since Amanda rubbed had exposure to several high-profile industry specialists throughout her modelling and business career, it is no surprise that she will be featuring an array of guests, experts, therapists, high-level decision-makers and personal development coaches.

Indeed there was ample commentary about what exactly fans can expect. "This is, raw, real and upfront," said Amanda. "We dissect and debunk the beauty myths and get face to face with reality and pierce beneath the veil of the beauty and fashion industries.”

"We'll be going into places that have rarely had a light shone on them and tell the truth about what happens behind the scenes."

She added: "We also want to empower women and men with a new outlook on beauty through personal development, body acceptance and spiritual balance.

"We want listeners to take away from the podcasts that they are enough; there are people interested in their stories and will be encouraged by them."

The "warts-and-all" podcasts will also explore their lives, loves, and fashion experiences. "We'll be talking everything from fashion to life purpose, to love lessons, career ups and downs, and hard-won industry lessons," said Amanda.

"Coming from very distinct and different backgrounds, we will be able to add our angles, experiences and advice on life lessons. We hope the podcast becomes a permanent and personal part of the lives of our audience."

Amanda, who is a multi-lingual, yoga devotee is a dedicated campaigner raising money to educate underprivileged African girls, promoting unity among all people through African arts and a key voice in global women's issues.
She also cares very much about causes like cancer awareness. She is currently exploring ways to collaborate with Phil Catudel, a top celebrity personal trainer, cancer survivor and best-selling author. She said: “I very much hope to interview a courageous life example like Phil at some point soon, so that he can share his extraordinary journey with our followers and the wider world.”

More about Amanda Van Annan:
Having successfully launched careers both in New York and back in London, where she landed and featured in a host of films, she is now based in Los Angeles where she focuses on her production and acting careers, as well as several successful commercial ventures.

More about Betsie Dsane:
This Ghanaian and UK supermodel is best known for her work as a model/actress working for global brands such as Abercrombie & Fitch, H&M and M&S. She has graced the catwalks for the fashion industry, while also appearing in How to Lose Friends and Alienate People, and TV's How to Look Good Naked to name a few. Betsie started her own business The Lookbook Factory, as a model coach to aspiring models, with an emphasis on building confidence, deportment, self-awareness and guidance. She is also an influential style coach. Betsie is famously known for being the love interest of JayZ which caused an incident with Beyoncé and was in the papers in the 2000’s.

Betsie said: “I achieve balance through inner peace, the one thing I seek more than anything is inner peace and tranquillity”. Asked about her biggest fear, she noted “My biggest fear has always been public speaking, I always felt like no one wants to listen to me. That’s one of the reasons I challenged myself to do this podcast. You just have to feel the fear and do it anyway.”

More about Sophia Brad:

Sophia is a body positivity influencer, curve model and celebrity makeup artist. With 17 years of experience within the beauty industry, she brings her followers' inspiration in building self-confidence, daily motivational posts, makeup tips and tricks. Sophia is an experienced international makeup artist and now devotes her career to helping women gain self-confidence and feel and look their best.

Sophia is also a celebrity make up artist whose clients include, Tiger Lilly Taylor, Caroline Flack, Lydia Bright, Scarlett Mofat and Jennifer Siebel Newsom.

Sophia said: “ to me mediation has helped to keep me centred and focused on my life purpose” She also mentioned: “I want everyone to know that there is no reason to be ashamed of their body. They have to be comfortable in their own skin, we are all beautiful”. About her professional background, Brad made a bold move, noting that “I quit an executive job in the city to become a model. At my size no one would think I could do it but I did. They were shocked when I became a make-up artist and even more shocked when I became a model”


The podcast that talks about everything beauty on the beaten track to happiness. we are bringing you some of our best conversations about life experiences on the journey to happiness and fulfilment. From Life purpose through love lessons, career ups and downs, family friends and relationships we are here to share them with you and provide practical tips and solutions.

Beauty and the Beat is a 50-minute podcast that launches on the 25th of May 2020. Future episodes will be aired every Monday 7am UK time. You can Listen to the podcast on Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, Spotify, Sound Cloud and several other podcast platforms or on our website at

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