I Asked the Wind: A Collection of Romantic Poetry Receives 5 Stars from San Francisco Book Review

I Asked the Wind book cover

I Asked the Wind book cover

I hope in reading the poetry, people realize that wherever they are in their journey in love, they are not alone.”

— Valerie Nifora

SACRAMENTO, CA, USA, May 26, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — As COVID-19 continues to highlight isolation and loneliness, I Asked the Wind: A Collection of Romantic Poetry, by Valerie Nifora provides an alternative, allowing readers to take a journey through romantic memories to find solace. The versatility and beauty of her work easily garners Nifora’s collection 5 stars from the San Francisco Book Review.

"I Asked the Wind: A Collection of Romantic Poetry by Valerie Nifora beautifully captures the whirlwind highs and heartbreaking lows of love through succinct prose. Nifora’s poetry flows across the pages, wooing readers from one section to another. Her words will fill every reader’s heart and soul with warmth and joy as they evoke memories of a familiar love affair. With that said, her work also strikingly captures the emotions and emptiness of a love lost—one taken too soon or halted without closure. Readers will find comfort and tranquility in Nifora’s description of love arrested or thwarted. Pacifying the memories that we continue to hold dear long after a loved one has departed, Nifora provides discernment, and thereby peace, to readers seeking comfort. Through her words, we come to better understand the significance and beauty of a romance, regardless of how short-lived,” says Jessica Tingling of the San Francisco Book Review. Read her full review HERE.

“Love is the underlining reason why we do anything in life. It's what drives most of our decisions: conscious and unconscious. People spend an entire lifetime seeking love, whether it's love and acceptance of self, finding your one true love, finding the thing you love to do. I think love is most likely the most powerful four-letter word in the English language,” says author Valerie Nifora.

"The book is arranged in three parts following the arc of most romantic relationships including falling in love, out of love, or having lost love. It's all in there.”Nifora continues, "I hope in reading the poetry, people realize that wherever they are in their journey in love, they are not alone. "

“Nifora’s words will comfort the broken hearts or ignite dormant butterflies", says San Francisco Book Review owner, Heidi Rojek.

VALERIE NIFORA was born and raised in New York to Greek immigrant parents. For more than twenty years, she has been a Marketing Communications Leader for a Fortune 50. She has served as a ghost writer for several executives and has executed award-winning campaigns using her special gift as a storyteller to inspire. Her first book is a collection of romantic poetry that explores innocence, sensuality, passion, desire, heartbreak and loss through the lens of her personal experience spanning 15 years. Her beautiful and powerful voice immediately calls forth a time of leather-bound books and invites the reader to find a comfortable chair and begin their journey through the powerful human emotion of love. 

I Asked the Wind can be purchased as a paperback or ebook on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Target, Walmart) and other retailers including bookshop.org. Visit Valerie’s website at valerienifora.com.

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