First-Time Home Buyers Are Seizing Opportunities to Enter the Housing Market amid the Pandemic

The Demand for Tiny Homes Is Soaring Amid the Covid-19 Crisis

VANCOUVER, BC, CANADA, June 3, 2020 / — The coronavirus pandemic has forever transformed urban living and highlighted its drawbacks. In metropolises like New York, Vancouver and San Francisco the housing crisis is amplified as many pay high rents on reduced income, homeowners reimagine the space they have and others flee the city to spend time at recreational properties. Meanwhile, young people see an opportunity to become homeowners as the cost of land sinks.

We project a 150 percent increase in tiny homes sales this year, despite the economic downturn. Many families are outgrowing their homes and need more space. The quickest and most affordable way to gain space is to build a tiny home, office or even schoolroom in one’s own backyard.

Countless medical professionals have opted to build tiny homes in their backyards to self-isolate in order to protect their families, as they anticipate the need to do so for many months. In the short term, these homes serve as extra living space, in the long-term they could be rented as laneway homes and provide significant ROI.

The demand for homes in remote mountain and lake areas has skyrocketed as people flee urban life under lockdown. Tiny homes, such as those sold by Lamelli, can easily be shipped to remote areas and be assembled in a matter of days, the perfect option for those looking to quickly build a home away from home.

Nowadays, people can build for today and tomorrow. Agile tiny home designs can be scaled up in the future. Add modules at any time and rearrange or remove interior walls. Growing homes adapt as your needs evolve.

While the world is going through uncertain times, the combination of lower property prices and flexible building options are certainly creating opportunities for first time home buyers and recreation properties across North America.

About Lamelli: Lamelli is a provider of prefabricated homes, components and technologies. Through extensive research and attention to detail, Lamelli has combined the best technologies into a single solution to build modern homes efficiently, rapidly and sustainably at a competitive price. Lamelli is offering premium quality 400 square foot tiny homes for a presale price of $25,000, more than 75 percent less than market value.

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Source: EIN Presswire