In-licensing as a business model, Valeo Pharma advancing robust product line, presents opportunity for investors

revenue forecast from existing product pipeline (sourced from Company presentation)

Valeo Pharma Inc. C.VPH revenues are projected to go from ~$10M in 2020 to near $90M within a couple years based on the existing & fast growing product pipeline

Valeo Pharma Inc. (CSE:VPH)

Valeo does not take development risk, it focuses on drugs that are either approved in other jurisdictions (eg. USA, EU) or have very strong clinical data that are about to be approved there.”

— Market Equities Research Group

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, June 10, 2020 / — Valeo Pharma Inc. (CSE: VPH) is a fast-growing revenue generating fully integrated specialty pharmaceutical company with a strong product portfolio and a robust product pipeline. Valeo is focused on in-licensing prescription drugs for the Canadian market. Valeo Pharma Inc. was essentially rebooted as a new entity in 2015 after its original portfolio was sold to Valeant for C$26 million, representing a 350% return to shareholders. The new Valeo appears poised to dwarf its past success, it is set to achieve breakeven this 2020, and accelerate revenue-wise from there.

This week Valeo announced it has received approval from Health Canada for the transfer of commercial rights to Yondelis®, a drug used to treat soft tissue sarcoma. Yondelis® is one of several proprietary branded-products, recently added, that are contributing to the growth potential of Valeo and are expected to dramatically increase revenues. Two new drugs in particular are expected to significantly boost revenues over the next couple years; 1) ONSTRYV®, the first Parkinson's Disease treatment launched in Canada since 2006 (now approved in Canada, marketing underway with access incrementally coming online), and 2) REDESCA®, a low molecular weight heparin biosimilar used to prevent deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism (scheduled for approval in Canada in Fall 2020, with marketing beginning in early 2021).

The pipeline over the coming months and years should see additional robust growth as the Company's goal of becoming a dominant player in its targeted therapeutic fields is increasingly realized.

In-licensing as a business model: Valeo Pharma acquires the Canadian rights from international drug manufacturers wanting access to the Canadian markets without the hassle. Valeo is not a developer of drugs (thus no big R&D expenditure and risk), it does everything that a big pharmaceutical company does after it develops a drug, to make it a commercial success. Valeo maintains, in-house, all the necessary capabilities and infrastructure to register and manage a drug through all stages of commercialization. Valeo focuses its efforts on commercial stage, innovative and proprietary drugs targeting three therapeutic areas; 1) Neurodegenerative diseases, 2) Oncology, and 3) Hospital Specialty Products. Valeo targets areas where it can be highly impactful marketing-wise with a limited/streamlined sales team (e.g. of the ~900 neurologists in Canada, less than 10% are the key initiators of initial prescriptions).

Valeo is "the Little Big Pharma"; All the big pharma capabilities, with all the small company flexibilities.
– Experienced management with value creation track record.
– One of the few fully integrated specialty pharma companies.
– National sales force covering all key prescribing MDs.
– Derisked growth: Commercial stage products, no R&D risks.
– Significant insider ownership means full alignment with shareholders.
– Product Mix of BASE (non-branded products, recurring revenues) and GROWTH products (proprietary branded products with growth potential in Neurology/CNS, Oncology, Hospital Specialty).

Shares of Valeo Pharma Inc. trade on the Canadian Securities Exchange under the symbol VPH (began trading in February 2019). Looking at price-to-sales ratio metrics relative to the coming pipeline, shares of VPH are expected to experience solid price appreciation as revenue projections come to fruition, and certainly higher as news develops regarding additions to the pipeline.

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